Peachey Blog Challenge 2015


Dear Day 1

It’s three years to the day that I posted my first ever Peachey Letters blog… And now that the calendar has clicked around to the 1st of February once more, I have a hankering to challenge myself all over again.

Three years ago I had a sudden, inexplicable craving to write, and to actually BE the author that I have always known I am. That singular thought hit me like a thunderbolt one day and minutes later I had a fully formed plan. I would set myself a public challenge, something with a momentum that meant I would finish what I had thought into life, rather than letting it quietly wither away, like so many other good intentions and never started completions.

The thing is, that ever since my childhood, I was going to write so many, many things. But then life happened and somehow the great novel never happened; the film script never saw the light of day; the entertaining yet elucidating business book never made it on to a publisher’s desk.

Instead I had to wait for that proverbial thunderbolt of a jolting idea to hit me, on one ordinary midweek sort of a day, during one extraordinary January.

And this is how it went:

Thunderbolt – Zap!!! It is it time to write NOW!
Me – Write what?
Thunderbolt – It’s February. Write Love Letters. Love Letters to the life that you hate, to the life that you cannot understand. Love Letters to all that is trivial and wonderful about your life. Love Letters to that life and everything and any thing in it.
Me – Aha! Of course, I’ll call it ‘Peachey Letters, love letters to life’. But…
Thunderbolt – No buts or excuses Missy, this is going to happen. Tell the world you are going to do it, and then DO it. Start a blog.
Me – A blog? Can’t, don’t know how.
Thunderbolt – Fine, then find someone who does and just get on with it. Just start, just write, just persist and…
Me – And what?
Thunderbolt – You are a writer, so write!
Me – Gulp, right then! I’m going to write a love letter to life, every day of the Valentine month of February…

So I write I did. It all seemed ridiculously random to start with. Every day I wrote… to people, feelings, incidents, and phenomena. I explored, analysed and worked through so much. And most amazing of all, I took this marvellous mess of words I made in tha month, and later turned it into a book (with a structure and chapters). And it’s not the book I ever thought I’d write, but it’s one which I did write and which changed the game of my life – for cliche – ever.

So time travels on and more books grow – like cultivated weeds, in my mind. Some get pulled up and thrown out, some are watered and nurtured. I write, I start, I stop. So back to today. I’ve started a new cycle in my life. New ideas are wriggling and niggling in my head; they want to be aired and danced with; set free and structured into new entities, projections and fruitions.

There is always one reason to do a thing, and twenty reasons not to. One of my one hundred and twenty reasons not to, is that I have so many ideas, so many avenues to walk up or run down, a thousand and twenty dreams I want to pursue, a million and twenty ways I could play this; so where to start amongst all this conspicuous confusion?

Well, it’s simply time to start; and I’ll do that by brainstorming my heart felt ideas. I’m going to throw down the gauntlet of action and fling the ideas out of my head and on to the page. So, I crave your indulgence dear reader, as I play and experiment with different themes and ideas. I would gratefully value your input and feedback, trying and testing these themed tidbits with me over the long, loving month of February.

So now is when my ego has its’ say and tries to stop me. To stop me from making a fool of myself, to stop the journey, to block both the questions and the answers. But I know this old foe and I’m choosing to ignore it… to publish and be damned anyway. And actually, rather than damnation, I know that it is really salvation

And if you would like to join me on this quest, in any way – by blogging too, or by reading, or testing and tasting the Peachey pieces that will come your way, then that would be amazing. And whether you are with me for one, or twenty eight of these February pages, then thank you, as always, for being on this particular page with me, right here and now.

So, no thunderbolt this time and still, that’s the first one done…

With relief and warmest regards
Author, scaredy cat and quester

PS: If you would like to take the blog challenge with me, simply write. Write a blog, once a day for 28 days. For just 4 weeks of your life. They can be as short as you like. I like writing around 1.5 to 2 pages of A4. Now if the blog bug bites you, there will be reasons not to do it, but that is all normal, and if this appeals to you, then find a way. Just get started and then let me know your blog url on WordPress or which ever platform you found this challenge on, and I’ll follow you, comment and test you too. We’ll be blog bretheren. Amen.