Letter to Twixmas


Dear Twixmas Time

Twixmas is that nether region of time that lies between Christmas and New Year. It is a hinterland where the build up to Christmas Day is now over and the New Year is still yet to start…

It is the longing left over time, ticking inexorably towards the cessation of another tide marked twelve months of our lives. A time where we feast on left overs and doze off a thousand calories, or pick up the post Christmas threads and start to weave through our normal lives again, lived now in a fuggy half life, on hold and not yet paused, waiting to begin again, to renew, to refresh, to pace faster, to taste more of, to reconcile and refresh…

There are many for whom this is no special time, since they do not celebrate Christmas, they work through and for Christmas… Yet somehow, all who live in this corner of the round world are affected by the time and tide of this time of year.

So many people have planned, shopped, cooked, wrapped, written and travelled to come together for Christmas Day. There may have been joy and laughter, or stress and anger or indeed any febrile combination of feelings that the combustion of Christmas may unwittingly cause.

Then Boxing Day dawns, the morning after the day before, when it is time for cold turkey, to think or to feel of beginning again, to slide slowly towards the cut off point of New Years Eve.

Christmas is after all a collective consciousness – a mass movement, an energy glitter ball throwing out its’ light in sparkling, random bursts. And now Christmas Day has come and gone, either in a blaze of candle lit, carol singing glory or having slipped away, simply as another day.

Whether known or unconsciously felt, there is a Twixmas consciousness too – a winding down, when time slows deliciously to a fattened, hazy subconscious or maybe even conscious contemplation. A crystallization of winding up to the New Year and what this next twelve months will bring – being a new start harmony of fresh possibilities.

Twixmas then is a seasonally strange combination of winding down and gearing up, with a unique energy embraced from our cold blooded ancestors coming out of the winter solstice darkness to energetically embrace the first cold light of the approaching spring.

For me this is a time of left overs – left over food and left over time; and I relish in how the combination of both brings out my creativity… I love to take what is left over from Christmas feasting and turn it into new foodie creations. Christmas dinner transfigures into Turkey and Ham Pie, and then turns magically into soup. I have time to turn an oldish loaf of bread, the remains of the Christmas pudding and the dregs of an advocaat bottle into the most deliciously tipsy bread and butter pudding and so my lefts overs keep leading me on.

For me, meals made from left overs are somehow more satisfying than the obvious, original meal.  This is how my mind works – I break things down to their component parts and then build them back up into a new and gorgeous whole, to be gorged upon and engaged with again, and even again. And this is just one of the many gifts of the ‘in between’ time and tide of Twixmas.

So how to make the most of and mould this tame time? We always have a choice – even if it feels like fate or circumstance foists events or people upon us… Is this really the case? Think on this…. And if we decide to run with a particular befallen fate, let’s decide to choose if not what, then how… How could it be easiest / happiest for you? Could you change a pattern of how things have been done before? Could it be done differently, could it be that you ask for support or time or what ever commodity it is that you want? Think of what will most benefit you from this time? And if it feels tempting to do chores, to use the time to DIY and clean, then this is all good… Or is it..?

Could it be that after the build up to Christmas madness, and the end of another year, that getting away, resting, reading or giving into countless other so called guilty pleasures might just be the single least selfish thing you could do at this time? Maybe take this Twixmas time to rest, to reboot and revive, and in doing so give yourself the most amazing gift of all – the best most rested you. Then you in turn get to give more, and are ready to embrace the lightening energy of the approaching New Year, facing towards it, as a new you.

I understand too that the gift of Twixmas time can be usefully used to catch up on many things, I just ask you to consider all the gorgeous possibilities and to choose, always to choose…

My choice is that I use this gift of Twixmas time doing gorgeous things with cherished friends and family. This year I have chosen presence as presents for my dearest friends and it has been a blissful, restful time, taking time out to dine out and shop and share. Taking me too away from chores that will catch my eyes and threaten to guilt me if I let them. So I choose to let them go instead.

And so that is Twixmas, all neatly tied up in a bow; and so it is now time too to bow out of this letter.

Thank you for this timely gift…

S xxx

PS: This year, as a Christmas Gift, I’m sharing the gifts of my writing and learning to entertain you, make you think and to deepen the Christmas experience in my capsule ebook. A Peachey Christmas is a collection of (previously published) blogs along with new material, gathered into one, gorgeous Christmas capsule…  All you need to do to claim your free electronic copy is to fill out a few details here and then it will wing its’ way back to you.

PPS: For Twixmas Time, you could just fill your time gorgeously reading a whole book of my Love Letters to Life since Peachey Letters’ have now been gathered together in to a beautiful book.  I’m completely biased of course, but it makes a perfect present for you or for anyone… You can buy it from book websites any where in the world, including of course Amazon (in both Paperback and Kindle)… Enjoy S x

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