Letter 6: To Money

6 February

Dear Money

We’ve been through the merry-go-round together, haven’t we?  There have been dips, there have been peaks and NOW Money, I have changed the status of our relationship again.  It took a little getting used to, didn’t it – changing the rules like we did?  Taking our own path and defying the rules of a whole, conventional, former life, the nay sayers and the non-believers …

You’ve always been there for me, though at times I confess I thought you weren’t really on my side … still, I have to say, that you have always come through.

Because we have an unconventional relationship, not everyone understands how it is with us … yet we have an understanding and I want to you to know how I want things to be between us from now on.  So here are my intentions, this will be our story – the map of our voyage and last, but not least, my love letter to you:

Money be mine …

Money come to me with ease; walk and run and dance with me on my journey through life, and in doing so, be my true and constant companion.

Money reward me for my virtues, for my passion, for my work, for the difference I make.

Money fly to me with wings and soar with me through the stratosphere as we spread our light together, you and I.

Money stay with me, abound with me and befriend me, for I am deserving of your light and I you know that I am a warm, true and loyal friend.

Money be with me and I will take you on journeys near and far, enjoy you, use you well and share your gift.

And in return Money, I ask that you feed me soul and body; that you will protect me, give me security and luxury, clothe me in gorgeous gowns and house me in heaven.

For all this Money, I will honour you, I will take care of you and I will share your energy for the good of human and animal kind.

Money be mine for ever and we will share the glory and celebrate the greatness.

Money be mine.


    Sandra xx

[PS: Dear Reader, if you liked this letter, you can buy your own copy of the complete set in book form, by following this link…]

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