Toilet Roll in the Time of Corona

One of the ways I’m choosing to use for coping and processing what is going on in this crazy time of Corona is to blog and post (on social media).  To work through issues, share and reach out.  Maybe touch, resonate or make people smile.  
So it was that I posted last night on Facebook about a lack of toilet paper in my local shops.  The intention of the post was to be gung ho / silly and to demonstrate that now is the time to may be just do things a little differently…
Of all my intentional navel gazing and heartfelt posts this one got the most comments – and most not the ones I’d intended…
In all honesty I was irritated that people got hooked on a perceived lack and tried to solve a problem which I didn’t actually have / didn’t really care about.  Basically, it seemed to bring  out people’s own ‘stuff’ instead…  Several people also made the point that flushing toilet paper away clogs up drains. 
Basically people didn’t get the joke… 
It was time to examine my reactions and see what I could learn from this, but first – the original post:
Bogged down
Bogged down by bog roll…
So… I have searched and scoured, peered and craned… Reached up and hunkered down, all to no avail…
Every blimmin time I’ve been in a shop for the last month, despite my hunting high and low, there has been no flipping toilet paper to be seen on the shelves!  Not ONE roll.  Not even the horrible scratchy stuff!
And whilst many of you out there are hoarding, MY stocks are running low and I’m having to eke out the sheets…
Met by yet another empty shelf last evening at my local shop, (my ONLY local shop); I decided that I would no longer be a slave to the concept that the wiping of my arse from tissue paper on a roll was not the only way to… well… go.
So I bought a box of tissues instead – ha!
So THERE all you toilet paper thieves who would heartlessly deprive my rear end of its basic hygienic privileges – I shall NOT be cowed by your lack of regard for the cleanliness and comfort of my bottom.
I shall instead wipe with a tissue (well not a WHOLE one, obvs), because I can tell you now, that MY ARSE REALLY DOESN’T CARE!
As the responses rained down, my ego roared and I had to stop and think… I made this my final comment: “END NOTE: So I try and make people laugh in these strange times… Instead it becomes a conversation, going in directions I couldn’t have fathomed and certainly never intended. But that’s conversations for you… Wishing you laughter, clarity and above all, to stay safe everyone 🙏.”
As an NLP Master Practitioner I learnt that people see the world through their own filters, so will respond to what resonates most with them.  I think it’s natural that we will naturally ‘follow the herd’ of a conversation. 
Ultimately I made a post – not a commandment, so I had the responsibility to listen to what came back and learn my lessons from it.  
I’ve decided to keep reaching out, regardless of what my ego is now telling me as a result of all this.  **Stamps feet in toddler like, tantrum type affirmation**
And breath…
And laugh!!!
And keep loving and learning.  Always…
S xx

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