Letter to Christmas Eve

Xmas Eve

Dear old Friend

It is the Eve of the Day.

And it is time for the wonder to begin, I mean to really begin now…

You see I am not talking about any Advent Calendar countdown from 1 to 25 here; or whether I have shopped, wrapped and done enough to make this Christmas a success… This is instead the warm realisation and joy that Christmas Day is nearly here and how, instead of investing all my energy and emotions into one day, I shall gradually unfurl my feelings around it, savour and relish them and slip gently into a most gorgeous and exonerated Christmas.

This day starts my Christmas – for a long while ago, some where in time, my living older brother was born on this day of the year. So family celebrations always started here, and this day is demarcated for me; and you know, it was so, long before I was ever born, so I step easily into that ‘made for me’ tradition.

This means that there are joyful practicalities and arrangements to be made and fulfilled, not least to celebrate that I have a sibling, some one I love and have shared so much with. Some one who knows where and how it all began. Some one who is funny and generous, and who reflects some of my similarities and who too is so very different from me.

So this day is where is all starts and is all about my slow perfected preparation. It is after all, no matter who I share it with, my Christmas, my comfort and joy, my creation, my very own time.

I am winding gently into Christmas – my mass – a simple time, built of many layers, from a long life time, now honed and smoothed by me into a fleeting, glorious experience.

At this time I will let my spirituality be free, to spiral and circulate, shining out of my soul to be acknowledged and aired and to thank God for all that was, is and shall be.

I shall rejoice in who I am, what I have and what has led me here. And I shall rejoice in what shall be, of me.

I am going to celebrate the connections – with my nature, with my past, with my family – living and departed. All these things will be celebrated and accepted quietly, as I go about my way, my Christmas way.

I shall slow my being and my soul and take life in slow motion, observing and breathing through it.

I shall thank those who travel with me, shear and support me, who love me and make me laugh. I will bless all who have taught me and left me and the roles they have played out in my psyche.

That is Christmas in my heart and head and there is Christmas for the body too, where I will feast and I will feed, lovingly preparing food, with a mother goddess joy.

I will talk and I will read and watch and listen, and I shall allow myself the delicious boredom of stopping the world weary madness of any tread mills that I have allowed myself to step on to through out the rest of the year.

From Eve to Day and beyond – Christmas is not just one day. Could it be that how you do Christmas is how you do life? So slow now, choose your day, make your time your time, and if that seems like a crazy, selfish statement, think of how your happiness and well being impacts every one around you and everything that you do.

Bring some Christmas – what ever that is for you into every day of your life, not just for one simple solitary sun rise to sun set.

Whether you speed, slide or slowly step into your Christmas, what ever I do or you do, I wish you love and joy and a portion of what ever your heart desires on this eve, this day and on all your future days.

With love,

        from Sandra


PS: This year, as a Christmas Gift, I’m sharing the gifts of my writing and learning to entertain you, make you think and to deepen the Christmas experience in my capsule ebook. A Peachey Christmas is a collection of (previously published) blogs along with new material, gathered into one, gorgeous Christmas capsule…  All you need to do to claim your free electronic copy is to fill out a few details here and then it will wing its’ way back to you.

PPS: Now Christmas is here and it is time to think of gifts, a collection of the ‘Peachey Letters’ from this blog have been gathered together, along with new material, into a book.  It makes the perfect present and a gorgeous Christmas read, for you, family and friends… You can buy Peachey Letters – Love Letters to Life on my website here or from Amazon (in Paperback and Kindle), and from all good book websites around the world…

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