Walking in The Time of Corona


I’m a novice jogger, using the Couch to 5K App, which dictates that I take a day off between each run.

But there was no way I would ever let this gorgeous Spring evening slip by without sampling it.

So this time I strapped on my WALKING boots and off I went, striding towards the sunset.

I’d plugged in my music (I was in a rare country mood this evening), but as my feet walked me to a wood, I turned off the lyrical voices of other humans, to drink in the bird song surrounding my head, instead.

And whilst I will run in the open, I love to walk in secret shade, hogging the scenery to my heart and inhaling my solicitude.

Self isolation is… interesting… for me. It’s alternatively tough and sweet. And the sweetness was this bliss – a solitary, selfish walk. A thing for me and me alone.

For in this time of Corona I can avoid others in the guise of social responsibility, rather than misanthropy… So I crossed paths, lurking and dawdling at a distance; all to stay out of the way of the other creatures out in the dusk light, walking towards night.

I felt euphoric; like I never wanted to stop…walking…ever. Endorphins propelled me on, round twisting tracks and along a trickling river bank, glimpsing fields and a picturesque church in the distance.

If encountered, I dodged the proximity of other humans, melting into the warm embrace of the wood, like a modern day dryad. For I wanted to dance to the sweet, creaking rhythm of bird song, alone.And today wasn’t a day for taking pictures of the drifts of white flowers, or the moon lowering in the sky, or trees framing the river, to share with you. And that’s because I’m a SELFISH walker, so it’s all mine – the secret sights that only MY eyes saw.

Yes, it’s mine, all mine, the drisky evening sunshine, and tonight I shan’t share my vision…

To that end, I shall end by selfishly caressing your senses – with only the remnants of my walking WORDS, instead…

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