Regrets in the Time of Corona

I’m curious to know what is ‘different’ for you today in this time of Corona and how you are dealing with it???

Today I should be in Singapore at the start of adventure spanning Malaysia and Indonesia…

But I’m actually sitting at home doing other seemingly more mundane things…

I’ll admit it feels weird, but I’m NOT wishing I was somewhere else right now.

It’s only a holiday and I can do my bit to help control this current crisis by battening down the hatches at home and doing my level best not to catch the virus or pass it on to anyone else in my village, country or the rest of the world.

I’m getting a full refund and I’m not worried about when or if to rebook the trip and how much more it might cost. On the other side of the Corona Curfew I may rebook it, go some where else, stash the cash or do something else entirely.

These are things I can’t control from my sofa right now, so when the time comes I’ll take a decision on them and exercise my choice then.

I’m in the amazing position of being able to make plans like this, through a combination of choice, chance, desire and hard work.
INSTEAD in this Corona Time I’ve taken up running and now have the opportunity to get my book out to a wider audience. Basically what I’m doing is different – not difficult.

That’s me. I can’t speak for anyone else and how this pandemic has affected THEIR lives. Every life has its own story, so I don’t intend to preach, but I DO want to share.

Much of what is going on I’ve chosen to accept – not in a passive way, but with a conscious intent that is anything but passive.

And I will choose how I respond to this in my world and the things I can control in it – not smugly or perfectly and not for every waking second – but with grace, humour, humility and striving to rise above it in every way possible – physically and mentally.

And NOW it’s time to get off my soap box and go for a walk 😉

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