New Years Eve Musings: 2016 to 2017


So it’s New Year’s Eve and it’s time for me to write the past year off… For my eyes only, I’ve written out the highlights of my year out in detail, because I want to let it out, let it go, celebrate and learn from it.

As with most years in the life, it has been mixed.  There has been the good and the bad – the highs and the lows.

To celebrate the good, I give thanks for the following:

  • Times with my brother and my friends – chatting over and chewing the fat of life.
  • For the men who showed a romantic interest in me.  It turns out that despite my inner critic, I am not ‘past it’ in any sense…
  • Celebrating birthdays and special anniversaries with my dear friends.
  • Cooking up a storm.
  • All the pay days.
  • Dancing and singing – sometimes when other people were watching…
  • Growing up with my friend’s children – I am so happy to be ‘aunty’ to the next generation from 3 through to 30 years old.
  • Finding an abandoned kitten, who demanded that I help him, then naming him and seeing him thrive in the home of my dear friends.
  • A friend going through chemotherapy and coming out of the other side – all with warm / wise cracking humour.
  • Reunions with old friends from school and university, with me feeling like I’d finally been picked for the (great) netball team (of life) at long last.
  • Finding romantic love after 6 years of being single (now lost again, which I am so sad about, yet grateful for the experience).
  • To find another child in my life who I could love so easily and feel so protective about.
  • To coach my clients to see and live their glory.
  • To lose myself in my fiction writing – making real progress on my first novel at last.

And there are so many more things / people and occurrences that I am grateful for.  For everything and everyone – thank you, thank you, thank you!

As for all the bad and the broken things throughout this year – I choose to lovingly let them go.

Now I’ve let go and celebrated, it’s time to learn.  My lessons for 2016 are:

  • Spend time with those you hold dear.
  • Do whatever it takes to enjoy the moment you are in – not in some hedonistic / forget about tomorrow vein, but choosing to make the most of all the precious breathing time that you have.
  • Hug as often as you can.
  • Be kind – mainly to yourself.
  • Smile – at strangers, friends, family and in the mirror.
  • Don’t let anger, self-pity or victimisation lead your thoughts.  Choose the principle of ‘the greatest good’ led by love instead.
  • Some of the things that happen in life can mean that we feel pain.  Don’t fight it or try to obliterate it – let it be and work through, not against it.  Keeping living, loving and learning.
  • Move, eat well and drink deep.
  • Choose the things and the people that make you happy and focus on them.  This means in balance that it is easier then to spend time with people who challenge you.  These people can enrich your life with the greatest lessons – what those are, will depend on you.
  • Sometimes you just have to let go.  Do it with grace and empathy.
  • Forgive freely – always starting with yourself.
  • And there are many lessons – they will come to me when I want them.

So farewell to 2016 and welcome to 2017.

With a new year comes resolutions and here are some of mine:

  • To shine a light for others – so they can be the light too.
  • To be more than my body – when it comes to health and nutrition.
  • To finish my first novel and have it published.
  • To keep the faith and be found by my forever significant other.
  • To earn and be blessed with good fortune.
  • To choose, choose and choose – my happiness, health and the greater good.

I will flesh all these out into detailed doings and beings, but for now, that is enough.

So that is today’s cogitations done… It’s time to demarcate the day.  I had made plans to spend the turning of the clock with an old friend and her family.  She’s had a tough holiday period.  Her mother had a stroke several weeks ago and has been in hospital ever since.

My friend called me up yesterday.  What did I think she said, to her going to the hospital and spending what may her mother’s last new year, with her there?  I replied that it was a wonderful idea and that she should follow her heart.  When I put the phone down I felt so proud to have friends like her in my life.  I get to spend time with and celebrate with them constantly.

Like all things in life, how you spend New Years Eve is a choice.  My first plans fell through, for the very best of reasons.  Yet I can make more plans and choose what spirit I bring to this latest tide mark in my life.  My spirit will actually be a chosen cocktail of love, contentment and champagne…

And now it’s time to move on to you the reader – may you celebrate the year behind you and be truly blessed in the year ahead.

With warm regards
Sandra x
Sandra Peachey

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