Happy New Year – 2018

Another calendar has closed;

A new year with fresh pages, beckons me on.

As I turn the next leaf, I will not start anew;

since I’m taking myself with me where ever I go.

So I shan’t be making resolutions or casting spells;

Just starting afresh in each new given moment;

I’ve learnt a lot in 2017 – I’ve laughed, wept and wondered too;

I’ve loved and worried, shaken my fist and hidden in dark corners – mainly in my mind.

I tripped on, and became a doormat; then travelled, changed direction and dreamt of different dimensions.

A full moon turns the tides tomorrow – a wolf wagging the tail of another lunar cycle – new and millennial.

Next year is nearly here, so it’s time to celebrate again: a new day, a new month, and a myriad of minutes.

I wish you clear sight for 2018;

with a wide open heart.

May you love freely and learn much;

laughing loudly and often.

Being blessed with a deep well of forgiveness;

All of which will lead you on to health and a wallet of honeyed abundance.

As earth’s children we deserve so much – so here’s to a brand new year for you and for me – whole and healed and happy.

Here’s to 2018.