Acceptance in the Time of Corona

I’ve chosen to acquiesce to much of what is going on in my world right now. I can’t control COVID, but there are so many other things that I can control and one of those is active acceptance.

The concept of Acceptance, if you think about it, could easily be a contradiction wrapped up in a word. As an action, it could be wimpy, waspish or even lazy, but then again, it could be the sweetest and smartest thing you could ever do for yourself.

So often when I work with my clients I find that they are fighting and resisting a situation. This be painful, as it clogs the head and heart with fighting thoughts and warring emotions. It also uses up precious time and negative energy.

I’ve been through it all too, of course… I remember one particularly protracted period where an issue – unmanaged and ignored because of its difficulty, had subsequently spiralled out of silly control.

It had been gnawing away at my consciousness and going round and round my beleaguered brain in ever decreasing circles, filling my thoughts, playing with my emotions and sapping my strength…

I had taken all the right pragmatic steps. But sometimes people and fate don’t coerce with your good intentions. Even the fact that I established some controls and attempted to move it all to a resolution, did not prevent me from being angry and dispirited. The same evil thoughts kept circling and spiralling in my head, again and again. My inner victim surfaced and it asked how it could be that I could be misunderstood and treated this way… by other individuals, by my own doing, by fate and by the Universe? It felt… so painful and so unfair…

I consciously chose not to wallow in my mental mire, nor let it lead and define me, but it was stuck subconsciously, not letting me go… So I had to seek solutions and alternatives. And at times like these, I love to replace the busy complex twistings of gut and thought, with sweet simplicity instead… I love to walk, to blow the cobwebs away – to literally move myself through whatever it is that I am working on or through.

So, at that time, I took me a walk, taking a deliberate route of change, of calm and balm. And whilst I walked, an alternative to all this mental mayhem floated into my mind… And that was – ‘acceptance’… And my walk turned into a prayer, an incantation of softly whispered words to fill my mind with a gorgeous and easy alternative – that of acceptance. So as I walked and thought, I sought and prayed for acceptance instead…

Instead of the circles and cycles of whiplash thought, instead of the bitterness and bile of argument and incrimination, I chose the silence of sweet acceptance instead…

At any time, such acceptance is a hymn, an invocation, a whispered alternative to anger. It fills my head with positive movement and upward momentum instead of the roundels of recrimination. It’s the opposite of negativity, it is synchronous and quiet; such acceptance moves me forward – instead of stalling and circling and sticking in my brain. It breaks the negative repetitiveness and consternation, and best of all, it is a simplistic swop.

And as I walked along that day, my prayer went something like this: “I accept this day; I accept the trees and the bluebells; I accept my life and what has led me to this point; I accept that I am here and now; I accept my situation; I accept my parents; I accept my decisions; I accept other’s reactions; I accept that things will change; I accept that soon this will all be unimportant; I accept the best; I accept the sunshine; I accept the opportunities to grow and to learn; I accept that I am skilled and amazing at many things; I accept that I am also a work in progress in others; I accept my work; I accept my companions; I accept the journey; I accept the blue sky; I accept myself; I accept the others. I accept

These words were blessings to me, they lifted the weight of this strange issue off my shoulders and let the thoughts fly out of my head, instead of running raggèd around it.

And as a technique it is so simple to replicate. If you are finding something difficult or unfair or just not going your way – really commit to the concept of the sweet simple acceptance of everything. Then walk, appreciate, think; accept. It is something you can do alone, or with a trusted companion. The walking somehow gives it a fantastic forward momentum.

But if taking a walk isn’t possible, then get a pen and paper and get all out on there. Decide that you are simply going to accept and find every aspect that could have led to or have influenced the situation you want to turn, until all the words have run out…

The walk of acceptance is a simple and elegant solution to being stuck in a negative spiral. So it’s time to share it. What do you say? Walk from A to B and try it out… And… Accept it!

Yours consciously… Sandra

Sandra Peachey – Coach, Author and Walking Work in Progress

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Wasted Weekends in the Time of Corona

We’ve just had a bank holiday weekend in the UK. For me, this constituted days of lazing, reading, blog writing, gardening, housework and baking, so I’m ready for the week and seasons ahead.

At home alone for days on end, I’m in a delicious little hermit cave of selfish introspection, forgetting my tribe – all the people who exist outside my very own Corona fortress…

However my tribe don’t always forget me and a video call with some friends is arranged. At long last on the call I ‘met’ my goddaughter’s baby girl, which predictably, made me tear up. She’s the grand daughter of one of my oldest friends and it was a three way call with the new Nanna and my other longest serving friend. I’ve known both these wonderful women since I was 5 years old, and in the season of Corona life goes on. People pass and new babies arrive. The cycle of life is no respecter of Lockdown.

Two adoring Aunties and an oblivious baby

As a keen hermit, I’ve been staying away from shops as much as possible. Yet I’d also been pondering how to get my garden in shape this year, now I’ve done the honorary first mowing and pruning. Most Garden Centres are closed anyway. I’d been reliably informed that several local plant nurseries were taking orders for collection or delivery. However they were either crazy expensive or ignored my emails and phone calls. Many of them are simply beleaguered and stating they are not taking any new orders…

On the way to figuring out how I resolve this gardening conundrum, I’m driving to work two days a week, to man a head office and keep the commercial wheels turning. Whilst there of course, I keep a safe distance and take all precautions. At most there will be 3-4 people in the building.

Last week my normal cross country route was hampered by road closure, so I’ve had to drive through a local town. Normally this is onerous and requires patience, queuing endlessly at traffic lights, though at the moment, whilst there is some traffic out there, the level makes it tractable and pleasurable.

Driving through town I saw a local grocer’s shop was selling a plethora of plants on the pavement. I pulled in to park as quickly as I could.

Like a careful child in an outdoor sweetie shop, I browsed the wares, stepping warily around the other shoppers and carefully filling a shopping basket with my treasures of Spring bedding. It felt like a wonderful, secret discovery…

So, during the weekend I planted them out with seeds tucked away in the soil at their roots. It all looks sparse now, but in a couple of months all those fledgling plants will put on a beautiful show. And I’m trusting this will by the time I can have visitors to my garden again 🙏

Also in the weekend agenda was to bake up some healthy snacks to nourish me carefully, as along with my regular exercise of running and walking, I’m currently eating clean(ish) – my diet being fruit / vegetable smoothies, nurturing vegan soups and detoxing by giving up caffeine and alcohol for a while, too.

On the baking front I did a vegan variation of the gluten free banana muffin recipe I regularly whip up. I also roasted up a bunch of nuts and seeds, adding some Himalayan salt and dried fruit at the end to make them even more delicious.

My own home made ‘trail mix‘ of roasted nuts and dried fruit

This cooking, Along with the gardening constituted simple nurturing acts, all of which completed gave me a simple, glowing contentment.

Flourless, gluten free & vegan banana muffins. And yes, they’re DELICIOUS…

My weekend, in amongst all this, was dedicated to writing too. However, as happens so often, my plans to dedicate myself to writing slipped languorously away. By the end of it I’d edited a newsletter for my writers group which is going out to another group of writers in Uganda. I’d also written a blog (see here) on the 75th anniversary of VE (Victory in Europe Day).

By the time all this and my domestic goddess chores were done it was 10 pm of the the last day of my ‘endless’ weekend. But my stubbornness set in and so I sat and edited my novel till midnight, not wanting to go to bed in a tired hurrumph. I tried to be kind with myself and not annoyed for making no progress on the short story or planning out the Corona novel I currently have cycling through my head.

Having no where to go, means I have more time to read and I can cheat at that by listening to audio books whilst running, gardening and cooking. At the moment I’ve got ‘I can run’, The Chimp Paradox, and ‘The Signature of All Things’ on the go.

And then it is that the working week and it’s circadian rhythms returned…

Yours supinely,


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The Art of Blogging and the Sacred Science of Cats

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george - Kitten

George then – an impossibly pretty kitten

It’s Day 12 of my blogging journey… And I’ve finally decided to do some proper introductions… So you may like to do things in a 1, 2, 3 / A, B, C linear way, but I live in an anarchy of chaotic thoughts; so, instead in my own 7,5,1 / Z, W, B sort of a way, I let those thoughts fly, I capture them, then I let them lie and percolate… And then I come back to them, or not…

For some people blogs are rigorous, diarised outputs… Yet for me they are for splurges of free thought and feeling, which I can leave to float through the Universe until they bump into something or some one else…

Or… I can use them as a beginning – to later take them and make them into a super crafted whole, where I will edit and shape and give them a place in a more straitened structure, playing their part, a section in a chapter, now out of my head and waiting, patiently, to be slotted into a future grand scheme…

In this sense, they are an experiment. A testing and trying of ideas, and style.

And for me, more importantly, they are also an electronic letter to the world, (what ever that world may be composed of, or who ever it may be peopled by); replacing my lost (to time) love of pen and paper – of that reminisced crafting and weaving of news and musings, and the committing of them once and for all, to a for ever piece of parchment…

I remember, in times past, the nervousness of putting a ‘controversial’ letter into a post box, and I have experienced this in my more recent times when I started to blog – that scary second just before pushing the final ‘publish’ button; then to sit back and be damned, or damned with faint praise, or even, possibly praised, or even more likely ignored, or (I really suspected at the time) judged, or what ever else I might lay myself open to, when ever I share my stuff…

What actually came back (in those scary, early blogging days) was overwhelmingly positive, yet being a sensitive soul, what ever was negative stuck with me and tortured me for a while, until I processed the comments, then learnt their lessons; and found myself, ultimately smiling at ALL the feedback that I have received…

However, I digress! I promised you some late introductions, now that I am further than a third of a way through my February blogging challenge…

So I shall start by introducing George, and as I write this in real time, here is a picture of him, taking just now, sweetly sleeping…

Geo recumbent

George now – recumbent, right this minute

You may have to look closely, but there is definitely a cat in there, merged into slumbering obscurity, blending in beautifully with the surrounding softness of MY blanket…

I remember in perfect detail the day we first met… He was one of six male kittens, all of which were snoozing together, in an unbelievably tangled and cute way, in a large basket. One of the kittens had his head over the edge of the basket… and I knew, then and there, that he was the one…

They all stirred awake and I was introduced to them, one by one… but I knew… And I took him home with me that self same day…

Till that point in my life I had been living a conventional existence, working 9 to 5 (well 8 to 7 actually…) in a professional, corporate role, and yet was starting to flirt with the thought of living my life in a different way.

George came to me just months before I started a new phase in my life, one where I have experimented with life and work and writing and coaching, and in doing so being more of myself (cliché alert). So he has literally been with me (I’m actually not afraid of clichés), on the ‘journey’ – my feline friend and helpmeet, and in many senses, a fur covered guru…

He was the most beautiful kitten in every way, with an easy, sweet and friendly nature. And despite the fact that I was, at that time living with a partner who worked at home, and I worked out there – in ‘the jungle’, leaving my kitten behind for long, long hours, George had decided, from day one, that without any doubt, that I was ‘his’…

His ‘what’ has long been debated between us… As far as I am concerned, I am the head of the Pride, and I will be harmoniously and unconditionally obeyed (she stated in megalomaniacal tones).

Now I have heard it said, that in urban legend, a dog regards you as his master, whereas a cat regards you as his parent. Yet I am, quite frankly, at this middle aged stage in my life, rather embarrassed to be known as a cat’s ‘mummy’.

So to elucidate and (quite frankly) to grossly generalise – just in case you are not a pet person: Have a cat or dog in your female life, and you are nearly always referred to, in the third party idiom of pet owners, as the animal’s ‘mummy’. Not an owner, nor a mum, not a mother, no – a mummy…   This language tick emanates from a whole, latent sub culture of baby talk based pet dialect. As I am not a scholar on such issues, I cannot tell you from whence it arose, simply that it is one of those latent linguistic phenomena, that is

So I have evolved a new word for the relationship that I have with my cats – I am, (Oxford English Dictionary 2016 edition please note), the ‘hu-mamma’ – the responsible human / adoptive parent / head of the pride.

In my new definition, therein lies a dictionary difficulty… The word mamma is insinuated there, a more (I like to think) charismatic version of mummy. A stronger, more cosmopolitan statement of the position that I hold in my cat’s lives. Not a baby-fied, mummified personage, but a blend of care taker and leader. I position myself as the Chief Cave Lion, lazily and effortlessly in command of the family group; and the ultimate hunter (I go forth into the ‘jungle’, hunt, and then return with slayed pouches and boxes of cat food for them). Fundamentally, I advertise myself as ‘she who roars and must be obeyed’.

Maybe I don’t roar enough, or maybe I have done it too much over our 8 plus years together, but now George has grown, and has met and matched me in middle age, he clearly and constantly demonstrates that we should at least be equals (on a good day), or in fact that I am in actuality, a soft inferior, put in place in his cave to provide food and adoration and a soft stomach to purr on.

Like all relationships, the one I have with George ebbs and flows from moment to moment. It is clear that of all my cats he is the one closest to me, preferring and purring to be constantly by my side and taking a keen interest in all I do around the cave. When I meditate he likes to join in. When I have coaching clients around, he takes a keen interest, watching these precious people working through their stuff and acting as an emotional indictor of what is going on within. He will stand aside when there is confusion, and he will gravitate towards the client who demonstrates clarity, rubbing and purring his royal approval.

Oh, and speaking of indicators, did I mention that George is a ‘pointer’ cat? I discovered this one day when I had a new visitor to the home. George as always, graciously introduced himself to her. I then wondered aloud where my cat Taz was, so that we could effect that introduction too. It was a warm day and so George sauntered out into the garden and over to a bush, under which my beautiful black cat Taz lay, smoothly snoozing the summer away.

A few months later Easter came around and I had hidden a cache of chocolate eggs around my garden for a friend’s two children to find.

In their excitement the children did not see that George had walked up to and sat by all the eggy hiding places, one by one, in turn. Instead they shrieked and scrabbled through the under growth and found all but one egg hidden away, all by themselves. Frustrated at not being able to find the last egg, they started their round of the garden again; parting and peering through armfuls of foliage and a bounty of bushes, all to no avail…

I eventually relented and told them that George held the clue, and sure enough, there he was, posed and poised roast chicken style, pointing at where the final egg lay, out of sight of super excited children.

So there it is… much as I try to exert my gentle dominance, George actually knows that he is the one in charge. He clearly points the way to greater treasures in life, if I would but acknowledge that so called sacred fact, and take due, diligent note. George, of course, knows the score, he has life licked, in many and various ways. If I take the time I can learn so much from his confidence, his insouciance and the easy way in which he loves himself greatly, and so has the source and strength to love me on, in spades, paws and purrs.

You see, as much as I would ascribe to my self the title of head of the pride, George actually knows that he is in fact, undeniably, indisputably the actual Head of the Peachey Pride.

PS: Remember that there is a special Valentine Gift promotion on the book version of this blog! The cost of the Kindle edition has been reduced to £1.99 / $2.99 for just 2 more days (at the time of posting, Thursday 12 February 2015). Happy Valentines from the author and her cats! For the UK click, for the USA or check out your nearest Amazon site…

Peachey Blog Challenge 2015


Dear Day 1

It’s three years to the day that I posted my first ever Peachey Letters blog… And now that the calendar has clicked around to the 1st of February once more, I have a hankering to challenge myself all over again.

Three years ago I had a sudden, inexplicable craving to write, and to actually BE the author that I have always known I am. That singular thought hit me like a thunderbolt one day and minutes later I had a fully formed plan. I would set myself a public challenge, something with a momentum that meant I would finish what I had thought into life, rather than letting it quietly wither away, like so many other good intentions and never started completions.

The thing is, that ever since my childhood, I was going to write so many, many things. But then life happened and somehow the great novel never happened; the film script never saw the light of day; the entertaining yet elucidating business book never made it on to a publisher’s desk.

Instead I had to wait for that proverbial thunderbolt of a jolting idea to hit me, on one ordinary midweek sort of a day, during one extraordinary January.

And this is how it went:

Thunderbolt – Zap!!! It is it time to write NOW!
Me – Write what?
Thunderbolt – It’s February. Write Love Letters. Love Letters to the life that you hate, to the life that you cannot understand. Love Letters to all that is trivial and wonderful about your life. Love Letters to that life and everything and any thing in it.
Me – Aha! Of course, I’ll call it ‘Peachey Letters, love letters to life’. But…
Thunderbolt – No buts or excuses Missy, this is going to happen. Tell the world you are going to do it, and then DO it. Start a blog.
Me – A blog? Can’t, don’t know how.
Thunderbolt – Fine, then find someone who does and just get on with it. Just start, just write, just persist and…
Me – And what?
Thunderbolt – You are a writer, so write!
Me – Gulp, right then! I’m going to write a love letter to life, every day of the Valentine month of February…

So I write I did. It all seemed ridiculously random to start with. Every day I wrote… to people, feelings, incidents, and phenomena. I explored, analysed and worked through so much. And most amazing of all, I took this marvellous mess of words I made in tha month, and later turned it into a book (with a structure and chapters). And it’s not the book I ever thought I’d write, but it’s one which I did write and which changed the game of my life – for cliche – ever.

So time travels on and more books grow – like cultivated weeds, in my mind. Some get pulled up and thrown out, some are watered and nurtured. I write, I start, I stop. So back to today. I’ve started a new cycle in my life. New ideas are wriggling and niggling in my head; they want to be aired and danced with; set free and structured into new entities, projections and fruitions.

There is always one reason to do a thing, and twenty reasons not to. One of my one hundred and twenty reasons not to, is that I have so many ideas, so many avenues to walk up or run down, a thousand and twenty dreams I want to pursue, a million and twenty ways I could play this; so where to start amongst all this conspicuous confusion?

Well, it’s simply time to start; and I’ll do that by brainstorming my heart felt ideas. I’m going to throw down the gauntlet of action and fling the ideas out of my head and on to the page. So, I crave your indulgence dear reader, as I play and experiment with different themes and ideas. I would gratefully value your input and feedback, trying and testing these themed tidbits with me over the long, loving month of February.

So now is when my ego has its’ say and tries to stop me. To stop me from making a fool of myself, to stop the journey, to block both the questions and the answers. But I know this old foe and I’m choosing to ignore it… to publish and be damned anyway. And actually, rather than damnation, I know that it is really salvation

And if you would like to join me on this quest, in any way – by blogging too, or by reading, or testing and tasting the Peachey pieces that will come your way, then that would be amazing. And whether you are with me for one, or twenty eight of these February pages, then thank you, as always, for being on this particular page with me, right here and now.

So, no thunderbolt this time and still, that’s the first one done…

With relief and warmest regards
Author, scaredy cat and quester

PS: If you would like to take the blog challenge with me, simply write. Write a blog, once a day for 28 days. For just 4 weeks of your life. They can be as short as you like. I like writing around 1.5 to 2 pages of A4. Now if the blog bug bites you, there will be reasons not to do it, but that is all normal, and if this appeals to you, then find a way. Just get started and then let me know your blog url on WordPress or which ever platform you found this challenge on, and I’ll follow you, comment and test you too. We’ll be blog bretheren. Amen.

Swaying, Sashaying and Swinging into September!

So summer, is still here and segwaying into September… a time to start again, a time to create dreams and fire works (and we’re not talking about Bonfire Night here!).

Let’s keep on enjoying the summer ambience – isn’t it great to make the most of weather, enjoy time outside and know that it is the perfect time to relight the fire in your belly..?

You know – that entrepreneurial spirit bursting to get out – once the summer is over it will be time to take action!

As Autumn gently reaches out to me, I am contemplating the absolutely amazing year I’ve had already – one where I have published TWO books, won a ‘Women Inspiring Women’ Award and seen my business continue to grow and thrive… It is has been real pinch my self stuff!  In all honesty it hasn’t all been plain sailing, but then life never is in my experience! I love how (Women’s Personal Development Community) Damsels in Success Founder Lucie Bradbury says it can be about not having a good day, but a good moment!

Me at the F-Factor Video shoot… living the dream

And being a Damsel in Success myself has meant that I do two very specific things to ensure both my sanity and success:  Firstly to reach out and ask when I want support (my natural tendency is to hide under a stone and cry!), being specific about what I want; and secondly if something is a STRUGGLE, then I stop!  I don’t push on regardless, resentful and hurtful.  I pause, I rest and I recalibrate… Sometimes this takes seconds and sometimes weeks, yet the world keeps turning and when I focus on what is important, the wheel will turn my way, when it’s time to catch up!  Two really simple things, yet they make a world of difference…

So that was MY world.  To support YOU in getting back to business with a bang, I’ve got some amazing September events planned for you:

Firstly – Join Networking Mummies Founder Laura and myself as we get you ‘Blogging for Business’ – for just £15.00, at our workshop in Leamington Spa, Warks, on 10 September.  Want to know more?  Follow this link for the low down.

Next, on 13 September it is time to ‘Find Your F-Factor’ at our Master Class and Book Launch in London.  Damsels in Success has created a blueprint for women to live the lives they want and get inspiration and support along the way… We are sharing our strategies on how to do this in a series of master classes, with the authors of the Damsels in Success book The F-Factor; and then we will celebrate with champagne, networking and an all around fabulous live event, which will change your thinking and make your life as a woman easier and more satisfying.  I still have a limited number of tickets left at £59.00 – read the reviews and check out the details here...

Pssst – by the way: if you purchase these tickets from the Damsels in Success central office, you will be charged £59.00 plus VAT.  Buy them from ME and they will be VAT free, saving you £11.80!

The Wyndham Hotel, Chelsea Harbour, in London – our Master Class venue

And then, on 18 September, it is time to ‘Get Back to Business’ – at the Damsels in Success local live event for women in Ashby de la Zouch, designed so that 2013 ends the way you want it to…

At Damsels in Success we know that the best way to take action is to focus on your ‘business agenda’ and then produce a realistic plan for the rest of the year.

We also know it doesn’t have to be scary, and your local Damsels in Success group is here to help you every step of the way.  You see, at the next meeting (Book your seat by clicking here)

  • You’ll gain absolute clarity & confidence
  • So you will have all the tools
  • And the vision to create YOUR business plan

September’s local Damsels in Success meeting is all about taking ACTION:

  • It’s time to put it into practice
  • To turn your ideas into results, with
  • No more sitting on the fence
  • No more procrastinating
  • No more waiting for the perfect moment

It’s time to get your tailored ‘business plan’ ready

  • It must get you excited
  • It must get you motivated

BECAUSE you’ll have more chance of taking action

And Action = RESULTS!

Here are more benefits waiting for you when you book your seat for your local Damsels in Success meeting!

You’ll discover:

  • How to make the rest of this year count and end it with a bang
  • Why you MUST Get clear on your plan so you can take massive action
  • How to put pen to paper and produce a Business Plan that any bank manager would be proud of!
  • Why you should ‘Publically’ commit to a specific project – to complete by the end of year, and what will happen if you don’t and
  • How to Receive SUPPORT & RESOURCES & ACCOUNTABILITY to ensure you have ‘Success with Ease’.

Attend this meeting and you’ll be glad you did



Click here to reserve your free place and I look forward to seeing you, at a national or local Damsels’ event very soon!

With warm regards
Sandra Peachey
Coach, Author and Director at Damsels in Success

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Blogging for Business Workshop

Blogging for Business Workshop

Half Day Workshop: 9:30 am – September 10th, 2013


Blogging for Business Workshop with Laura Morris and Sandra Peachey.


The Fat Pug Neighbourhood Pub and Kitchen (Private dining room), 23 Guys Cliffe Avenue, Leamington Spa CV32 5BZ


Tuesday the 10th September.  9.30 am arrival for a 10 am start to 12 noon finish.

In this affordable workshop we will be covering;

  • How to make the most out of your blog
  • What to write about
  • How to use a blog to increase your SEO, Google rankings and much more.

Sandra Peachey from Peachey Days will be sharing how she turned her Blog Peachey Letters into a book: Peachey Letters – Love Letters to Life – which has received 5 star reviews on Amazon, been featured in Psychologies, The Lady and Best magazines and also the BBC.  She has some easy to follow tips and strategies to get you blogging and get you published!

The price is only £15.00 and spaces are limited, so please book here.

Sandra also runs One to One Blog Checks to help blogging beginners and improvers to get their words out there – find out more here…

Blogging Pic 1

Peachey Letters Out and About…

Whilst all has been quiet on the blog front for a little while, Peachey Letters has been out there in the world doing its’ own bookish thing…

To my great excitement the book is now stocked in library branches in both Leamington Spa and Coventry (central England for those of you outside the UK) and they have even been tweeting about it!  It’s a far cry from the quiet days when I used to borrow books at these same branches as a child, and I feel really honoured that they are supporting and stocking a local authoress in this way.

As a speaker, I am frequently appearing at networking groups, book clubs, charities and other organisations to talk about the book.  The fact that it started life as a blog and is such a personal memoranda, seems to have captured the imagination of many, and so I love to share my story and encourage others to drop their demons, celebrate their lives and pursue their publishing dreams too.

Peachey Letters and my self have been featured in a number of publications too: nationally it has featured in the hard and digital editions of Psychologies Magazine (see below) and a fabulous 2 page spread in The Lady.


The first ever media article was in my local newspaper in Coventry and there have been a number of mentions across Warwickshire media too, most recently with a spread in the Social pages of Warwickshire Life (see below).

Warks Life Article

It has also found its’ way onto a number of websites, including Silver Surfers, Mature Times, and an interesting Question and Answer feature on Female First.

Peachey Letters has even received a favourable book review from a local book shop – written as it turns out by my old RE teacher from school days! And I have found it referenced on a number of blogs, including this one from a lovely lady called Harriet Stack.

When I started my blog back in February 2012 – I never could have imagined the impact it would have, and the journey continues…

Last but not least I am developing not one, but four different new book projects at the moment!   The next one to be published is a collaboration with 9 authoresses from (female personal development community) Damsels in Success (of which I am a director) and for which I have written a chapter.  We are just about to start work on our 4th draft, which is why these things take time to come to fruition… so watch this space for more news!!

And that is all from Peachey Letters for now… There will, no doubt be more…

With warm regards


Sandra Peachey: Author of Peachey Letters – Love Letters to Life

You can purchase the book on my website, on Amazon and in any book shop worth its’ salt 😉

Why Blogging is Good for Business

blog business

Sandra Peachey – Business Coach and Author blogs about why Blogging is good for business! She shares her tips on how to get started and how to improve your blogging for business…

In February 2012 I started a personal blog called Peachey Letters… A year later my blog has had 1000s of hits from 26 countries and has been turned into a book, giving me publicity and recognition that I could never even of dreamt of when I started!

Why Blog?

Blogging tells the world that you are an ‘Expert’ in what you do – the services and products you provide.  Used well you can gain the interest of potential customers and encourage them to buy more of your products.  With blogging people can get to know and trust you – spending ‘time’ with you before they buy.  And it also gives you have the perfect opportunity to keep reminding people about what you do and being in their consciousness, so that when the time comes to buy, they think of you…

The great thing about blogging is that it requires no financial outlay to get started.  It beefs up your business credentials and if used cleverly, can be re-used and recycled – posted on social media, on other people’s blogs and in your newsletters – maximizing your time and effort.

How do I get started?

Check to see if your website has blogging functionality – most do.  Even without a website you can get started quickly – Blogger and WordPress both offer free platforms and then you are also part of a blogging community which can give you global exposure.  If getting stuck on the technology is what is preventing you from getting started, then get some help – most website designers can help you, or you can check out a Freelancers hub site like Elance or Fiver, or even find a friend or colleague who has already set up their own blog and ask for a favour or a service swop.

How and what do I write?

Be wary of selling!  Always be of a mindset that you are sharing useful tips, strategies and information.  Never be afraid of sharing some of your ‘trade secrets’ – this means that you stay on your toes and will consistently provide better services for your clients.

For subject matter – think of the time of the year, issues that are in the news, new products and services that you are offering.  Or maybe there is something that doesn’t seem related to your business that you are passionate about – that’s how I got started!  Blog about your real passions – the energy and authenticity this brings to your blogging will make you different from most people that share your marketplace.  If you are happy to share things going on in your life – people love the ‘soap opera’ saga of someone else’s life, and course – always make the connection back to your products and services.

Never be afraid to be bold or controversial – again – it makes you stand out!

The simplest and most useful tip I can give you to structure and give subject matter to any blog is to answer 1-3 questions around a subject, service, theme, etc.  Sometimes you can make it as obvious as how I have structured this blog, or simply use this thought process to shape your piece as you write it.

Finally – Make the Offer!

When you have shared your tips and strategies, then you can lead people to what you currently have to offer.  As my example, I am currently giving one to one blog checks for beginners and improvers for just £10.  This will get you started, motivated and inspired to get your message out into your market place. If you already have a blog then I will audit it and show you how to make it even more effective, getting more hits and more selling exposure.  Just click here to find out more and book your 1:1 blogging session.

If you feel you are ready to take things to the next level and get a book out into the world, then my recommendation is a weekend long course held by two of my favourite book collaborators – Presland Quirk Limited.  Their Best Seller Bootcamp will give you everything you need to get your book out including time, structure and publishing know how.  Follow this link to find out more…

Sandra Peachey works with businesses to turn their passion into profitable enterprises and achieve their market goals.  Her first book Peachey Letters – Love Letters to Life was published in February 2013; has been featured in local and national press, including Psychologies and The Lady magazines; and is available in paperback and Kindle from Amazon or via her website.  

The first Book Reviews are in…

The first reviews for the book ‘Peachey Letters – Love Letters to Life’, are in …

I love, love, love your book … you are such a talented and humerous writer, the combination of which make your book such an enjoyable and delightful read … You have given birth to a beautiful unique gift… it now has it’s own journey to take and who knows which people’s lives it will touch…
~ Liz Ivory – Co Founder of Broadband Consciousness

Sandra Peachey has produced a fascinating book of heartfelt letters … As a reader it invokes a desire to start writing my own letters to experience the flow of exploration and insight, as well as drawing together my own life story … Congratulations to Sandra for a heartfelt, moving and insightful read.
~ Sue Maggott – ‘Inspirational Poetry’

A M A Z I N G ………. this is such a wonderful, moving, heartfelt read, it is absolutely compelling. What I love about it most is your raw honesty and how I was able to relate to so much of what you describe …Your ability to communicate what you feel and who you really are is wonderful …You convey so much about the artist you are – beautifully creative, sensitive, a deep thinker and a beautiful soul that cares so much about life and the people in it. AWESOME, truly AWESOME.
~ Sarah Christie – Owner, ‘Effective Outcomes’

Oh my – for me it’s the ‘Letter To The Juice’. Joyful Juicing and bellisimo Bellini’s! Wonderful “bespoke cocktail” and setting delicious Peachey intentions. Mmmm, my mouth waters and spirit wants to drink up her fill! Thank you Sandie, simply beautiful and mouth wateringly wonderful.
~ Lynn Burns – Founder of ‘Suddenly Single Money’

An amazing book in which Sandra shares her thoughts and feelings in a way that will touch so many. Heartfelt and inspiring – a book that helps us think about what we have, what we want and what’s truly important in our lives. Beautifully crafted – this book will help you not only learn more about Sandra, but also more about yourself. You’ll laugh, cry, learn and be entertained.
~ Susan Brookes-Morris

I found the book brave and liberating and it has certainly made me feel grateful and reflective of all in my life past, present and future. Also, in such an instant, technological, fast moving, instant gratification, social media dominated society – the power of a letter has never been so strong as after reading your book.
~ Tara Fennessy

The book is a lovely gift to your self or for a friend to share, in many of life’s highs and lows with a modern twist! Sandra weaves her magic spell and takes you on an emotional journey to release joy and tears in equal measures while you read her delicious letters. Be prepared to open your heart (have tissues by your side) as you make each rite of passage with her and enjoy the surprises along the way!
~ Gill Potter – Author of Sacred Paths Entwined

It is delightful, especially from an autobiographical standpoint…and the pictures make it fun too!! What a great idea for a book….letters. I really appreciated the personal ones to your Mother and Father, and to Love … This is YOUR song and it is lovely.
~ Gigi Delmonico

Written with aching honesty and uncontrived eloquence, Sandra Peachey has beautifully captured the art of questioning, understanding and appreciating our journey through this thing we call life.
~ Isabel Gainford – Visual & Verbal Branding Specialist

Your book is phenomenal. I’m so jealous that I didn’t write it! It has every ingredient for success and I felt just about every emotion there is on reading it.
~ Janice Bradbury

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Blog Becomes Book!!

Dear Peachey Reader

I’m very excited … what started as my own creative challenge, has turned me into my own best coach and then a writer … and so, of its’ own momentum – Blog becomes Book and you can buy your own copies now!

The reaction to my Peachey Letters has blown me away and I am delighted that Blogger becomes Author: with my ‘Love Letters to Life’ ready to be published in time for Valentines Day 2013.

The Blog comes with my compliments and you will find that by taking this a step further and investing in the book, that the content is expanded, it is added to and then wrapped in a gorgeous Peachey structure that brings it all together – elaborates on it and turns it into a satisfying whole and a perfect Peachey read.

It will be your very own volume of Peachey happiness, love and learning, both for you and as a gift to friends and family, and for any one in your life who would love their own example of emotional voyaging, of life affirming exploration and all round gorgeous Peacheyness.

I have a special pre-order offer for all readers of this Blog …

Before it is listed on Amazon and in all good book stores, pre-order your books NOW and they will be with you in time for Valentines Day… and not only THAT, but they will come to you FREE of postage costs and signed by the author (within the UK – asked for postage costs outside the British Isles)!!

This offer holds until 19 January, 2013, when postage costs (approximate £3.90 for the UK) will be added and the cover price may increase too … so pre-order YOUR Peachey copies now …

Click here to purchase your copies.

With gratitude and warm Peachey wishes …

        Sandra Peachey

Author: Peachey Days – Love Letters to Life