2021 Out, 2022 In…

Another year in this life has been lived…

A year of love, tears, trials and triumphs.
With Covid still here, hovering, attacking, omnipresent…
And anxiety alighted, to tell me that there is danger, physically and mentally… but of what, I’m still not sure…
And yet there was also, so often, laughter, enlightenment, chatter, family, friends, sunshine, sweetness and serenity.

This previous spinster of the parish, now gained significant others – a partner and his family, as we weaved our way through new chaos and connection.
In this year there have been holidays and hell; confusion and clarity… all of life’s mixed bag and more…

And now 2022 is coming to an end, whilst another awaits…
So… for 2022 I have no demands or resolutions, but I WILL ask questions…
How should I be? How can I help me, to help you, to the greater good?

As we meet another year, I wish you faith, fearlessness and fun;
that all your positive plans come to fruition;
that you listen, to what ever your speaking soul tells you.


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