The Alphabet of Woman

a to zWritten for International Women’s Day – 8 March 2014

By Sandra Peachey

What is woman..?  She is such as this:

  • Awesome, angelic and animated, at least…
  • Beautiful, bountiful and beau-dacious! We have and give so much.
  • Colourful, connecting, and yes, so creative…
  • A Dreamer, do-er and a Diva!  And a drama queen? – well, may be never!
  • Engaging, enlightening and oh so enigmatic…
  • Feminine, fascinating and completely fabulous – each and every one of her.
  • Giver, gifter and Goddess – so let’s worship her.
  • That certain mix of hedonistic, helpful and HER.  Hurrah!!!
  • And impossible, incredible, innovator – we ALL know her…
  • A juicy, joyous, jay walker.  Jealously guarding her friends, her feelings and her dreams.
  • A kitten at times, kind of Kitsch when she wants to be, kitted out for life – for a day out, for shopping, for tears, for laughter and …
  • A lady, yet lovable, and loopy – she’s allowed to be.
  • Meaningful and magnificent – more, more, more!
  • Natty, naughty and certainly nice.  Would you want her any other way?
  • Old in a never aging sort of a way? Oh yes!!!
  • Perfectly imperfect, peachy and present.  She is gorgeous and she is with you.
  • A queen, still she can be quick silver, and definitely quite something.
  • She can be radical, and yet radiant, whilst still being ‘real’…
  • Sometimes soft and sympathetic, the world’s sister – super-charged, simply special and so much more.
  • Tender, tenacious, and talkative too.  She’s all that…
  • Undiscovered and unrealised, she is still so deep, there’s so much more…
  • Sometime vixen, quite a vanguard, yet variable – a veritable mixture that defies boredom.
  • A wonder, oh so wonderful, a complete wow! She has the works!
  • She has X-Ray vision.  Stop!
  • Youth in age – you are her and she is you.
  • She just has the Zebra like surety of step, with such grace and free boundlessness, that she is every where – when wanted, when needed, when called.

A woman is… just that, never that and all that…

~ Happy International Women’s Day! ~

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