Swaying, Sashaying and Swinging into September!

So summer, is still here and segwaying into September… a time to start again, a time to create dreams and fire works (and we’re not talking about Bonfire Night here!).

Let’s keep on enjoying the summer ambience – isn’t it great to make the most of weather, enjoy time outside and know that it is the perfect time to relight the fire in your belly..?

You know – that entrepreneurial spirit bursting to get out – once the summer is over it will be time to take action!

As Autumn gently reaches out to me, I am contemplating the absolutely amazing year I’ve had already – one where I have published TWO books, won a ‘Women Inspiring Women’ Award and seen my business continue to grow and thrive… It is has been real pinch my self stuff!  In all honesty it hasn’t all been plain sailing, but then life never is in my experience! I love how (Women’s Personal Development Community) Damsels in Success Founder Lucie Bradbury says it can be about not having a good day, but a good moment!

Me at the F-Factor Video shoot… living the dream

And being a Damsel in Success myself has meant that I do two very specific things to ensure both my sanity and success:  Firstly to reach out and ask when I want support (my natural tendency is to hide under a stone and cry!), being specific about what I want; and secondly if something is a STRUGGLE, then I stop!  I don’t push on regardless, resentful and hurtful.  I pause, I rest and I recalibrate… Sometimes this takes seconds and sometimes weeks, yet the world keeps turning and when I focus on what is important, the wheel will turn my way, when it’s time to catch up!  Two really simple things, yet they make a world of difference…

So that was MY world.  To support YOU in getting back to business with a bang, I’ve got some amazing September events planned for you:

Firstly – Join Networking Mummies Founder Laura and myself as we get you ‘Blogging for Business’ – for just £15.00, at our workshop in Leamington Spa, Warks, on 10 September.  Want to know more?  Follow this link for the low down.

Next, on 13 September it is time to ‘Find Your F-Factor’ at our Master Class and Book Launch in London.  Damsels in Success has created a blueprint for women to live the lives they want and get inspiration and support along the way… We are sharing our strategies on how to do this in a series of master classes, with the authors of the Damsels in Success book The F-Factor; and then we will celebrate with champagne, networking and an all around fabulous live event, which will change your thinking and make your life as a woman easier and more satisfying.  I still have a limited number of tickets left at £59.00 – read the reviews and check out the details here...

Pssst – by the way: if you purchase these tickets from the Damsels in Success central office, you will be charged £59.00 plus VAT.  Buy them from ME and they will be VAT free, saving you £11.80!

The Wyndham Hotel, Chelsea Harbour, in London – our Master Class venue

And then, on 18 September, it is time to ‘Get Back to Business’ – at the Damsels in Success local live event for women in Ashby de la Zouch, designed so that 2013 ends the way you want it to…

At Damsels in Success we know that the best way to take action is to focus on your ‘business agenda’ and then produce a realistic plan for the rest of the year.

We also know it doesn’t have to be scary, and your local Damsels in Success group is here to help you every step of the way.  You see, at the next meeting (Book your seat by clicking here)

  • You’ll gain absolute clarity & confidence
  • So you will have all the tools
  • And the vision to create YOUR business plan

September’s local Damsels in Success meeting is all about taking ACTION:

  • It’s time to put it into practice
  • To turn your ideas into results, with
  • No more sitting on the fence
  • No more procrastinating
  • No more waiting for the perfect moment

It’s time to get your tailored ‘business plan’ ready

  • It must get you excited
  • It must get you motivated

BECAUSE you’ll have more chance of taking action

And Action = RESULTS!

Here are more benefits waiting for you when you book your seat for your local Damsels in Success meeting!

You’ll discover:

  • How to make the rest of this year count and end it with a bang
  • Why you MUST Get clear on your plan so you can take massive action
  • How to put pen to paper and produce a Business Plan that any bank manager would be proud of!
  • Why you should ‘Publically’ commit to a specific project – to complete by the end of year, and what will happen if you don’t and
  • How to Receive SUPPORT & RESOURCES & ACCOUNTABILITY to ensure you have ‘Success with Ease’.

Attend this meeting and you’ll be glad you did



Click here to reserve your free place and I look forward to seeing you, at a national or local Damsels’ event very soon!

With warm regards
Sandra Peachey
Coach, Author and Director at Damsels in Success

PS: If you are interested in becoming a Damsels in Success Director, with a business that grows both you AND your clients, whilst being supported by a friendly and professional team, here are all the details…

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Letter to Daftness

Dear Daftness

That alliteration is a great start to a letter … It is easing me in gently, with a smile, as I start to contemplate you … Dear Daftness …

Close family and friends know I have a certain delightfully, or dangerously daft quality; and to the world at large I often try to cap it or limit how much I show of it … It’s there though, part of who I am and what I do …

The thing with me is, that I love to present a professional and polished gloss to the world … Yet, so often, I’m daft … And that’s not a criticism of myself – it’s a simple description … And growing older and wiser (as well as dafter …) I’ve learnt more and more that it’s OK to show these true colours, and embrace them, and let the world see them; and then the world can decide to shirk me for it, love me for it or indeed not give a damn about my daftness … so there it is, in all it’s daft technicolour glory …

So Daftness is … being forgetful, being late, being trivial, being accident prone, being indecisive, being wantonly childish, losing self control. Sometimes it is so much me that it feels like my own brand of alien significance – defining me, slowing me down, making me cry with frustration or laugh with the Peachey familiarity of it … Daftness …

And I wonder what the reader will think – those that know me in body and place … Is that the me they recognise ..? And for some it may be a shock that I believe this of myself, and others will smile in recognition … and for others again, it may just open more doors onto their own knowing of me … and for others still, who know me from these letters alone – mere anecdote …

Now, I have consciously drawn into my orbit those that I can SAFELY be daft with … Because sometimes, believe you me, I have been vilified for it and lost jobs and people in my life because of it … Yet it is ME … imprinted in my DNA, I simply can’t change it … Though if I try hard … I can manage it and have done a damn good job of presenting my ‘got together’ professional face to the world; but that can be hard work sometimes … and more often than not – my inner clown will trip me up or show me up, and the spotlight shakes the real me out into the open.

So, true to Peachey form, at times I am good with the daft, and at times I truly hate it.  And though I KNEW that being daft and proud is all good, I probably never really GOT that, until these last few weeks since my mother’s passing … She died 2 weeks ago and so at times my brain is the consistency of a marshmallow, and I can feel like a little lost orphan, and ‘doing’ or deciding what to do with a day is difficult; and ‘being’, and being in certain places is really hard work; and patience is thin and energy is low, and the daftness quotient goes through the rude roof.

At times too, I’m on top of the world and out there in it – being amazing … it is indeed weird to be me right now … My mother passing has somehow bought out some of the worse in me and all of the best me of me, and made me ‘more so’ – in just about EVERY way.

So Love is a complicated and many splintered thing, and this is, of course, a Love Letter to Daftness.  I’m definitely more daft right now… but you know what?  I’ve realised that it is all good; I’ve decided to give in to it and to embrace it. I know that being daft is perfect for me right now and I’m going with the daft flow.  I’m being vulnerable, I’m being selfish, I’m being real.  I give permission to the daft and I welcome it.  It’s like a soft blanket of sweet childishness. Being daft right now means I have a freedom when it comes to taking care of myself, or telling others what I want, and to do as much or as little of what I feel capable of doing and giving right now …

And in this state of being, work has not been a priority, but then the world turns in such a way that without even trying, I am suddenly given new opportunities and new clients … And even in these strange and newly motherless times – when I speak and when I coach, I forego ‘daft’ and create magic instead …

So being soft and being daft has allowed friends and strangers to care for me and support me even more than they have before.  And from surrendering in this way, I’ve gained so much.  I’ve grown so much.  And who knows, I may just stay openly daft, to everyone, for ever …  Or the hard shell, with the cracks in it, may return … Yet somehow I predict that there will be more raw, deft daftness; more freedom and more expansion of my soul … Yes – after the daftness comes the light and so it is that I have moved from one four lettered word – d a f t to another – l o v e.

Now both daftness and love define me – and so it is that I have written yet another Peachey Letter to Love.

Yours beguilingly, blondely and daftly

              S xx

PS: Daftness, love, creativity, caring… it’s all in the book version of Peachey Letters – follow this link to find out more…

Letter 28: To Celebration

28 February 2012

Dear Celebration

You I have always loved … in quietness, in gratitude, in the multitude of a crowd, in the pleasure of a twosome, in a knot of girl friends … on the sofa alone, on a Friday evening, celebrating the end of the week, with a curry, with wine and my favourite TV programme on standby …

I love the very thought of celebration – the preparation, the joy of creating an occasion to come; a coming together to love, to laugh, to eat, to dance, to watch, to share … to whatever it is that that we are celebrating.  You I have always loved …

As a child I remember a Smartie covered birthday cake with particular joy … Ah that ritual too, that we teach to our young: to bring the cake to you – the celebrated one, to blow out the candles to applause; to wish, to laugh – then be sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to … How many billions of times has that celebration song been sung?  Sung to so many ages, to so many shining faces reflected in the candle light?  All those songs, smiles and candles coming together, across so many years, across so many corners of the globe, sang to babies, sang to oldies, sang to tag and celebrate special tide marked years in our own creation – this birthday ritual is a celebration of life that we are all part of, in unison … And a cup cake with one pink candle in it is a celebration and your favourite slice of Victoria Sponge on an ‘un-special’ week day is a savoured celebration too.

And I cannot always wait to be the subject of the celebration, so I seek to create my own festivities – I mark the days, I make the arrangements. My natural born impatience never lets me miss this, even if sometimes it is just quietly with my family, as sometimes, even I, who loves the limelight – shuns the limelight; and so it is perfect for me that my family are there – as they were always there, reflecting me and celebrating and demarcating my existence in their existence.  It is a family ritual, in our tiny genetic family of three, that we always come together on these birth day anniversaries.

Lest I neglect you dear friend, I seek to embrace you at all times, to see your possibilities in the every day, in the simplest of coming togethers.  And if not cake, then food is so often part of even these tiny rituals.  To treat – to eat out. To be cooked for and treasured.  To create a meal for those who come into the orbit of my home – to celebrate them, to nourish them, to bring them to me.  To always celebrate.

So celebration is gratitude too: savouring a little carnival moment, raising my vibration with the gifts of all I have, all I am and all I do; and joining in with the gala days, hours and seconds of those around me, in body and electronically.  I love to ‘ye-ay’ and ‘hurrah’ and employ the exclamation marks of joy!!  I end every day with a litany of all I have to be grateful for – the situations, the gifts, the people, the compliments, the lessons learnt, the sunshine, the rain and sometimes the pain that shapes me to here, to now, to this single point of celebration, this current breath, this life that is the celebration of my own creation.

I choose to think in terms of celebration: to relish it, to seek it, to see its’ possibilities.  I choose to create celebrations tiny and celebrations huge and the panoply of all in between too.  I want to see celebration in my every day existence … and when my head seeks to chide and criticise (and it does all that still – so often), then I can pause and say to myself – what am I grateful for right now, what can I chose to celebrate in this moment, on this day? And so often the chiding demons continue to conceal, and so I continue to count my blessings and this is how I move, I vote to change those dark criticisms into enlightened celebrations …

As a coach too, for me, my role is to celebrate those who come to me for direction, for support, for illumination.  And I will shine the light on their gifts and gratitudes and remind them just how amazing they truly are too, these celebratory creations sent to me.  Every coaching in itself is an act of celebration and for that I speak as someone who is still coached myself; so in turn I turn to those who show me that my reflection is praise and that I am understood and hurrahed and of course celebrated into different, more difficult directions when warranted too.  So some celebrations are sometimes tougher roads to travel, yet always worth it when you know that celebration enervates, raises and ultimately gains you to glory.

YOU I have always loved Celebration, and all my ‘Love Letters to Life’ are celebrant acts: they all bring you along, weave you in and out of the silken fabric of my being, of my creations … all of which, in turn, are of course, celebrations.

This then is the ending of my celebration of Celebration …

       Ye-ay, hurrah, woo hoo and lots of love to you!

S xxx

PS: To celebrate the success of this blog, it has now been turned into a book…  Follow this link to find out more…