Poem: The Clown Strikes Again

This poem was written when I was feeling the mortification of the consequences of an action I had thought through, but not considered in full and fine detail…
In the grand scheme of things it was a minor occurrence, but I felt it deeply and keenly at the time, not just being annoyed with myself, but thinking it would damage others perception of me, too.
Writing this poem helped me get rid of those feelings and to put it all into
perfect perspective.

Clown in Mirror

I’ve been slaughtered, again.
Laid bare.  Knocked out and lying on the hard, grey pavement.
Mortified in cold blood.
That clown of mine, is raising his ugly head.
Obscuring me. Blinding my thoughts
And shadowing the actions
which I take in the warm light.
The thousand things that I do right,
suddenly thrown into shade.

I’ve messed up – misinterpreted one thought, again.
Did not see the consequences
that others could see so clearly.
I could not see around the clown,
and now he blatantly attacks me again;
Pulls me off my white horse.
Painfully twists small things
into vast misinterpretations.
So I am not seen.  Just the clown.

It is not enough that this has happened again?
Cannot the clown cease now?
Stop this stupidity, consciously,
and leave me to walk unencumbered and illuminated.
No – that gaping, laughing red mouth spreads misery;
It’s a disease of mind and perception, that in this circus,
the audience forgets the trapeze and the dancing horses.
They only see the clown, filling their senses
with violent reaction and violated distinction.

The clown must be banished, again.
But please don’t send me with him, into the dark.
Remind me, constantly to be on the lookout for him,
In the audience out there, under the chairs, I will scan with my torch.
I’ll look for him lurking, waiting to leap out and scorch.
I can see through the dark, I know his name.
for this is Martrucio and shame is his game.
I succumbed for a while, yet I know the story,
since I strayed and fell backwards into dark, hurted history.

I’m righting myself as I write this, again.
Words can blight or be therapy – the latter is me.
I stumble, then stand and keep on walking,
both humbled and learnèd – I know how to heal and how to deal
with anger vs faith, darkness vs light and despair vs trust.
I take responsibility, with karmic sensibility, since I am part of the cyclic crowd.
I’m sorry, I forgive, love much and am grateful for my part in this charade.
I choose to learn from, then laugh at the clown.

And I sit in the audience too, to observe and feel the truth of life, yet again.
Jeers are not necessary, neither are cheers. This circus performance is over now.
The curtain is closed. No clowning around or clapping required anymore…

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I’m also variously known as:
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