I Choose Christmas

Giving gratitude for every aspect of our lives is one of the most simple and powerful tools we can all engage to create and maintain a positive attitude.  Christmas can be joyful or stressful, but giving gratitude for it, makes the most of what ever it is for you.  Here is my Gratitude for Christmas morning 2015:

A Gratitude of Poetic Meditation, Prayer and Reflection for Christmas…

Merry Xmas

I awake on a new horizon,
feeling the dawn of shared energy.
My pagan bones celebrating the solstice cycle,
and the warmth of longer lighter days to come.
My Christian mien celebrates the centuries of collaboration,
the pure spirit of rejoicing the babe born saviour.
I hear the music of the mind,
carried on the chime of carols and Christmas choruses.
My stomach is filled with food,
the sumptuous feasting of fasts long broken.
I have shared and received my tokens of love,
bounded and bonded as I am, by a circle of family and friends.
And on a quiet Christmas morn I contemplate my love and gratitude, turning my face to another day to be long lived and loved.

I often forget who I am, dramatising my labelled and laboured traumas.
Yet in the Christmas calm I know this:
I have a warm bed.
I drive a car.
I have 4 limbs, sight and sound.
I have my family.
I have my friends.
My larder is full of food.
I work, I write, I coach, I speak.
And pay the bills.
I travel and I gabble.
I sing and I dance.
I have so many blessings I cannot count them.
And today I can celebrate Christmas with feasting and gifting,
and most of all with gratitude…

How could my gratitude know any bounds?
So now I choose to celebrate, even though my brain wants to commiserate.
I choose Christmas.
For me and for you.
And then, on cue I hear church bells – my heart’s answer.

This then is my gratitude for Christmas, for my life and for this day.

With mistletoe wishes and kisses.

Sandra xx


Coach and Author of Peachey Letters

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