A Childless Mother’s Mothering Sunday

It’s Mothering Sunday in the UK today…
So I’m celebrating motherhood.
Even though I don’t have womb babies,
and my own mother died a decade ago.

Yet despite all that, my mothership is still coming in…

I’ve got my first ever Mother’s Day card, from a gorgeous god child…
I’m dining out today with my partner, his mother and his son…
And this week I’ve met someone who connects me back to my own mum in the most natural and miraculous of ways…

Yes, regardless of any Hallmark calendar event, today I remember that I had a mother, who was who she was and partly made me who I am.

I know too, that in many ways, despite DNA, there are still many mothers in me.
And whilst that lone voice in my head might try to tell me that I’m the barren buck who stops here, with no children of ‘my own’, well I own ALL of my children – my god daughters, my many honorary nieces and nephews, my step children, the family I work with and even my cats…

So, here’s to Mothering Sunday for you and me, who ever and what ever we are… for we are all the children of many mothers and many mothers, woman or man, we may be.

A blurry memory of my mother

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