Love Letters, Books and Blogs…

heart feb 15

As I start to write this, my mind has decided to go blank, sit back and go on strike, bless… So where to start..?  

Today I’m sharing all the latest on my writing exploits, and also my coaching and consulting biz – LifeWork.

My consultancy I’m delighted to say, is thriving and is bringing in lots of corporate work.  And as well as working with large organisations, I’m passionate about supporting small and medium sized businesses too, so do get in touch for a no obligation check up and catch up, if you would like to discuss how we could work together to turn your dreams and plans in to realizable ‘doings’ – both to build a successful business and to have the best possible life.  As a LifeWork Coach, you see, I believe that for most of us, the 2 are not indistinguishable and I work with my clients to integrate all aspects of their existence, for the best possible outcomes. And even better, my clients get to choose what those outcomes are.

As well as ‘LifeWork’, I’m taking some deliberate time during this February to focus on my writing. I have several started manuscripts for books and have needed some momentum to turn those ideas into realities.  Do you ever experience this too – i.e. having a great idea and yet doing little or nothing about it?

What works for me is if I commit publically to my plans and ask for support.  That’s how my first ever book came about – I started a blog challenge, to write a ‘Love Letter to Life’ every day for the Valentine month of February. It was an amazing experience, I got so much positive feedback and out of that, came my first book ‘Peachey Letters ~ Love Letters to Life’.

Peachey Letters

I published Peachey Letters two years ago on the 14th of February and so it is time to celebrate – both my anniversary and of course Valentine’s Day 2015 too!

In honour of this occasion, the Kindle edition of my book has been reduced to just £1.99 for the 3 days leading up to Valentine’s Day – i.e. the 11th to 13th of February.  Here is the link to Amazon uk, where you can download my heartfelt offer.  Please enjoy, with my love xXx

A Month of Blogging

And so, on to the next book!  Since February is clearly my month for starting projects, once again I am posting a new blog, every day for the month of February.  You will see that I am currently playing with the idea of a book on what Cats Can Teach Us About Life, so am sharing my lessons in ‘love, life and litter’ with the world at large, be they cat lovers or not… I’d love to know what you think – the feedback I have already received, has been so helpful…

In my life’s lessons, one of the interesting ones of being an author, was that sitting down and writing my daily blogs was actually quite a lonely experience. I was determined that when I did this again, I would do it differently, and so I am delighted to share that 5 wonderful women bloggers have joined my on this journey and have all committed to blog through the month too (some daily, and some ad hoc).

I’d be delighted if you would check out all the beautiful blogs in our writerly enclave, from…

Vicky Stanton on being organised…
Michelle Attias on getting the best out of your business…
Linda Curtis on making the most of life…
Jane Hurd on making the most of gardening and eating…
And Patricia Cherry on weight management…

We’d all love your comments and support to get us to the end of February, to help us all get loads of blogs each under our respective belts!

So that is us… What is going to challenge YOU this February, with Spring soon promised and new horizons beckoning?  I created a challenge that completely suited me, my talents and goals, whilst also stretching my perceived limits… At the end of it I was rewarded with my book Peachey Letters.   And what, I wonder, would best challenge you? In work, in life, in ???  I am curious to know… So please share…

With the 14th of February just a few days away, I will finish off by wishing you all the love, strength and support you truly deserve, for this fine Valentine time.

With love, books and blogs…


Sandra Peachey – Director of LifeWork and Author of Peachey Letters

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