Love Letter to Spain: The Magic of San Miguel

2014-08-21 22.10.25Iglesia San Miguel by night

The author of this ‘Love Letter to Life’ has written a whole book of love letters, for you to peruse, to dip into or to read from cover to cover – whether to answer life’s puzzles, to celebrate or know you are not alone. You buy your own copy of Peachey Letters – Love Letters to Life on Amazon and book websites around the world, in both paperback and Kindle.

Spending my summer in Spain – in Jerez and Malaga, I spent a lot of time reading and meditating, and I was also particularly fond of looking at Angel cards for daily messages and divinations.  In the beautifully mysterious way of such things I kept being drawn to messages from Archangel Michael again and again… I had a daily habit too of walking out and about, and was wondering around the centre of Jerez de la Frontera when one day I came across the Iglesia San Miguel.

The word Iglesia –  ‘church’ doesn’t really do it justice… It has the vast, airy proportions of a cathedral and is heart engagingly beautiful inside and out. In the modern and sparse reception area I scratched around for the two euro entrance fee in my purse, paid my way, received an English pamphlet to guide me and then pushed through a tough and fearsome door, in to the cavernous interior.

I was suddenly in the open space of arches and pews… It was both splendid and simple… And I had this amazing place all to myself… I meandered about, looking at pictures and plaques, the airy stone arches curving high above me.  For a while I sat in a pew giving thanks for my Spanish experience.  I then took a look at the pamphlet… the church was dedicated to San Miguel – the Archangel Michael… Ah of course, no wonder I had been inexorably drawn to visit it…

Back on my feet, I peered into elaborate and ornate chapels.  In one corner of the church was the Chapel of Health, with a beautiful and beatific statue of the Virgin Mary.  Around the walls were padded seats.  I sat down and peered up into the face of the statue.  Suddenly I felt moved to pray…

san mig 2

The Chapel of Health

For several years now I have manifested the symptoms of a condition called Rhinitis… It seems trivial if you look it up in a medical dictionary – it’s an inflammation of the nasal passages.  Yet in my case it has also been the harbinger of ceaseless headaches and chronic fatigue.  Apparently it’s a mysterious condition and the root cause isn’t really known, so I’ve had all the usual treatments for it, yet they haven’t worked.

It comes upon me in the autumn and used to last for around 3 months, but gradually this has crept up to 9 months; 9 long months of the year when I feel its’ presence in me, in some way, shape or form… My GP thinks that I’m ‘allergic to pollution’ and yet I live in a village…

Last year I started taking holistic treatments, including acupuncture, as a preventative measure.  The symptoms lessened, but September came around and still they came back…  As a result, so often I have been so completely knackered that I have completed the bare minimum of physical effort needed to get by in life… And I was very conscious of constantly saying to friends, ‘I’m not coming out tonight, I’m just way too tired’…

This year I decided on a mind-set change.  I’m determined not to manifest any symptoms this time around.  Having to all intents given up exercising for 2 years, I got back in slowly – walking every morning.  The walks became longer and I started, happily, to add more activities in – swimming, dancing, rebounding – what ever I could do with real enjoyment. I started to think more about nurturing food and got back into better habits, like drinking lots of water, taking supplements and getting more raw food in to my system.

One of the purposes of my Spanish trip was to give my body a change of climate and a long period of sustained relaxation to see if that would impact this condition.  During my time there I felt more energised and less tired than I can remember in a very long time…

So back in the Chapel of Health my prayer was that I no longer manifest these symptoms and as I said the words in my head, a realisation dawned on me that there were some deeper issues to be healed in my life too and that would all contribute to my well being.  I surrendered to the thought and said I was ready.  Then when I came out of my reverie, there were quiet tears rolling down my cheeks.

Reluctantly I left the chapel and found myself back out in the main body of the church.  “Thank you San Miguel for this beautiful and healing experience” I said in my head.  In reply, from out of now where, there was a chiming, tinkling sound… I tried to find the source of it… Was it a clock..? I checked the time, but it wasn’t a ‘chiming’ time of the hour… So I gave up on looking for the source of the sound and decided that Michael had replied… “You are most welcome, and I will help you”… ‘How will this happen?’ I wondered, and then wandered into the next chapel… Which was the Chapel of Support!  I laughed in delight.  Could this place have been more perfect for me, right here and right now???  Another prayer was sent heavenwards with a smile…

I lingered around the church for as long as I could, taking in the paintings and statues, absorbing the airy atmosphere and letting a glorious sense of release wash over me.  And I left just minutes before it was due to close. Now, back at home, I have been even more quietly focused on my well being and a commitment to be headache free and more energised.

September has come around again… So now I am reaffirming my commitment – to heal what ever lies beneath and to be symptom free, as summer segways to autumn and then transpires into winter.  I am eating more healthily, taking more exercise, meditating and praying… And I am truly enjoying the experience and the way it allows me to feel.  Inside and out.

Once more… thank you San Miguel…



Sandra Peachey
Coach, Author and Director at Damsels in Success

As well as being the author of this ‘Love Letter to Life’ , I have also written a whole, gorgeous book of love letters, for you to peruse, to dip into or to read from cover to cover – whether to answer life’s puzzles, to celebrate, know you are not alone or to find the love in everything, seemingly bad or good, in life… You buy your own copy of Peachey Letters – Love Letters to Life on Amazon and book websites around the world, in both paperback and Kindle.

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