Damsels in Success is a REAL Winner… Now it’s YOUR turn…

In previous blog posts I have been telling you all about the upcoming Women Inspiring Women Awards, which then took place on the 5th of July. It is now time to gear up for my next local Damsels in Success event, to which you are cordially invited; AND I am delighted to tell you that for the third year in a row, Damsels in Success – Burton was a real winner!

That is cause for celebration right? But being human, it is bringing up my ‘stuff’ too and instead of getting into my stuff, I’ve decided to turn it into a soapbox instead! So here goes…

  • In 2012 Burton member Hayley Wilkins won ‘Rising Star’ and ‘Most Inspirational Member’ at the Women Inspiring Women Awards, sponsored by Damsels in Success.
  • In 2013 I won the ‘Director of the Year Award’ for Damsels in Success – Burton.
  • On Saturday night Burton member Caroline Ashby won the ‘Most Inspirational Member’ Award 2014.


Caroline accepting her award

Out of 24 groups and nearly 300 members, these are fabulous achievements! We are literally a winning group, in an amazing national community of inspiring women. This isn’t coincidence – I put my head and heart into Damsels in Success and deliberately attract amazing high vibration women who want to make a difference too.

Caroline does amazing work supporting families who have autistic children and she is a very worthy winner who gave a gorgeous and heartfelt acceptance speech that raised a huge cheer and a lump to many throats. What she does SHOULD be recognised, not least to give more people the opportunity to benefit from what she gives to the world.

And yet STILL I have held back from publically sharing this – there is a negative voice in my head saying: ‘you shouldn’t boast, you’ll be judged and thought big headed’… The thing is that these thoughts will keep me small if I let them and my REAL mission is to make a difference to the way women live and work; so I am choosing instead to share my pride and celebrate both my member’s achievements and my own. At Damsels in Success – Burton we support, inspire and make a difference, so really who the heck am I NOT to share that with you and invite you to come along and see the magic for yourself?!?


Me on stage, sharing how to create your own Visibility ‘VIBE’

Is it coincidental that I stood on stage at the ‘Business with Ease’ seminar we ran (on the afternoon on the Awards) to talk about ‘Visibility’ – no?! I put my head above the parapet despite my misgivings and truthfully it is HARD putting myself out there, but I will absolutely continue to do this while there is even ONE woman I can support in living her life of CHOICE.

Caroline Ashby, AKA the Autism Nanny has given me permission to share this post she made on our Member’s Private Forum yesterday:
“Two and a half years ago, I walked into my first Damsel meeting on Burton’s 1st Birthday. I was nervous and completely out of my depth, but as I looked around at the amazing women in the room, I knew I wanted to belong … I was hooked!
On Saturday night, I won the Award for the Most Inspirational Member 2014. I still cannot believe it! The fact that a community of women, who I hold in such love and awe, could think I’m ok is not a feeling that I am used to …. but I love it!
I dedicate this Award to my daughter, Emily, who has taught me so much about how to live in the moment, cherish each and every beautiful second, when things get tough … love more and try again and to see the beauty in everything that this amazing planet has to offer.
I would like to thank Sandra Peachey, who has supported me, believed in me and been such a great teacher and role model. She is a very special woman and blends wisdom with gentle magic! xxx
Lucie Bradbury, thank you so much for creating such a safe, inspiring, uplifting and magical place, for women to be themselves and share themselves with the world … you are awesome! Xxx”

When Caroline was announced as the winner I cried for 10 whole minutes! I loved winning an Award last year, yet this was even more emotional… you see – this is my mission, and to see another gorgeous member thrive, stand in her power and be recognised – just blows me away!

Is any of this resonating with you? Then I say to you, ignore the dark thoughts and excuses and choose to step into your light. And please, do NOT go it alone; at Damsels in Success we are here to give you strategies and support, and to ensure that you are part of something bigger than yourself. And THIS is when ‘so called’ miracles happen. It is no coincidence then that our theme this month is ‘Making Miracles’!

wiw3The winning women of Damsels in Success

If you would love to be a winning woman too, come along and see what we are all about at Damsels in Success – Burton. I am inviting YOU as my complimentary guest. My next meeting is being held on the evening of Wednesday 16 July, in Ashby de la Zouch and indeed we get together EVERY month. Check out all the details and sign up free on line here… We are going to be in real celebratory mode – so come along and join us and choose to create your OWN miracles 🙂

With warm and winning regards
Sandra Peachey
Coach, Author and Director at Damsels in Success

* Author of Peachey Letters – Love Letters to Life as featured in local press, Psychologies, The Lady & The BBC!
* Co-author of ‘The F-Factor’ – the blueprint for entrepreneurial women to have Success without the Stress
* Winner at the 2013 ‘Women Inspiring Women’ Awards
* Nominee in two categories in the ‘Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers & Consultants’ Awards, 2012 & 2013. Shortlisted for the Women’s Coach category, 2014.

Tel. 07921 494363

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