Peachey Letters Out and About…

Whilst all has been quiet on the blog front for a little while, Peachey Letters has been out there in the world doing its’ own bookish thing…

To my great excitement the book is now stocked in library branches in both Leamington Spa and Coventry (central England for those of you outside the UK) and they have even been tweeting about it!  It’s a far cry from the quiet days when I used to borrow books at these same branches as a child, and I feel really honoured that they are supporting and stocking a local authoress in this way.

As a speaker, I am frequently appearing at networking groups, book clubs, charities and other organisations to talk about the book.  The fact that it started life as a blog and is such a personal memoranda, seems to have captured the imagination of many, and so I love to share my story and encourage others to drop their demons, celebrate their lives and pursue their publishing dreams too.

Peachey Letters and my self have been featured in a number of publications too: nationally it has featured in the hard and digital editions of Psychologies Magazine (see below) and a fabulous 2 page spread in The Lady.


The first ever media article was in my local newspaper in Coventry and there have been a number of mentions across Warwickshire media too, most recently with a spread in the Social pages of Warwickshire Life (see below).

Warks Life Article

It has also found its’ way onto a number of websites, including Silver Surfers, Mature Times, and an interesting Question and Answer feature on Female First.

Peachey Letters has even received a favourable book review from a local book shop – written as it turns out by my old RE teacher from school days! And I have found it referenced on a number of blogs, including this one from a lovely lady called Harriet Stack.

When I started my blog back in February 2012 – I never could have imagined the impact it would have, and the journey continues…

Last but not least I am developing not one, but four different new book projects at the moment!   The next one to be published is a collaboration with 9 authoresses from (female personal development community) Damsels in Success (of which I am a director) and for which I have written a chapter.  We are just about to start work on our 4th draft, which is why these things take time to come to fruition… so watch this space for more news!!

And that is all from Peachey Letters for now… There will, no doubt be more…

With warm regards


Sandra Peachey: Author of Peachey Letters – Love Letters to Life

You can purchase the book on my website, on Amazon and in any book shop worth its’ salt 😉

Peachey Letters Book Launches

Can you remember the letters you have written and received in your life?  The news, the joy, the ups, the downs… the bills, the love letters..?

Well, as Valentines Day approaches I am introducing my own book of Love Letters to the world…  As a  coach, consultant and trainer – I’m on a mission to share the simple process I went through – to heal, enjoy and love my life and in doing so – support others to do the very same.  My intensely personal letters entertain, emote and are written in my own, often poetic voice. Peachey Letters – Love Letters to Life is my exploration and celebration of love in all its’ mysterious aspects.  In it I write to the people, phenomena and happenings that have touched my life – in ways tremendous and trivial.

It all started as my Peachey Letters Blog, where I analysed, let go and celebrated my own crazy and amazing life; along the way becoming my own best coach.  The Blog has already reached out to thousands of people around the world, many of whom have been inspired to resolve issues in their own lives and to write their own ‘love letters’ too.The unprecedented response I have received (See some of the feedback here…), means that Blog now becomes Book and so I am inviting you to TWO Launch Events to welcome Peachey Letters into the world.

The London Book Launch is the first official event – all are welcome, you just need to register your place on-line, at the link below – you can also opt to purchase an advance copy of the book which you can collect on the evening.  Lucie Bradbury – Founder of Damsels in Success will be introducing both events, other speakers are to be confirmed.

The Leamington launch is combined with fund raising for Parkinsons, the condition that my mother lived with for over 15 years.  She passed away in July 2012 during the writing of my book and so this launch is dedicated to her.  The money raised will go to Parkinson’s UK – to support and research into this debilitating neurological condition.The two events have been created to be two different experiences –  do feel free to register – for one, the other or both.


Date:           7 February 2013, 6 – 8 pm

Venue:         8 Northumberland – 8 Northumberland Avenue, London, WC2N 5BY

Cost:            Entry Free or pre-buy your author signed book for just £10.00 (retail £11.99), as well.


 Date:           12 February 2013, 6 – 8 pm

Venue:         Episode Hotel – 64 Upper Holly Walk, Leamington Spa, CV32 4JL

Cost:            Ticket £3.99 or Ticket Plus – secure your place & pre-buy your signed book for £11.99 *

 * Books will also be on sale at both events

Like all good parties, you are asked to RSVP – so please confirm your attendance by following one of the links above and securing your place.

If you are unable to join me at either of the launches, then you can still purchase your own copies of the book, at the special pre-publication price of £10.00, up until the second launch date, (when the prices increase to the cover price of £11.99 and p&p will also be added) or from Amazon and at all good book shops at full price!

I do hope you can join me for what will be two extra-ordinary events in this Peachey life.

With warm regards

       Sandra Peachey

Author of Peachey Letters

PL Book Launch Quoz

Blog Becomes Book!!

Dear Peachey Reader

I’m very excited … what started as my own creative challenge, has turned me into my own best coach and then a writer … and so, of its’ own momentum – Blog becomes Book and you can buy your own copies now!

The reaction to my Peachey Letters has blown me away and I am delighted that Blogger becomes Author: with my ‘Love Letters to Life’ ready to be published in time for Valentines Day 2013.

The Blog comes with my compliments and you will find that by taking this a step further and investing in the book, that the content is expanded, it is added to and then wrapped in a gorgeous Peachey structure that brings it all together – elaborates on it and turns it into a satisfying whole and a perfect Peachey read.

It will be your very own volume of Peachey happiness, love and learning, both for you and as a gift to friends and family, and for any one in your life who would love their own example of emotional voyaging, of life affirming exploration and all round gorgeous Peacheyness.

I have a special pre-order offer for all readers of this Blog …

Before it is listed on Amazon and in all good book stores, pre-order your books NOW and they will be with you in time for Valentines Day… and not only THAT, but they will come to you FREE of postage costs and signed by the author (within the UK – asked for postage costs outside the British Isles)!!

This offer holds until 19 January, 2013, when postage costs (approximate £3.90 for the UK) will be added and the cover price may increase too … so pre-order YOUR Peachey copies now …

Click here to purchase your copies.

With gratitude and warm Peachey wishes …

        Sandra Peachey

Author: Peachey Days – Love Letters to Life

More Peachey Feedback on My Love Letters to Life …

As my original challenge – to write a love letter to life, every day in February 2012 – passed, I found myself wanting to add more letters … in fact it was more of a compulsion – the Letters decided they wanted to be created!  I continue to be blessed with amazing feedback; and the encouragement I have received means that the Peachey Letters Blog, will soon become a book … In the meantime, please continue to read the letters, with my best wishes and compliments.  And here I would like to share some of the most recent feedback that the Letters have received …

Lindsay Burton:

Sorry to hear about your mum. A heartfelt letter beautifully written.

Gill Potter:

Made me laugh – love your daftness and your love.

Mary Joyce:

This is truly beautiful. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Sandra.

Keith Higham:

Just read your “To Celebration” letter and frankly I am amazed!!  Where have you been hiding this talent??

Vaibhav – India:

Dear Sandra/Sandie, Most of us if not all get a defining moment in life. That powerful momentary permutation. My moment was when I read your beautiful letters today. What vivid pictures your words paint. It is never easy to put your feelings into words. Your deep feelings and gut reactions bubble up naturally seemingly beyond translation. Your words have become the sparkle in my eyes and the sun that shines through the window every morning beckoning me to wake, I love your writing. I always have, and I always will.

Greg C:

Wonderful memories that made my eyes leak, a lot!  Thank you for reminding me of my own Dad, and Mum, both long gone but never forgotten.

Caroline Ashby:

Absolutely love this post, Sandie. It may be entitled ‘Letter to Daftness’, but there is so much insight and wisdom in it.

David W:

Rarely have I read such exquisite passion, such positivity, such zest for life has I have in your love letters. You express yourself so well, as you find just the right words for thoughts, feelings and experiences that so many of us find impossible to capture, or even know exist. You have THE GIFT. The gift of self expression. And you have imagination too. A mind able to fly and to dream. To truly know, to see in your mind’s eye, how beautiful things could be… if only… Yet, even in this imperfect world… a world fall of faults, pain, failings, evil and just plain indifference, you still see and appreciate the beauty. The beauty that most of us miss as we hurry along the road, immersed in our thoughts about later… or before… the past, or the future… never the now!

You’re clearly a woman of many facets, each revealed like a sparkling ray of light as it passes through a crystal… Not just any crystal, but a diamond. A diamond’s beauty is revealed through the working of the stone. Life has done its work on you, shaping you through both the pleasure and the pain. The beauty was always there, as it is in all of us, but it doesn’t shine out from all of us. In choosing to shine, you give the rest of us permission to shine also. Permission to cast off that which does not serve us and to embrace true joy, through deciding to follow our hearts and our passion.

Lucie Bradbury

Wow! Beyond words, your writing is wonderful, your insights an inspiration, the gift of a Goddess & an honesty that is humbling … Your bravery is bold & simply brilliant. Thank you.

Nadine Honeybourne:

Awesome Sandra and my heart and love go out to you. Your letter helped me move on from something too around … last year … “it was as it was meant to be”… so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Harriet Stack:

Very moving, sending you love and thank you for sharing this.

Anne Mulliner:

Wow – so beautiful, thank you Sandie – it connected with me on so many levels.

Thank you – everyone, for your heartfelt and gorgeous comments … they mean more to me than you will ever know; and sometimes, when it seems like a self indulgent thing I am doing – writing these posts, I read your comments and I return again to my Peachey Letters…  Sandra Peachey – Blogger and Author

PS: And now these letters are published, I can greedily read the book too, follow this link to know more…