WOMEN: 2014 is the year to IGNITE your Life

It’s me again, here to give you a very special heads about the 4th Damsels in Success conference: IGNITE! 2014.*

As I think about IGNITE! this coming November, I’m also loving this gorgeous end of the summer season and the beginning of autumn, and working for myself means that I can take full advantage of it.  Today that meant making the most of the sunshine and going out for a long walk with a cherished old friend – well and truly blowing the cobwebs away.  What I wonder would YOU choose to do with a gorgeous day like today???

At Damsels in Success we are now getting well and truly geared up for our next national event, IGNITE! 2014.*  Now you KNOW I will say that last years event was energising, life changing and gave everyone the chance to connect with inspirational and like hearted women.  And we can expect more of the same, in bucket loads, THIS year too!  Yet rather than me waxing lyrical, let me share what some of previous attendees have had to say about it:

“GOSH And WOW! what a weekend at Ignite… I feel very proud to be part of a very special community of amazing women……I almost feel lost for words!!! Thank you Lucie, the Damsel Directors and the behind the scenes team for a truly immense event.  A special mention to all the Directors that shared their stories………..and to the Beautiful Becky Lee, Joyous Jennie Horchover and Super Sue Maggott you ROCKED IT!!!! I cannot go without mentioning Lucie’s stunning frocks!! Sandra Peachey you are a natural at speaking…….you MUST do more!! As for the New LAWs For Women….thank you Lucie for creating these…..if all us Damsels can implement these through 2013 WOW! where will we all be this time next year….?I look forward to seeing you all grow and seeing the results…”
~ Hayley Lloyd Wilkins

“What a fantastic 2 days at Ignite. There was so much power and energy in that room over the two days that I was so pleased to have been part of it this year. Thank you to you Lucie for sourcing such great speakers who really did create magic … and some fantastic tips for success were passed on. Thank you to all the other speakers who shared their stories and passions … you told your stories beautifully and you really did follow the ‘new law’ of being the real you. I have to just say though that those of you who I know (and know your stories) you were absolutely fantastic on that stage and whilst you may have been a little wobbly on the inside .. you certainly shone on the outside and were so inspirational. And the lovely Sandie … well you really did speak from your heart and moved me to tears. Fantastic!!  Thank you to all the lovely ladies I had the pleasure to connect with and spend time with over the weekend.”
~ Vicky Stanton

“Just wanted to say, “thank you, thank you, thank you” for an amazing weekend at Ignite. I had an fabulous time and was inspired by all the speakers, the excitement, the singing and dancing and just being with such a wonderful group of like-minded women. I didn’t truly realise the positive effect everything had had on me, until I sat down at my laptop this morning, to create my vision of my future. Everything seemed so much easier than last week and flowed! I have already used some of the teaching to create my Elegant Business Model!!!!!”
~ Caroline Ashby

The audience showing their appreciation at IGNITE! 2012

Well THAT was last year and this year holds more fabulouslessness in store too in the form of our stellar line up of speakers and what they will be sharing with you…

~ o0o ~

Lucie Bradbury – CEO and Founder, and the Directors of Damsels in Success will also be speaking on How to Live the New Law for Women – a mission that will give you the life, the love and the bank balance you crave.  It is all happening in Birmingham and the dates are Saturday/Sunday 22 and 23 November.

Now the HEADS UP that I promised you is that the tickets are currently selling at a special EARLY BIRD price.  This price will keep on increasing the closer to the event we get, so grab your tickets NOW and in the words of Katy Perry “Ignite your life and let it shine” (lyrics borrowed from her hit ‘Firework’ – a definite Damsels’ anthem)!  To get the FULL low down and to buy your discounted tickets, please click through here...*

As for my next LOCAL Damsels in Success event, it’s being held in Ashby de la Zouch – Leicestershire on 15 October, with Love, Love, Love being the theme for this months Damsels in Success Burton event.

Join us at Damsels in Success Burton on Trent on the evening of the 15th – just click on this link to find out more and book your seat.  It is FREE for all first timers and I’ll throw in some cake along with the laughter, learning and inspiration!

Here’s to living and loving the life you choose – with ease, clarity and grace.

With warmest regards
Sandra Peachey
Coach, Author and Director at Damsels in Success
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Winner at the 2013 ‘Women Inspiring Women’ Awards
Nominee in two categories in the ‘Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers & Consultants’ Awards, 2012 & 2013 and finalist for Women’s Coach in 2014.

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Love Letter to Spain: The Magic of San Miguel

2014-08-21 22.10.25Iglesia San Miguel by night

The author of this ‘Love Letter to Life’ has written a whole book of love letters, for you to peruse, to dip into or to read from cover to cover – whether to answer life’s puzzles, to celebrate or know you are not alone. You buy your own copy of Peachey Letters – Love Letters to Life on Amazon and book websites around the world, in both paperback and Kindle.

Spending my summer in Spain – in Jerez and Malaga, I spent a lot of time reading and meditating, and I was also particularly fond of looking at Angel cards for daily messages and divinations.  In the beautifully mysterious way of such things I kept being drawn to messages from Archangel Michael again and again… I had a daily habit too of walking out and about, and was wondering around the centre of Jerez de la Frontera when one day I came across the Iglesia San Miguel.

The word Iglesia –  ‘church’ doesn’t really do it justice… It has the vast, airy proportions of a cathedral and is heart engagingly beautiful inside and out. In the modern and sparse reception area I scratched around for the two euro entrance fee in my purse, paid my way, received an English pamphlet to guide me and then pushed through a tough and fearsome door, in to the cavernous interior.

I was suddenly in the open space of arches and pews… It was both splendid and simple… And I had this amazing place all to myself… I meandered about, looking at pictures and plaques, the airy stone arches curving high above me.  For a while I sat in a pew giving thanks for my Spanish experience.  I then took a look at the pamphlet… the church was dedicated to San Miguel – the Archangel Michael… Ah of course, no wonder I had been inexorably drawn to visit it…

Back on my feet, I peered into elaborate and ornate chapels.  In one corner of the church was the Chapel of Health, with a beautiful and beatific statue of the Virgin Mary.  Around the walls were padded seats.  I sat down and peered up into the face of the statue.  Suddenly I felt moved to pray…

san mig 2

The Chapel of Health

For several years now I have manifested the symptoms of a condition called Rhinitis… It seems trivial if you look it up in a medical dictionary – it’s an inflammation of the nasal passages.  Yet in my case it has also been the harbinger of ceaseless headaches and chronic fatigue.  Apparently it’s a mysterious condition and the root cause isn’t really known, so I’ve had all the usual treatments for it, yet they haven’t worked.

It comes upon me in the autumn and used to last for around 3 months, but gradually this has crept up to 9 months; 9 long months of the year when I feel its’ presence in me, in some way, shape or form… My GP thinks that I’m ‘allergic to pollution’ and yet I live in a village…

Last year I started taking holistic treatments, including acupuncture, as a preventative measure.  The symptoms lessened, but September came around and still they came back…  As a result, so often I have been so completely knackered that I have completed the bare minimum of physical effort needed to get by in life… And I was very conscious of constantly saying to friends, ‘I’m not coming out tonight, I’m just way too tired’…

This year I decided on a mind-set change.  I’m determined not to manifest any symptoms this time around.  Having to all intents given up exercising for 2 years, I got back in slowly – walking every morning.  The walks became longer and I started, happily, to add more activities in – swimming, dancing, rebounding – what ever I could do with real enjoyment. I started to think more about nurturing food and got back into better habits, like drinking lots of water, taking supplements and getting more raw food in to my system.

One of the purposes of my Spanish trip was to give my body a change of climate and a long period of sustained relaxation to see if that would impact this condition.  During my time there I felt more energised and less tired than I can remember in a very long time…

So back in the Chapel of Health my prayer was that I no longer manifest these symptoms and as I said the words in my head, a realisation dawned on me that there were some deeper issues to be healed in my life too and that would all contribute to my well being.  I surrendered to the thought and said I was ready.  Then when I came out of my reverie, there were quiet tears rolling down my cheeks.

Reluctantly I left the chapel and found myself back out in the main body of the church.  “Thank you San Miguel for this beautiful and healing experience” I said in my head.  In reply, from out of now where, there was a chiming, tinkling sound… I tried to find the source of it… Was it a clock..? I checked the time, but it wasn’t a ‘chiming’ time of the hour… So I gave up on looking for the source of the sound and decided that Michael had replied… “You are most welcome, and I will help you”… ‘How will this happen?’ I wondered, and then wandered into the next chapel… Which was the Chapel of Support!  I laughed in delight.  Could this place have been more perfect for me, right here and right now???  Another prayer was sent heavenwards with a smile…

I lingered around the church for as long as I could, taking in the paintings and statues, absorbing the airy atmosphere and letting a glorious sense of release wash over me.  And I left just minutes before it was due to close. Now, back at home, I have been even more quietly focused on my well being and a commitment to be headache free and more energised.

September has come around again… So now I am reaffirming my commitment – to heal what ever lies beneath and to be symptom free, as summer segways to autumn and then transpires into winter.  I am eating more healthily, taking more exercise, meditating and praying… And I am truly enjoying the experience and the way it allows me to feel.  Inside and out.

Once more… thank you San Miguel…



Sandra Peachey
Coach, Author and Director at Damsels in Success

As well as being the author of this ‘Love Letter to Life’ , I have also written a whole, gorgeous book of love letters, for you to peruse, to dip into or to read from cover to cover – whether to answer life’s puzzles, to celebrate, know you are not alone or to find the love in everything, seemingly bad or good, in life… You buy your own copy of Peachey Letters – Love Letters to Life on Amazon and book websites around the world, in both paperback and Kindle.

* Author of Peachey Letters – Love Letters to Life as featured in local press, Psychologies, The Lady & The BBC…
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* Winner at the 2013 ‘Women Inspiring Women’ Awards
* Nominee in two categories in the ‘Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers & Consultants’ Awards, 2012 & 2013. Shortlisted for the Women’s Coach category, 2014.

Letter to Leo – a Loved Lost Pet

From the author of Peachey Letters – Love Letters to Life:

A lot of us humans have animal companions in some way, shape or form.  In the last week or so, several people I know who share their animal experiences on Facebook, have had feline friends who have been taken from life ‘early’.  In my maudlin moments too, I dread losing any of my Peachey Pride of cats.  So I wanted to write a ‘love letter’ for every one who has had an animal companion pass away; to offer some comfort and gratitude and most of all to celebrate these amazing gifts of God, that are so graciously and lovingly loaned to us human creatures.  This letter was prompted by the passing of Leo, the companion of Caroline Ashby and her family.  She shared his life stories and pictures on Facebook, so, somehow, he became my cat too.  I was so sad and shocked then to find out that he was run over and killed this week at just 18 months old, about the time when he had become an adult.  But not just for Leo, this is a letter to ALL such animal gifts from God, for anyone who has loved, then lost their creature companion, and ultimately gained by having them in their lives.

Sandra Peachey – Cat Guardian & Companion.

Dear Leo


You were a kitten gift to us, a beautiful black and white ball of wonder.

A true gift in every way, showing us how to live life in glorious cat technicolour, even though you were made in monochrome…

You were bought into the home for Robert, who was the cat man, yet now he, Caroline and Emily are all cat people for ever… and that, Leo was your gift.

Leo – you were loving, clever and so self possessed and these things were your gift too.

You were a proud hunter, out there in the jungle of your outside world bringing back the family and yourself your clever catches. And that was a gift too, not always appreciated by the humans of the pride, but still, it was understood… 

You dealt with dogs, those alternative creatures who shared YOUR home, and you knew… You knew how to take charge, how to play and how to let them love you. This was your gift… of course.

And Caroline shared your life and your pictures with us all and that made you everyone’s cat. The everyone who loved your debonair poses, your sleek self assurance and the every day tales / tails of life in cat. What a gift!

You Leo, are a creature of God. All of you magnificent creatures, in what ever pet form you take (cat, dog, rabbit, goldfish, mouse, etc etc) are on loan to us lucky humans. That you were on loan for us for such a short time feels hard to bear. But what a gift you were and are Leo! We have learned so much from you, got so many purrs and rubs, got so much laughter and pleasure and so let’s choose your loving legacy. So for me the choice is that you are a gift with a big red ribbon on (and knowing you, the ribbon wouldn’t stay on for very long…). 

It feels like you were taken from life too soon. Too soon for us, any way. Is that fair for any one? That is what I have felt, but not what I know, when I think with love of where we are. For me, the knowing is that you had your time. That was the thing about you Leo, it was always YOUR time and so thank you, so much for giving it to us. And that is a very rare gift.

We must allow time to grieve and be sad, for that honours what we felt for you, my furry friend. Because you gave us so much, we feel so much now. But I want to celebrate you too. To celebrate the distinct spark of living light that you were. And since I believe we don’t disappear when our bodies stop, I can safely say this to you, where ever and in what ever presence of being you are now. 

And Leo, what ever any one thinks about what is next, nothing changes that we knew you, that you will stay in us and with us for ever and that you made such a marvellous and magical difference. So you, my little one, are a warm, true and loving gift.

So farewell to the one physical element of you, little lion; the gorgeous, perfect gift from God that you are and always will be.

With love and a delicious chin scratch…

   From Sandra xx

PS: The author of this ‘Love Letter to Life’ has published a whole book of these gorgeous ‘Love Letters’, for more comfort, inspiration and a poetical exploration of life.  You can peruse it, dip into it or read it from cover to cover – whether to entertain you, gently answer life’s puzzles, to celebrate or simply to know you that are not alone. You buy your own copy of Peachey Letters – Love Letters to Life on Amazon and book websites around the world, in both paperback and Kindle.

Love Letter to Spain: Viva Espana!


New from Peachey Letters – Love Letters to Life

Dearest Espana

I’m here with you now old friend and as I think about, it’s been a very long, off again on again relationship that we two have had…

I am taking the time to know you more and appreciate my memories and impressions of you, then it will deepen my connection to you and to my self, a self freed from the fetters of sitting still, a self that travels, a self away from the sane and sanitized safe of ‘normal’ every day life.

We take ourselves with us on all our journeys, in our relationships, to all those places travelled in body, mind and heart. So this is not a love letter to a country, it is a voyage into my knowing and loving of it…

Our relationship started in my teens, when I was on an exchange visit with a French family… I was the envy of my friends, since any of us rarely went abroad and I got to go to France and to Spain, all in one trip. It felt like Christmas had definitely come early!

I stayed with the family (of husband, wife and 2 daughters) in a hotel, possibly for the first time in my life. But bless my blonde Celtic skin, I was already sun burnt before I had even arrived! As the honoured guest I was seated in the front passenger seat of the car for the trip from France, and so, thanks to the southern sun penetrating the car’s front windows and my thin white skin, my arms were burnt red raw by the time I arrived. …

I was slightly over awed by the hotel, in Rosas, on the Costa Brava, but soon disillusioned when I realised that the food was a distinctly average Spanish approximation of French food, and not only that, but they repeated the menu every 4 days…

The bleaching white sun was a revelation, but I couldn’t tan myself in it; my poor burnt skin blistered and festered under my long sleeved top instead, and then peeled itself off, to heal itself pink. So I learnt about the sun and about respecting it, in my Spanish way.

I loved the way the high heat just stopped me in my teenage tracks, yet I started to get bored with the repetition of hotel breakfast, beach (where I had to cover up my poor burnt arms), hotel lunch then beach, then hotel dinner… I learnt later never to be bored, to fill my time and my head with reading, with thought games and to simply appreciate the experience.

That first Spanish encounter lasted a week and left a weak impression on me, but still, much later, in my mid twenties I certainly wasn’t going to turn down a gift horse in the mouth when the opportunity to return to Spain came a knocking again…

I was now an adult, with my first proper wage and long term boyfriend. The parents of his best friend had just bought an apartment near Villajoyosa on the Costa del Sol and our group of friends were going to be the first people to stay in it. The five of us decamped at the air port and our hire car conveyed us away from Alicante and up into the dry and dusty mountains, to our own little casa.

We drove around, sat on the beach, played board games and ate sea food and steak. When I look at the pictures of that holiday now, I remember that there was a lot of food, fun and laughter. And as for my personal growth, I recall trying out my cassette course Spanish and shyly and proudly buying us all food supplies, all by my little self.

And I discovered Spanish wine and Spanish chocolate and the simple pleasures of being with a group of friends, away from the every day.

The people in our mountain town were friendly and we were soon ‘hola’ing’ everyone every day. Spain then was a holiday world of our co-creation. We were five young adults out on a mini adventure, all in the prime of lives, and despite a time of economic crisis back at home, we were all in work and the holiday was our heavenly reward. Life felt good.

I have since returned to Spain a number of times and it some how seems to have measured so many tide marks in my life…

In my thirties I visited Madrid for a February weekend of jay walking and culture and olives and for the first time I can remember – tried Tapas: the joyous small pick and choose feasts of a myriad of foods. After several trips to the country I had learnt some very basic Spanish, with my particular interest being the words of food (food being love to me). And I found that even a few words and the willingness to communicate usually went a long and appreciated way…

Even in winter Madrid was a city of blazing sun, late breakfasts and wonderful culture. I adored it and I knew I wanted to return to Spain again and again, and so I did…

Later on in life I have had the pleasure of visiting Barcelona a number of times and I love this city. It has the gorgeous twin virtues of being a vibrant, cultural city set next to a beach. What a fabulous combination!

Then there is the unique, flowing, beautifully insane and ground breaking architecture of Gaudi, from the unfinished cathedral sized ‘family’ church La Sagrada Familia, to the blue tiles and lizards of Gaudi park and the numerous buildings he designed and left as a legacy all around the city.

In the centre of the city I have meandered down Las Ramblas, the street running from the city centre to the sea. On the way being gently entertained by street statues and then dawdling past all the stalls/shops.

Just off it is also one of my favourite food markets in the world, where you can wander around stalls that sell every variety of fruit and vege and spice and meat and living, moving sea food and eat tapas and watch the Spanish world go by.

I also discovered the Champagne counterpart Cava there, so what a delight to haunt the cava bars and eat tapas, picking intriguing plates of mini food skewered with cocktail sticks off the bar and then throwing down the cocktail sticks for the bar staff to add up your bill.

I have also toured Spain on the back of a motor bike, a gorgeously visceral way of seeing this vast land mass; blasting down the motor ways, and branching off through high rise cities, then through the quieter country roads, driving past olive groves and field after field of grape vines. We gaped at Roman remains, wondered around Moorish palaces and soaked up the sun.

We’d fetch up at lunch time to bars in the middle of every where, with hams hanging down from the ceiling on hooks, and cigarette smoke blowing back up, and had to figure out the regional peculiarities of the establishment’s menus. They were never listed in the dictionary. Before we left for the trip I was laughed at by my then boyfriend when I packed a little book called ‘The Spanish Menu Reader’; but this little book was so valuable on that trip – with out it we may just have starved or lived entirely on chips!

I remember too evenings spent in city squares watching the Spanish people out on their paseo – the nightly ritual of walking around to see and be seen…

The highlight of that trip was a three day stay in Seville, and to this day I remember wandering round the narrow streets of the Jewish quarter, and visiting the delightful cathedral cum mosque, cum cathedral.

Every place, every city has its’ flavour. Next on my love list is Malaga which is cosmopolitan, elegant and gracious. It was the birth place of Picasso, who is proudly owned there. It also has one of my favourite shopping areas – a traffic free network of streets that are a happy declaration of unabashed retail therapy. Malaga has the most incredible renaissance style cathedral, the giant ornate angles of which defied the lens confines of my tourist camera. And at night I sat and people watched in the garden square next to it and absorbed the flowers, the scents, the smells and the luminous darkening sky.

And this is only part of the way through my voyage to my own Spain… I’m saving and savouring more, for later…

PS: The author of this ‘Love Letter to Life’ has published a whole book of these gorgeous ‘Love Letters’, for more travels in the imagination, thoughts on life, general naval gazing and a poetical exploration of life.  You can peruse it, dip into it or read it from cover to cover – whether to entertain you, gently answer life’s puzzles, to celebrate or simply to know you that are not alone. You buy your own copy of Peachey Letters – Love Letters to Life on Amazon and book websites around the world, in both paperback and Kindle.

Love Letter to Spain: Jay Walking


The latest post from Peachey Letters – Love Letters to Life

Dear Jay

I love to walk, to get me into the great or even little, out doors and to stretch my sinews and to breath new air. I like planned walks, I like familiar / done again and again walks, and I like new places and new route marches too.

Walks enervate me, they inspire me, and they get me out of the womb of inside. I’ve had some of my most beautiful ideas when walking – in fact my first blog and book came to me in this walking way.

Sometimes my walking strategies are consciously purposeful, where I will seek and see the obvious; or else there is an oblivious aspect, with a subconscious hidden purpose – where I simply set myself free – in body and mind and allow routes then answers and inspirations to download to me, gorgeously and easily.

So all this leads me on neatly to Jay Walking – not an illegal or reckless crossing of a roadway, but my redefinition, which is: the wondrous act of wondering about, without defined route or purpose, just for the sheer unadulterated, meandering pleasure of it.

I guess jay walking comes to me naturally, since I have never walked life’s path in a straight line, veering from the course, and stumbling into others as I do, and sometimes dancing ahead, sometimes crawling behind, some times stalling; but always some how, moving forward.

At this present point I am in Spain, in the heartland of Flamenco – the city of Jerez de la Frontera. It is, for me now, the perfect place for jay walking, so I’m off – route less and purposeless, letting my legs lead me on. I have all the time, temperament and space I want, to saunter.

It is still the cool of the morning and the world is alive. I march past a bodega (a local maker and purveyor of wine), the doors of which have been widely flung open to the world, and the warm delicious smell of Sherry meets me out on the street. I walk past cafes where the breakfast chatter and smell of coffee floats out to me too. I stride on and off endless grey pavements, stepping around dog mess and parked cars and watchful of oncoming traffic, through side streets shaded by the tall buildings on either side. Even on the quietest streets I meet people coming to and fro. My solitude self bridles, then surrenders, for this is not my world, this is their world I am wandering through.

I come out of the shade on to a main road, with shops and hair dressers and more and more people, going hither and thither. I maintain my air of brisk importance, of speed and purpose, but it’s an act, I’m just pottering, purposefully forward.

I take in all my surroundings – the streets, the shops and the people. I decide which side of the road to be, and jay walk along, zig zagging and criss crossing, still striding onwards. My strides take me to a town square, complete and replete with a fountain, pigeons, trees and pleasant shade; it is all orderly and ordinary and yet beautiful in its’ deliberate urban way, and it demands to be a respite.

I sit on a bench and surreptitiously start to people watch. Like the urban spy I am, I watch the couples, the mothers with babies, the grand mothers, the young and the old. I absorb their clothes, their gait, the expressions on their faces. People come and go, passing by me, on my bench: The morning food shoppers, and the retired men gathering together in smiling groups. And a market stall holder from Senegal sets out his wares of purses and bags, to trap the passers by, to while and wear away his time.

As well as people watch, I dog watch too. There are dogs of many pedigree that walk, sniff and trot through here. They are part of the picture and so I appraise them… That dog is old and stiff, that dog is attentive, that dog is nervous…

Sometimes, just sometimes, some one sees me. I’m looked up and down. But that is all fine. I’m watching them watching me after all.

So this is jay walking – the giving myself the simple gift of freedom for a while. Not setting a course for the next few hours, to sail with the wind, to wander and to wonder.

I am setting my head and my legs free, since my British head has been crowded and busy for the longest time. My Spanish head instead is at liberty to stroll, to create, and most importantly to rest and to play. With out effort now I observe and I learn; learning more about myself than the people or even the environment that envelops me.

So often when I am confused or stalling in life, the urge is to push, to work, to blast through, all with my head down, carrying on until the clouds lift or the job is done. But really what I need is space at times like this. Confusion clears when it isn’t confined and cramped. I don’t have to spiral down or get lost in it. I know that after the storm comes the calm and clarity, and then I allow them to come to me, softly. I don’t have to know all the answers now. I have asked the questions and will trust my heart and my subconscious to do the rest, treating them to a rest and sweet change of scenery.

I’m used to the quiet countryside scenery of my UK home and here in Jerez I’ve been told that these can be mean streets or they can be merry streets, and so I decide to be safe , yet remember, aside from being sensible, that safety is more often an emotional state than a physical one, and so often is a choice we can make…

So this is the joy of jay walking for me: Its’ freedom, its’ litany, its’ spice, its’ wanton lack of structure.

And I have given myself the gift of sauntering in Spain, but you can amble aimlessly almost any where. Just give yourself some time and some space – for minutes or for hours, and it can be in new or familiar surroundings. You can jay walk with or with out purpose. What I love about the process is that I so often find that questions or issues that have been nagging at me, will resolve themselves more effortlessly, when I move and I allow and I change the scenery.

I can walk as a solitary jay or in company, and both have their place and purpose. I love my solo strolls when I just follow my nose, to exercise body and mind and also exorcise demons and cyclical negative thinking. With companions, you can chatter or have silence, and follow their path or lead yours, or indeed do a joint jay walk, where between you will randomly decide on the direction you take.

So this is my gist of jay walking. It’s how I do it, yet there are no rules, that is its’ spare, free beauty.

As I have walked, so have I run out of words now. And I have considered and celebrated once again and here is the end of this letter / this journey / this jay walk.

Yours wanderingly

   Sandra x

PS: I love the neglected form of Letter Writing and have written a whole book of Love Letters to Life, celebrating, loving and learning about life, and which you can buy from any where around the world. In the UK you can buy the paperback or the Kindle version on Amazon. If you would like details of how to purchase it else where, please leave a message below…

Letter to My Mum, Two Years On…


Dear Mum

I woke up with a headache at the start of this heavy day, and tried to slow the spiralling circles of head locked thoughts whirling round my brain, in the still too early and bright hours of dawn.

My body claimed its’ pain: a hurt head, a pulled muscle in my shoulder, thoughts running on from a night of intermingling dreams and nightmares…

The light outside my nestling room announced itself as bright glorious summer, with all the inherently delicious possibilities of sun, slowed time and sacred space. A time to rest and regenerate; to enjoy the seasonal fruits of nature; to live an animal life outdoors.

Instead now I fret in my sleeping cell, door shut against the world; head boxed in, with stamping thoughts traipsing round in never and ever decreasing circles, the lid on the box firmly shut – the thoughts wearing heavy boots, they are determined to stomp and stay, instead of escaping to the light and setting me free.

You see there is a wolf out there, out to get me – growling and prowling around my homely borders and literally threatening me for money. And that wolf is one thing, I will either ignore it or fight for my right; whilst the abysmal howling canine creature circling instead in my head, is quite another matter…

So I breathe deep and distract myself… I read; then set myself up for resolution and for this gorgeous (and tortuous) gift of a day – I pray and meditate; then I energise – I get up and off the bed and go out into the quiet, light world outside – to walk off my woes, shift my psyche and earn my breakfast. Sunshine and fields and rivers accompanied by music and marching happen, and then I return to my door step. Then it’s on with my day.

And as the day unfurls, it comes to me, quietly… the realisation that another year has passed since my mother passed away…

And now I keenly feel my orphan loss. There is no one to fiercely defend me (as only she would) from such big bad wolves. The sorrow washes over me and then out of me, splashing its’ exit in hot, slow tears.

I feel a sudden selfish jolt at my childish thoughts. She was many things my mother, and now – the attacking thought goes – I seek to eulogise her, in order to simply feed my stringent self-pity.

Then the next, protective impulse clicks in and now I allow… She was/is my mother and she is physically gone – so now it is simply time to grieve again, and naturally I will overlay that on my current state of mind – so allow this to happen Sandra, just allow…

My mind whirls on and then winds back; and a Mum memory comes into my mind…

Around the age of 10 I was bullied by not one, but three he wolves from my school. Yes – three bully boys lay in wait for me, to and from the trek to school. And they menaced me for money, just like my present day wolf. They picked me, and then plotted together to take from me. ‘Tell’ they told me ‘and we will beat you to a pulp’.

I kept their threats within and did not tell. I used my dinner money to pay them. When payment was chased by the school I pretended I had lost the money. But what I gave them wasn’t enough of course – wolves can never have enough blood. So one day at home I crawled into the secret dark hole of the cupboard under the stairs, to quietly break open my noisy rattling, pink piggy bank.

Suddenly my mother flung the door open and caught me in the act… Coins scattered guiltily and sharply, falling all around me; and that’s all I remember… The details after that are bleached out in relief… I don’t remember the act of telling her about the wolves and their money menacing, but I do remember the consequences

My mother was off, like a rocket; no telephoning or courtesy, she just marched straight down to the school and right into the head master’s office, with me in hand-held tow.

The wolves were named and then very publically shamed. This was still the time of corporal punishment. In a penalty pantomime, each boy was pulled out of the class room, literally by the ear – one by one, and then soundly caned.

Then those wolves left me alone.  Little Red Riding Hood was saved… This time…

And now, back to this ‘sorry’ sunny day – I wished my ‘she wolf’ mum would rocket off to the head master again and call off my present day prowlers…

So then I prayed: ‘Mum, please would you go to the Head Master (God), and call off the big bad wolves for me again??? The wolves don’t need to be punished Mum, we’ve all been through enough now. But please, please, PLEASE ask God to make it STOP. Let us learn from this. Let us move on from this. I want to live my life, love the summer, savour today and then tomorrow’s next steps.’

As well as this, here and now, I pray for surrender (of thoughts and burdens), and I pray too for the harder goal of the greater good. That last particular prayer scares my ego… what if it doesn’t go the way my ego wants it to? So now I pray that I let go all of the thoughts and feelings that do not serve me and that in doing so, the inner wolf will stop howling and keening.

It is time instead to breathe deep into my heart’s reality, to feel the beauty of now, and not to live in future fear. You see all this follows a sustained period where it feels as if my very safety is threatened in so many ways. And now these emotions manifest themselves and transmute into tangible wolves.

I haven’t wanted to share the wolfish details publically, (I’ve shared them with family and friends), since there are always two sides to a story; and whilst I will absolutely defend myself – I want to use love, not war, for a change of hearts and history.

And to move this forward I have asked for love, support and healing from the wider world, without saying why; and because I asked, so I received and this, I know with all my heart, (and despite my loud and fearful ego), will make a difference.  And will my mother answer my prayer too? Surely the very act of asking is a benediction in itself?

So now I pray for resolution and for love. I allow myself time to grieve for my mother and am also leaving space to celebrate her too. To celebrate my mother, who has partly made me, and who has done so many things, including defending me from the world’s wolves.

Thank you for that Mum.  Time for Little Red Riding Hood to leave and for the wolves to be gone then…

With love, from your cub, always…

          Sandra xx

The author of this ‘Love Letter to Life’ has written a whole book of love letters, for you to peruse, to dip into or to read from cover to cover – whether to answer life’s puzzles, to celebrate or know you are not alone. You buy your own copy of Peachey Letters – Love Letters to Life on Amazon and book websites around the world, in both paperback and Kindle.

Letter to the Nay Sayers

eye‘Dear’ Nay Sayers, Bullies, dark thoughts and mis-placed egos…

I remember, only too well, those looks that you have all shot at me… Shot being the operative word…

At school, public praise from teachers was rare and when given was a real joyful jolt that would just make me smile ‘out loud’. Such smiling was allowed in my childhood home world, where good behaviour and performance were rewarded and the bad, chided and punished.

But I learned early on at secondary school NOT to appear pleased if praised. If I turned to a desk friend and smiled my delighted, I was met with a scowl or a blank face. And so I remember several times being told by teachers that an essay or a poem was good, and having to hold myself down and fold myself in, and not respond beyond a bland acknowledgement.

Basically at school, it didn’t do to stand out and be different from my peers. And doing well meant being different, or at least it did in the circles that I ran around in. And like most children I was good at some things, average in many and poor in some. So when I was good, I wanted to revel in it, but wasn’t overtly ‘allowed’ to. Revelling meant getting picked on and punished, so I developed other ways and means of getting by in school life, and beyond.

So many children develop protective tactics and I was the ‘talkative / funny’ one. I wise cracked confidently with my friends, was shy around everyone else, all the while feeling that telling and sharing was natural, not boastful. But I was punished and picked on for that assumption. ‘Big head’ was the phrase we used back then…

Round about the age of 12 or 13 I remember doing really well in an important test. I remember being pleased about it and that short days later, two friends ‘broke up’ with me and stopped speaking to me for months…

After all this unknown rivalry, the Sixth Form was a real relief to me, since there were now only 50 pupils, instead of hundreds of competitors; and we went from class rooms to a common room with comfy chairs and a common interest in learning and drinking tea.

So you start to learn… some places are safe and in some, you just don’t dare to share… I remember a few short years later, in the world of work, (and still ever the clown), that I broke my wrist and it was all hugely funny ‘dear world’ (actually it was really painful). As a result, a jokey article and picture of me was featured in the Staff Newsletter (an actual mini newspaper that went to the printers – do you remember those days?). I was delighted and giggly, but then I saw them… the looks… Whilst I giggled and preened, the girls in the office were rolling their eyeballs at each other, or should I say, me???

So I learnt to stay schtum at work, and be efficient and get things done quietly, without sought for recognition. Then I learnt that although I fitted in, people also often took me granted, passed me over, and never had any true concept of the extent of my capabilities.

And you know, I wore a mask most of the time in most of my life. I attempted to appear bland, not to show emotion. I was spikey and jokey. And somehow I stayed with my first adult boyfriend for 5 years and in all that time told I loved him a sum total of twice.

This ‘keep your head down’ lesson had failed to prepare me for life and I only really progressed in my corporate career by consciously starting over and again, and then over yet again, in new jobs, with new vistas, and with new people would really ‘get’ me, this time

And still I waited to be seen and sometimes I would show my colours and more often even, I would simply get my head down and just get on with working and breathing.

But something was stirring and changing in me and maybe this began when I started to accept that some people did really ‘see’ me. It was around this time that I finally learned to accept compliments. You see I had, for years, treated a compliment like a shuttlecock in badminton – that is something to be batted back to the person who had sent it my way. It was rejected or laughed at or demurred or returned with a joke. After having this pointed out to me many times, I learned to accept the compliment, then breath and then respond with an acknowledgement.

And as for complimenting myself – it didn’t happen often – quite the opposite in fact! Are you familiar with the phrase ‘your own worst enemy’? You know, that voice in your head which berates and nags and criticises? I know that voice so well…

And the voice still has its’ say, but now I don’t hide my achievements or my feelings. If I can support you, in your life and work, I will be committed to and passionate about the cause and honest about the wonderful consequences. I can say ‘I love you’ freely and happily and now I dare to share my shit too – the gritty, torrid inner workings of my sometimes still unhappy heart.

So I am standing on my soap box now and am openly going to tell you that deep down, I have always thought that I am someone special and unique, and that whilst not everyone in the world has to see that, I have literally been grief stricken at times when some people have been blind to it, and the possibilities that they and I have missed as a result!

Yet before any accusations of ego fly from me or you, I want you to know that I believe this of every one. This is why I am a coach, so I get to support people in shining the light on themselves and the possibilities before them and why, indeed I have to stand on my soap box and shout and show the way. Yet so often in the past I have definitely allowed people to look through or beyond me but now this has to STOP.

Inherently I have the fear, still, that I will get those looks, that I’ll be judged a big head, that people will reject me… And sometimes you know, they do… But I will continue to show up any way and here is why… How will you know I am here, how will you know I can support you, how will you know what results you can expect from being with me, if I don’t share that – with you and the world? And what about you???

If I stay quiet, it could be that both and you and I stay small and suffer, and are stuck in world weary grooves of learnt behaviour – trapped in our heads, with negative thoughts and expanding or contracting emotions propelling us towards oblivion, or distracting us from how absolutely magnificent we really and truly are.

If I stand up and speak my truth, then you get to see me and hear me, and so get to know yourself better too. You get to know that you are not alone. You get a radiant reflection of your amazing self, not a skewed perception, peddled by peers with their subconscious and obvious influences.

And how about I tell you how wonderful I am, that I make money doing what I love, that I dress for success and that in doing so, I help others to do the same and so, so much more. And yet, yes, I am also a fallible failure, and impossibly imperfect and that is what probably makes me even more fantastically, marvellously, awe inspiringly special, because I suspect that you are too…

So be I shunned or elevated, it’s time to step up and shine. And when many lights are lit together, it illuminates the world so much more doesn’t it, so I would love you to join me…

With warmest wishes


Damsels in Success is a REAL Winner… Now it’s YOUR turn…

In previous blog posts I have been telling you all about the upcoming Women Inspiring Women Awards, which then took place on the 5th of July. It is now time to gear up for my next local Damsels in Success event, to which you are cordially invited; AND I am delighted to tell you that for the third year in a row, Damsels in Success – Burton was a real winner!

That is cause for celebration right? But being human, it is bringing up my ‘stuff’ too and instead of getting into my stuff, I’ve decided to turn it into a soapbox instead! So here goes…

  • In 2012 Burton member Hayley Wilkins won ‘Rising Star’ and ‘Most Inspirational Member’ at the Women Inspiring Women Awards, sponsored by Damsels in Success.
  • In 2013 I won the ‘Director of the Year Award’ for Damsels in Success – Burton.
  • On Saturday night Burton member Caroline Ashby won the ‘Most Inspirational Member’ Award 2014.


Caroline accepting her award

Out of 24 groups and nearly 300 members, these are fabulous achievements! We are literally a winning group, in an amazing national community of inspiring women. This isn’t coincidence – I put my head and heart into Damsels in Success and deliberately attract amazing high vibration women who want to make a difference too.

Caroline does amazing work supporting families who have autistic children and she is a very worthy winner who gave a gorgeous and heartfelt acceptance speech that raised a huge cheer and a lump to many throats. What she does SHOULD be recognised, not least to give more people the opportunity to benefit from what she gives to the world.

And yet STILL I have held back from publically sharing this – there is a negative voice in my head saying: ‘you shouldn’t boast, you’ll be judged and thought big headed’… The thing is that these thoughts will keep me small if I let them and my REAL mission is to make a difference to the way women live and work; so I am choosing instead to share my pride and celebrate both my member’s achievements and my own. At Damsels in Success – Burton we support, inspire and make a difference, so really who the heck am I NOT to share that with you and invite you to come along and see the magic for yourself?!?


Me on stage, sharing how to create your own Visibility ‘VIBE’

Is it coincidental that I stood on stage at the ‘Business with Ease’ seminar we ran (on the afternoon on the Awards) to talk about ‘Visibility’ – no?! I put my head above the parapet despite my misgivings and truthfully it is HARD putting myself out there, but I will absolutely continue to do this while there is even ONE woman I can support in living her life of CHOICE.

Caroline Ashby, AKA the Autism Nanny has given me permission to share this post she made on our Member’s Private Forum yesterday:
“Two and a half years ago, I walked into my first Damsel meeting on Burton’s 1st Birthday. I was nervous and completely out of my depth, but as I looked around at the amazing women in the room, I knew I wanted to belong … I was hooked!
On Saturday night, I won the Award for the Most Inspirational Member 2014. I still cannot believe it! The fact that a community of women, who I hold in such love and awe, could think I’m ok is not a feeling that I am used to …. but I love it!
I dedicate this Award to my daughter, Emily, who has taught me so much about how to live in the moment, cherish each and every beautiful second, when things get tough … love more and try again and to see the beauty in everything that this amazing planet has to offer.
I would like to thank Sandra Peachey, who has supported me, believed in me and been such a great teacher and role model. She is a very special woman and blends wisdom with gentle magic! xxx
Lucie Bradbury, thank you so much for creating such a safe, inspiring, uplifting and magical place, for women to be themselves and share themselves with the world … you are awesome! Xxx”

When Caroline was announced as the winner I cried for 10 whole minutes! I loved winning an Award last year, yet this was even more emotional… you see – this is my mission, and to see another gorgeous member thrive, stand in her power and be recognised – just blows me away!

Is any of this resonating with you? Then I say to you, ignore the dark thoughts and excuses and choose to step into your light. And please, do NOT go it alone; at Damsels in Success we are here to give you strategies and support, and to ensure that you are part of something bigger than yourself. And THIS is when ‘so called’ miracles happen. It is no coincidence then that our theme this month is ‘Making Miracles’!

wiw3The winning women of Damsels in Success

If you would love to be a winning woman too, come along and see what we are all about at Damsels in Success – Burton. I am inviting YOU as my complimentary guest. My next meeting is being held on the evening of Wednesday 16 July, in Ashby de la Zouch and indeed we get together EVERY month. Check out all the details and sign up free on line here… We are going to be in real celebratory mode – so come along and join us and choose to create your OWN miracles 🙂

With warm and winning regards
Sandra Peachey
Coach, Author and Director at Damsels in Success

* Author of Peachey Letters – Love Letters to Life as featured in local press, Psychologies, The Lady & The BBC!
* Co-author of ‘The F-Factor’ – the blueprint for entrepreneurial women to have Success without the Stress
* Winner at the 2013 ‘Women Inspiring Women’ Awards
* Nominee in two categories in the ‘Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers & Consultants’ Awards, 2012 & 2013. Shortlisted for the Women’s Coach category, 2014.

Tel. 07921 494363

I can’t wait to create my memories of the Women Inspiring Women Awards 2014

You are cordially invited to join me at the third Women Inspiring Women Annual Awards ceremony, which is happening on Saturday 5th July.  There are lots of great reasons to be there and as a result I’m getting soooo excited…

First of all I know I will creating some amazing memories. At the second award ceremony last year I had the absolute honour of being chosen by my sister Directors to be presented with the Damsels in Success Director of the Year award.  As so much goes on behind the scenes before the big day, I honestly hadn’t even thought about the possibility winning it until 10 minutes before it was announced, so as my last minute preparation, I put on an extra layer of lipstick and vamped my speech when I got up on stage!!!

me 2

As well as the gorgeous, glittering prizes there are so many other brilliant things to look forward to, too.  For a start there’s the build-up: Everyone gets the opportunity to nominate special women in one of the 10 categories.  It is fabulous to know that so many amazing women out there will now be recognised for being inspiring and making a difference.

As a member of the Damsels family we directors can’t be nominated ourselves and in fact assist in the short-listing process… What a fabulous but tough task this has proved to be for ALL the Damsels directors!  I’m only glad I don’t have the final decision to make – that is now down to a public vote, now that the short listed candidates have been announced.

Next come the all important preparations – there is a posh frock to be chosen, nails to be painted, hair to be done – all the accoutrements of a gorgeous and glamorous night out.  And it’s not just a night for ladies, gentlemen are very welcome to come along too – and the dress code for them is ‘black tie’ (hence they earn the nickname of our ‘James Bonds’).

Our last two ‘does’ were fabulous nights out in so many different ways – I loved the glamour of them, of getting together with old friends, making new ones and then of course there were the Awards themselves…

The Damsels in Success Directors get to announce the nominees and present the prize in each category.  So there is the delicious ‘drum roll’ anticipation of it all, and then the “ahs” and applause as the award is announced and one surprised and delighted woman steps onto the stage to claim her prize.

For the last two years I was wearing particularly high shoes – 6 inch glamour wedges as it happens, and so I was determined not to let any alcohol touch my lips until I had clambered onto the stage, said my piece and handed over the prize – to the winner of the ‘Author / Blogger’ category.  I’ve been so careful to ensure that my stand out memory is NOT me drunkenly falling off the stage!  Being 6 inches taller than usual was a mini challenge in itself, but I love those shoes and they may just be re-appearing this year too…

The lady who won the Award in 2012 was Lisa Cherry – author of a number inspirational books, including her latest one ‘Steering the Mother Ship’ about the complexities of the mother / child relationship.

Lisa came up to me later and thanked me personally for the award – in return I gave her the card and gold envelope which announced her as winner.  In 2013 the winner was Hannah Davis – author of inspirational teen fiction book ‘Voices of Angels’.

Both women are amazing writers whose published work has made an inspiring difference to the world, I’d never heard of them before the Awards and now I am proud to say that I have made meaningful connections with them and follow both of their paths with warm and genuine interest.

And my fellow authoresses aren’t the only contacts I have made at the Awards – there have been Facebook friends met in the flesh for the first time, the new people I get to chat to and make meaningful connections with and it has all been so pleasurably effortless.

So looking forward to the next ceremony, I know that the enjoyment factor is going to be 10 / 10…  I get to be with Lucie (Bradbury, Damsels CEO) and my sister directors; I get to host tables with my own Damsels members, guests and friends, and there will be so many other people from the UK wide Damsels community and way beyond that I get to spend quality time with.

When other people in your circle win, it is a gorgeous and infectious feeling too… One of my own Burton members – Hayley Lloyd Wilkins, won not one, but two prizes – for ‘The One to Watch’ and most ‘Inspiring Damsel in Success Member’ in 2012– so to say I was proud would be a severe understatement!!

Add to all this a great 3 course meal, champagne, laughter and dancing, as well as the prize giving and the absolutely inspired choice of MC’s.  In the past we have had Richard Wilkins and James Lavers both of who managed to both inspire us and make us laugh!  For 2014 our MC is the gorgeous Abi Griffiths, TV Sports presenter and voice for ‘A Positive Image‘, an organisation which promotes women in sport, she is also an Ambassador for the charity Sense and their sports programmes for DeafBlind people.

And THIS year, we have the added bonus of a FREE ‘Business with Ease’ seminar being held on the same day.  Buy your evening ticket and you will also learn Lucie Bradbury’s 7 LAWs for Life, business and beyond, presented by Michelle Clarke (Cardiff Director), Dan Bradbury (Lucie’s husband and the number 1 marketing guru of the coaching world), and myself, along with some of my other sister Damsel in Success Directors… Bargain!

Then we get to party, and when the night is over, it’s not all over… As someone who has been nominated for and won awards in the past, I know how exciting / humbling it is to find out that someone else values you and what you do. Not only that – it is also a good PR call.  After my award I did the rounds of newspapers and radio stations, which meant I could shout from the roof tops about Damsels in Success and my book Peachey Letters too!

me 1

Happy times… and it’s all happening again on the 5th of July at the Macdonald Burlington Hotel in Birmingham.  I’ll be giving out another award, enjoying the ambience and partying away on my 6 inch heels all over again – hurrah!  Anyone can come along, so I would love you to join us and if you would like to know more – please check out all the details here…

Right then, better get those 6″ heels out and start practising my super model sashay and dance moves… 😉

With sparkle and laughter


Sandra Peachey – Director of Damsels in Success: Burton

Author, Coach and Winner of a Winner Inspiring Women Award 2013

Love Letter to Birthdays


Dearest Day Image

So here you are again – the repetition of the day of my birth; the clock ticking tide of reminder; the chance to celebrate my coming into being…

I’ve always considered my self blessed with my birth day, since it sits at the glorious apex of summer – on the day after the summer solstice; so for me, summertime is birthday time and I have (nearly) the longest, loveliest day to stretch out my ministrations and celebrations.

I’ve been on the planet now for over half a century… That fact is crazy and it is simply so – the years have clicked around the clock thousands upon thousands of times and I am changed with the clock, that is true; but if you knew the blond haired child version of me – some things have definitely stayed the same… one important one being that I have always created and imagined and written my words out… They spread and spin out from me and they are a gratefully received gift… I trace some of their origins through family and happenstance, and all those things are combined in me, resulting in scratching pen to paper and tapping onto the keyboard – all doleful and joyful and anarchical and sacred – nouns, verbs and conjugations, all into my own pattern, forming their patented Peachey being…

I actually can’t remember very many birthdays in my conscious mind… And I can only remember flashes of childhood birthdays, of cakes and candles and people coming to the parties. But then concentrated remembrance brings along with it more memories, and so more summer birthday days come back to me…

When I was 10 the church hall was hired… I felt so special… Sandwiches and sausage rolls waited on wooden tables to be devoured, and jelly shivered in paper bowls in sprinkled anticipation… The son of my neighbour came – he was a teenager then and he spontaneously performed a kind of slap stick comedy routine for me, for himself and for my friends, as we shrieked out our childish laughter in return. And oddly he is gone now, that teenage boy who became a man and a father, taken early from life, but still held in my memory…

No so long before this day I had been bullied by 3 boys, who had menaced me for dinner money on the way to and from school, and warned of dire consequences if I ‘told’… It was a terrifying time… Eventually though my mother found out and the boys were very publically punished and caned, as was the way back then… Yet outside of the church hall on that birthday day, one of the bullies appeared. He was in appeasement mode and gave me money as a birthday gift. Money – the very thing he had menaced me for!

I accepted the gift in good grace and without fear. Even back then I had a hate of unfinished business and a love of healing forgiveness and now, this boy had closed that circle and it was safe to forgive and move on… 

So that day went beyond celebration to closure and was extra special because of it.

Now, as an adult, I still most definitely believe in the act of gratitude and celebration, and when I imbue my day with that gorgeous spirit, all is well. 

On other birthday days there have been arrangements and decisions and wondering whether any one would join in and I have regretted the strange effort I have afforded to saying – look at me – asking for your attention! 

And when the attention didn’t come or the invites weren’t acknowledged, it was crazily crushing – I imbued them with stupid significance and felt insignificant as a result. I changed the deal, rocked some boats as a result and messed up for a myriad of heated and hated reasons. Now I regret those ego tussles and the fear that came with them. I wonder if for some people I know things may never be the same as a result.

But then I remember too that the bully came back to me with his shiny silver and so I believe, with love, that it will either become unimportant in the big scheme of things, or is / will be forgiven or forgotten or that may be it was time to change and some how, in some way, that we can all roll onto the next circle in this spiral of life.

Now though I am slowed and it simply feels calmer and easier to say, I am celebrating my day, join me in what way you will… And so every quiet response and gift is a gratitude gorgeously received.

So I can wrestle with my ego or I can embrace my life and so I choose indeed, to encircle and embrace what I am and what I have…

Today is my birthday. I have been given the magnificent gift of life, through many years; through timely transitions and random routines. Yes that gift terrifies me at times, but not today – on my own day of days, it is, in every way – the present

I am here, I am me and in the world wide view I humbly want to be a catalyst for change in this world. I know in some senses I have influenced and supported and made a small difference, so I am good with that and that knowledge is a gift too. 

But for today, just let me eat cake and enjoy the sunshine and lift a glass of champagne to life, to love and to lots of laughter.

♫ Happy Birthday Dear Sandra, Happy Birthday to you! ♪


   Me xxx

The author of this ‘Love Letter to Life’ has written a whole book of love letters, for you to peruse, to dip into or to read from cover to cover – whether to answer, to celebrate or know you are not alone. You buy your own copy of Peachey Letters – Love Letters to Life on Amazon and book websites around the world, in both paperback and Kindle.