Poem to a Departed Pet

Myself and the remaining pride of cats are adjusting…
~ I’m writing poetry…
~ My self contained, independent black teddy bear of a Tom cat – Taz has turned in to a constant fuss bucket…
~ Whereas my sweet, noisy, attention seeking little Miss – Sophia, has largely withdrawn (but gave me a lovely long cuddle this evening before disappearing off to hide again).
I’m so glad of them ❤

I carry my aching heart invisibly. An icicle of pain at its core. But still it will spill, and so the ice melts from my eyes…

My shimmering shades of grief make a rainbow of love and loss, Raining down a tumbling waterfall of tears.

And I choose not to fight the pain; But to cradle it with compassion. As it sits and shapes within.

Sometimes I’m gripped with horror… Or I’ll re-live the latent trauma Of caring for a creature at his life’s end.

But at the time, I was in care mode. All that mattered was calm and comfort As I watched his breath rise and fall.

Then I’ll think ‘My boy is gone’ and weep. There are quiet leaking eyes or loud ugly sobs; So many kinds of tears tear or seep from me.

And my grief will take its own time. I’ll just let it take its wandering course. No medicating or predicating – just let it be – pure and raw.

You see, I’m BLESSED with this sadness. I’ve cared, fed, fussed and hugged. Sharing my life with one of God’s beautiful creatures.

It’s a simple, primal love That sits softly in the heart, as I carry on. And now its’ shape shifts, since

He has finished with the time that was only HIS to give.

Some very kind souls have asked about making gifts or contributing to a memorial, so I have suggested they make a donation to Birman Welfare & Rescue – a lovely group of caring cat people – here’s the link (if you would like to put something toward this cause too) xx


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