The Response to Peachey Letters …

Dear Readers

I have been overwhelmed with the amount of positive feedback received on my Peachey Letters blog, since my first letter went live in February.   Here I would love to share just some the amazing responses I have received …

With love and gratitude, Sandie xxx

Susan Brookes:

Wow, that letter to your father is so touching. May you always have lots of love in your life.

Kay Kirkby:

Sandie this letter to your Dad is so beautiful I cried … I thank you for your wonderful open hearted letter which enabled me to be open about my current journey.

Nadine Honeybone:

Beautiful Sandra, just awesome.

Jacqui Malpass:

I shouldn’t have read that, I now have a wet face… 🙂 My dad … I love him dearly and this beautiful letter is a reminder of all of the good stuff to be treasured. Thank you – blubbering of South Wales.

Karen Edgar:

Lovely photo of you and your dad. Very moving letters. …

Diana Barden:

Wow, what a wonderful letter to your Dad, Sandie. I last wrote to my Dad a couple of years before he died … I’ve had a bit of a blubbery morning of it so far (good stuff!) so thank you! Blubbering of Cambridge (wonder if that means I’m related to Blubbering of South Wales!)

Sue Balcon:

That is such a beautiful letter to your Dad, Sandie – made me shed a few tears …

Sandra Peachey:

Gosh, ladies, I went to bed last night, feeling a little embarrassed with myself, my script telling me that I was being rather self indulgent and attention seeking and no one would notice! Glad I ignored it. Thank you so much for your lovely comments. My Friday is definitely made 🙂 And if you would like to see a little more of my dad’s life, take a look at the photo album I created on his last birthday.

And then there were more gorgeous comments …

Sue Maggott:

Wow, Sandie, that is fabulous, and I love that picture of the two of you together, such a picture of a strong man, giving you the support to be you!

Deborah Meredith:

Sandie, you brought me to tears. Such beautiful letters from a beautiful woman.

Michelle Clarke:

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous – thank you for sharing Sandie, such a beautiful idea, these letters will make an amazing book 🙂

Lisa Hayward:

What a wonderful thing to do, very touching and very real.

Joanna McCormick:

A fabulous idea and wonderful share Sandie – bless you.

Lyn Bromley:

What a fab idea. It brought tears to my eyes too. It also made me realise that I should write letters to my parents too while they are here to read them. Thanks for sharing, you are a wonderful writer, I look forward to reading the next one!

Lucie Bradbury:

Loving this – we are all blessed with your writing, your love & your courage.

Liz Ivory:

Thank you sooooo much for your beautiful letter and for your love, it’s fabulous the way you are able to express your feelings with sensitivity and humour, a real talent.

Greg Lowe:

Wow, what an amazing idea!

Tracy Cleary:

Lovely Sandra. Thanks for sharing.

Richard Wilkins

I really love this message Sandra.

Sue Maggott

An amazing process to go through Sandie, and very powerful letters.

Susan Brookes:

Brave writing Sandie.

Lucie Bradbury:

I am loving your letters Sandie – you write beautifully with wisdom & grace. Thank you for the acknowledgement – which says so much about the gorgeous goddess that you are.

Susan Tarney:

Thanks for the letter and all the effort you put into your relationships. You are a true friend.

Hayley Wilkins:

Your letters are brilliant. What an amazing talent you have.

Alex Santaro-Emmerson:

Wow. I love this letter [to Every Woman]. Thank You for taking the time to put this in writing so beautifully. Every woman on the planet should read it.

Lyria Normington:

How many emotions you pass on to me through this letter; smiles at you being hauled up in front of the – Head AKA Care Manager of the Home; tears when you mention your Mum’s broken childhood and then “all those dark words were not really you”; relief and joy for you when you describe the love creating a force field around you.

The honesty, not ducking the hard parts, make it so much more real as a love letter … everyone has their darker moments or the things that are difficult to say to someone so close as a mother. I really smiled when you mentioned your “Karma” to Arthur – it’s a lovely way to see it. If fact the whole letter is so beautifully written, I can see how you’re able to help so many others on a very deep level. You do have a precious gift.

What a gift that is – coming through all your life and coming to this point of deep peace and love. And you’ve had the honesty to share it. I just feel so touched and humbled.

Thank you with all my heart.

Monique Blackmore:

Thank you for sharing your letters with us all. You have such a wonderful gift with words … your recent letter, the truth and feeling within … Wishing you joy.

Lucie Bradbury:

[Letter to Lucie Bradbury] I love it – it’s beautiful, it’s so you.  I had to stop half way through to recover from the tears (tears are good!)

A few points felt brutal to read – but then I know love & truth go hand in hand.

I am so honoured & grateful that you would write to me (and appreciate too that you have graciously asked for my approval before going public).

Keep it up – I have a feeling there is nothing stopping you now  & yes I can’t wait to see where our wings will take us.

And you are quite the writer too my lovely!

Well done, with love …

Liz Ivory:

Just re-read your lovely letter to me and Richard, and I just wanted to tell you once again how much it means to us both … your writing is so wonderfully poetic whilst at the same time being merrily mischievous, just like you … really feel you could create a beautiful book with all of these when February is finished … I’d buy your first copy.

Lyn Bromley:

I have commented on a few of your letters already, but wanted to tell you, I have found them really moving and I feel like I have got to know you better through them too. I really think you have a career as a writer – or at least as part of your strategy – you write beautifully. Well done for committing and sticking to your promise! You have also inspired me to write some letters … So thank you for inspiring me Sandie. I am sure you have inspired many more.

Sarupa Shah:

[Letter to Money] My heart’s opened. What a beautiful thing you are doing!!!! And so it is!!!!

Lis Protherough:

Sandra, thank you. Your letters are touching and inspirational – and so amazingly well written, they made my spine tingle …

Thank you so much everyone for sharing your words, thoughts and emotions with me.  My heart is full. 

And apart from all these gorgeous comments, I’ve been told over and over to turn this blog into a book… and so here it is!  Follow this link to find out more…

 S xxx

Letter 26: To My Clients

26 February 2012

Dear Eleanor and Sean

It doesn’t seem quite right to call you client or customer or consumer; or even punter, coachee, mentee, student … So I warm to you as named beings, representing the sense of how we relate in this crazy and amazing existence we co-inhabit.

Here is my love letter to you and I falter at the beginning, because even now it seems odd to say ‘love letter’, here in this complicated context … but then again, it is so right too … so let’s explore that …

First of all you know always, that I chose to be with you, as you chose to be with me; to step forward together, to figure out the ways, the routes and the senses of your journey.  So I am there to support, to challenge, to advocate, to fuel your propulsion forward.  Some times to teach, oft times to facilitate; always to share, to show my way and in doing that, shining a light on YOUR way.    

So how is that that I can say that I ‘love’ you … As I explore the many facets of love, I discover more and more that each love I have in this life of mine is in itself a multi-faceted, variously fractal and gloriously complex thing. 

And you can dare to love, acknowledge the love you have around you and allow it to take its form in every aspect and yes … I digress … from you – Eleanor and Sean, meandering back to the very subject of love itself, again.

So to you I say our relationship is one composed of many elements … wisdom, love, advise, magic, learning, energy, vision, talent and … well the list is infinite and it is composed of the elements of who I am and who you are … So in fact there are many lists … Who I am in this context is an ever evolving creature made up of my predispositions for connection, communication, pragmatism and result.  To be fulfilled I really want to see, hear, feel and know that I am making a difference, creating an impact, so that you, in your turn do the very same …

So I give you the benefit of my own doubts, my experience, my skills and my knowledge; not to replicate, yet to create – for you have reached this point with all your own amazing specialities.  Your uniqueness may be known to you, yet how do you get it out there ..?  You may have a sense of who you are and crave to have that concreted, to see it, visible in front of you.  Could it be for you that you see the mountain top and seek the way up there?  Every one of you has a mixture of needs, composed of the practical, the task must dos, and then again also the irrational, emotional, inspirational elements that once explored, will take you beyond … beyond where you are now.  And it is the ‘beyond’ that brings you to me.

So how does this work between you and me?  There is the solid … my knowing, my imparting the material, tangible and specific.  There are decades of achievements, downfalls and ground breaking products.  I was an important player in the corporate sphere … so I have all that ‘big world’ background and so where it is necessary, that comes in to what we do together – you and I.  For as I thought one day, not so long ago, that I would walk away from it and on to a life of ‘om’ and pure inspiration instead, there was still a regret at leaving it behind me …

So too then I fire up your inspiration, for that too is the path I have trodden and I grappled with the odds that these contrasting elements that are present in my life, but then that is the dichotomy of life and of work … so often I seen you struggle with this too.  But then when you sit back and ponder, of course we cannot really separate it all out … since all these elements blend together to make the one life that we have, right here and right now.  How often do you see that – see people putting different parts of their lives in different boxes?   Well yes, they all have their own place, their own time and appropriateness, yet so too are they all chemically bound and when I realised this, so much became so much clearer and that will be your clear vistion too.

So together in our space we create magic, sparks, products, realisations, light and what ever is wanted so we flow forward.  So too we traject the obstacles, see things for what they are, see them and feel them differently, explode them or climb them or even dance around them.

And I have to acknowledge YOUR part in my own journey, you give me so much … you reflect, you stretch, you elucidate, you cliché complete me …

At times I feel your frustrations, your energetic obstructions and I celebrate them with you, as I know these are the things that have bought you to me, as has too has your need to change and grow, along with your sense of being – to be aired, to be moved, to go to who knows where?

I’m so glad you come to me, to let me be me, to be who I am, so you can go where you want to, to realise yourself.  For this is the fascination … it’s all there – to be drawn and then drawn upon, in you … we are all deep wells, endless pools of knowing, skill and wisdom.  Each one different, each one presenting to the world only what we can give it – our very own product, to give, to share, to sell.  An exchanged energy that gives to us both – your investment, my return and in our twin orbit, only we can create that perfect picture.

So thank you for taking flight with me, for trusting in me, for knowing this is the right connection.  I am humble and grateful to serve you, to walk with you, to laugh and yes, sometimes to cry and sometimes to shake you … and that is love and it always comes back to that, when we know it, in what ever way we dare and treasure to shape it. 

Yes, I dare speak that word, in this relationship of ours and so that is truly love – for you AND for me.   Indeed it will be ‘Peach Perfect for me’ and what ever name that love is for you, so shall it be.

      With warmest regards

            Sandra, San, Sandie, Miss ..?

PS: Peachey Letters has now been published in book form – follow the link here to find out more…