Time to Celebrate and say Farewell to 2013

ImageBefore we start on the business of the New Year, let’s celebrate the outgoing one by listing all the good things about 2013 and our reasons to be grateful for it. Maybe you feel there is little to shout about, so I ask you to trust the process and see the good in your life snowball as more and more things come to mind and heart. You can allow for regrets, but not NOW for regrets.

So here is MY list in progress…. A manifesto of celebration…


  • Special simple moments shared with friends
  • Lots of laughter
  • Time with children and seeing the world through their eyes
  • Baby news
  • Realising my dream of publishing a book, one I still can’t quite believe actually came out of me, and for which I will always be so proud…
  • Being a Damsels in Success Director, having the privilege of supporting gorgeous women to shine their light in the world
  • Sharing Vickie’s & Rob’s wedding day with so many friends, and so proud / happy to do a reading
  • Delicious meals, created or bought, and all devoured
  • Such a lot of sunshine
  • Taking long lovely walks in this beautiful country I live in
  • Cat companionship, with purrs and furry fun
  • Winning a Women Inspiring Women Award
  • Doing what I was born to do – coach… Supporting, enabling, witnessing miracles
  • Doing what I was born to do – write… It has always been in me and now it is quite literally, unleashed!
  • Doing what I was born to do – speak and share, bear witness and make a difference.
  • Sing! Alone, in a crowd, in a choir, with a rock n roll microphone and 200 accompanyists
  • Co-write and launch my 2nd book with my sister Damsels in Success Directors – ‘writing with ease’, indeed!
  • 3 book launches – amazing madness, is this really me??? Yes, this IS me!
  • Being changed for ever, stepping up and out
  • Surrendering to the things that could not be changed, instead of being tortured by them… after being tortured by them…
  • Being fabulous! I decided long ago that I would improve with age and safe to say, I have , this has come with more confidence and acceptance. It is always balanced out with doubt and fear, yet the positivity and the fabulousness always win through in the end…
  • Sharing a farewell to a special someone with friends, with tears in my eyes and having the joy of knowing such a person as this…
  • A bounty of hugs
  • Me, Sue and Pinda in our special, happy bubbles of time together
  • A big birthday, such a big deal and yet not a big deal…
  • Catching up with old friends
  • Making new friends and connections, with the promise of who knows what to come???
  • Conversations – short and long. Exchanges, updates, gossip, triviality and the serious – etc and so on…
  • Selling stuff and services that make a difference
  • Yummy wine and cocktails. Champagne cheers!
  • Dancing – when I was really in the groove baby!
  • Social media and ego addiction – thank you for all the positive comments, praise, pictures and vastly shared wisdom and connection xx
  • Cupcakes… nom…
  • All the PR I could never have dreamt of even a short while ago, in magazines and newspapers, being on the BBC and beyond. I always wanted to be in Psychologies Magazine and then a double page spread in The Lady – what bonkers bliss! Some special people found these opportunities and so I owe them a big debt for collaborating with me – my success is definitely your success too xx
  • Feeling proud when friends have been delighted with my success
  • Learning to let go with love those who don’t want to share the journey any more, giving me time and space to let in the new…
  • Being OK with not being OK. I ‘support’ because it’s my true vocation and also because I want it in MY life. I find life hard, but I find it good too… That is my roller coaster and I don’t think it will ever change, so I always thank God for the good.
  • Texts that made my heart soar
  • Celebrating friends good news and good times
  • Being an author – speaking, signing books and being showcased.
  • Being: Sandra Peachey – Author, Coach and Director at Damsels in Success
  • Being at home and away. My sofa, sailing and chateaus…
  • My fricking amazing life!!!

And I will keep adding to this…

Thank you and farewell to an amazing year…

From S xx

I have taken my Peachey Letters and turned them into a book, which you can buy just about any where in the world. With new and remembered material, they come together to show me and you, that life is worth living, loving and celebrating… It has been featured in the national press and received amazing reviews… Buy it in Paperback from any well known book site or in Kindle on Amazon

Not ANOTHER New Year / New You Posting – Pleeeeese!

Oh Heck – Not ANOTHER New Year / New You Posting – Pleeeeese!

“The merry year is born, like the bright berry from the naked thorn.
~ Hartley Coleridge

How was your Christmas?? Well the ‘Twelve Days’ aren’t even over yet and my tree and decorations are still up… but now it feels like it is time to look forward…   And the New Year is nearly here…  So – will it be back to reality and to the same old same old in 2014?
Now I don’t know about you – but I have already seen so many of those emails and postings about a New year / a New you, and what a good time it is to start diets, launch a business, buy this perfect product and so on and so on…  and blah blah blah… And yes – I could even be guilty of having written a few of those myself…
So here are a few of my own observations on the New Year subject… I know that for me – there is a very definite ‘New Year, New Start’ energy… Maybe it’s because I’ve had a rest and taken a break from ‘the norm’, but I am genuinely raring to go and have already got round to loads of niggling little jobs that I have been meaning to get around to for months.  I’ve been cleaning and sorting and arranging and planning and getting ready to face the New!
I’ve decided to deliberately embrace the New Year flow and go where the energy takes me and to capitalise on it – even taking a little longer to ‘get back to the day job’ so I can enjoy myself and feel great about what I am acheiving effortlessly, in the meantime.

I have had just the most amazing 12 months, publishing 2 books, speaking to capacity crowds and fulfilling my ambitions to appear in Psychologies Magazine and on the BBC!   And there are more plans afoot for the coming year, where I will be supporting more people in writing and publishing THEIR books too…   So it is most definitely time to be asking myself some big questions for the year ahead, and putting wings to my prayers – taking the action that will turn them from plans to reality.
Yet I am just as guilty as anyone of not keeping New Years Resolutions, as the pages on the calendar turn and life carries us along.   So how DO we make our new year good plans and intentions actually stick???  
Well, that is where my next Damsels in Success event comes in, because to make this planning malarkey a completely ‘success with ease’ process – Burton members and guests will be ‘Goal Setting for Goddesses’ together, so that we will all create our own 2014 the way we want it… And the reason this whole process will be easier is that it has been designed for women, by women; we will walk through it together; then really commit to it and together hold each other to support and to account – giving our goals real wings and the genuine chance to make a difference to our lives.

It all happens on 15 January in Leicestershire, just sign up online for your fab free place, here…
And here are more ways I can support you and your Goddess Goals too…

Firstly my complimentary gift to you, is my Peachey Process to help you set gentle goals that will actually ‘stick’, in the form of my Peachey Letter to New Years Eve, for you to read, reflect and take action on…

Secondly, the next level of support I can offer you, is individual.  I get incredible results Coaching and Mentoring my cherished clients on a one to one basis, and if you are ready to take things to the next level, in life and business too, I have a special offer on a Fast Track Coaching session – find out more here…

If you have any comments or questions on this months newsletter, let me know….   And that, was all the latest Peachey News, Views, Offerings and Opinions for now…
Here’s to a delightful and delicious January, and an amazing 2014, for all of us.

With love and laughter…
Sandra Peachey
Coach, Author and Director at Damsels in Success
* Author of Peachey Letters – Love Letters to Life as featured in local press, Psychologies, The Lady & The BBC!
* Co-author of ‘The F-Factor’ – the blueprint for entrepreneurial women to have Success without the Stress
* Winner at the 2013 ‘Women Inspiring Women’ Awards
* Nominee in two categories in the ‘Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers & Consultants’ Awards, 2012 & 2013

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Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas… With ‘Ease’…

“There is no ideal Christmas; only the one Christmas you decide to make as a reflection of your values, desires, affections and traditions.”
~ Bill McKibben

How is this December day finding you?  And do you love this time of year or dread it?  I ask because I’m completely in to the whole 12th month vibe, with its’ coldly crisp sunny days and the countdown to Christmas; yet I know too it can be stressful for so many women, with a 1001 tasks to complete, people to please and the ‘day job’ to fit in around it all too!

As part of MY own Christmas preparations, you may know that I have a habit of writing ‘Love Letters to Life’ – the first collection of which came out as a book this year.  As an early Christmas gift to you, here is my ‘Letter to December’…  sent with warm festive wishes…  Click here for the letter…

So that is one view of December and recently a friend was sharing with me how much she dreads this time of year, as some sad things happened to her in the past, and so the advent of Advent brings it all back.   I wonder then if Christmas is a choice?  Has Christmas just ‘happened’ to that lady that dreads it and need these feelings continue for her and for us all?

I know I often unconsciously look for things to throw onto the bonfire of worry and stress – in fact last year I had been quietly fretting about having my first ever Christmas without my mum (who passed away in the summer of 2012), but then, instead, I got to spend my first Christmas day ever with young children; and you know what – I saw it through their eyes, got up with them at the crack of dawn (when all the other adults were still snoozing) and just loved the whole experience; so the Universe more than compensated me for what I thought was going to be huge hole…

There seems to be a certain irony that though Christmas is about celebration and enjoyment, even the quietest ones seem to come with all the stresses of pleasing family and friends, as well as all the shopping, cooking, eating, socialising, writing, wrapping, and rushing around that it can so easily entail.

So how about we consider that our Christmas IS a choice and we can choose a ‘Christmas with Ease’?  A Christmas created by us, ditching guilt or necessity, an experience that serves us and nurtures us, so that when we are ‘filled up’ we can do the same for those around us with love and vibrant energy?  Each of our Christmases is OUR Christmas after all, isn’t it?

As well as Christmas on the horizon, Damsels in Success has been keeping me gloriously occupied, with live events for my beautiful Burton group and new local members joining, as well as our conference – IGNITE! 2013 held last month.  As a result of IGNITE! our fabulous personal development community gained new members across the UK – as we gave great value with amazing speakers, saw many light bulb moments for our delegates, and received fabulous feedback for a life changing and inspiring 2 days.  Below is just one of the many pictures I have to prove it (for more pics, check out all the photos on Facebook, here)!

Now Christmas is nearly here, I’m extending a warm invitation to you to come along to my next Damsels in Success event, being held in Ashby de la Zouch (Leicestershire) on the evening of Wednesday 18th December.  Our theme this month, you won’t be surprised to learn, is ‘Christmas with Ease’.

So… do you do Christmas with stress, excess or smooth success? At Damsels in Success we definitely believe in having a Christmas with Ease, so together let’s celebrate, organise, enjoy… and along the way – give something back – to our world and to the world at large…

Infused with fun, laughter and learning this will be a fabulous way to get set for Christmas – which is why we are deliberately holding it the week before, when ironically we could be tempted into doing other Christmassy things…  It is free for all first timers and all we ask is that you register your place on-line here to secure your place… 

And to make your Christmas even MORE easy, I have a special offer for you – to buy my book – Peachey Letters in a bundle with the Damsels in Success Book The F-Factor.  Together the normal combined retail price is £21.99, but MY book bundle is just £14.00 (inc postage, in the UK).  Check out all the details here and buy bundles of beautiful books for you AND for loved ones…

It’s time to wind down now – I’m allowing myself space to slow down before Christmas and give myself time to smell the poinsettias…  So what ever YOUR December dreams are, here’s to them coming deliciously true…

With warm Yuletide wishes
   Sandie x
Sandra Peachey – Coach, Author and Director at Damsels in Success
Author of Peachey Letters – Love Letters to Life as featured in local press, Psychologies, The Lady & The BBC!
Winner at the 2013 ‘Women Inspiring Women’ Awards
Nominee in two categories in the ‘Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers & Consultants’ Awards, 2012 & 2013

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Letter to December

Dear December

Here you are… the clock and the calendar have ticked and clicked around to you yet again…

My December is the feeling of Christmas coming – a slow and relentlessly gorgeous anticipation of celebration, of receiving and of feasting.  Then there is the savoured future joy of family and friends coming together; of anticipated gifting and unwelcomed bloating.

That is December in my head and heart; and then there is the external twelfth month landscape too.  Sunlight and chill combine to crisp refreshment of the senses – the cold stinging us into action, so we must dance and cush through our outdoor chores to return as quickly as we can to the internal warmth and comfort of anti-cold, back to our own warm and cosy indoor comforts.

December’s outdoor world is alternatively gloomy and sunny.  I dive into the lush, sunny, crisply cold days. These days are meant for walking, and I devour them with all my senses – frost under foot, slickly wet autumnal leaves carpeting the ground, a lack of smell sense, bare and beautiful trees; ice skimming and then thickening the surfaces of puddles and ponds, widening as the thermometer dips…

These are my December days and as we troll down to the end of the year, the dark nights deepen and thicken and deprive us of daylight.  On past winter days I have risen in the dark, worked in caves of chores and returned back to my lair, hidden in the same darkness – a kind of celestial vampire, never seeing, and so starved of the sun.

Then somehow we contrive to bring the outside be-wintered December into our interiors.  Chopping down and dragging in fir trees or counterfeiting them with tinsel or plastic representations of their tree selves.  Then we spray and scatter pretended snow and bring in boughs of holly and mistletoe – the forgotten ghosts of our pagan past.

So my indoor world transforms to Christmas land with decorations collected over decades and added into every single year.  Boxes brought down from the dark attic, waiting their turn, and when opened, bringing with them joyous shocks of remembrance – a year of Christmas stored in the glistening darkness, germinated and then liberated to live in the Christmas light for a few shiny, glamorous weeks.  Then the cards trickle in and are displayed – from colleagues, cohorts and friends; from long lost cousins and nearly long lost friends of decades gone.

I love the preparations… I take and make them languorously and slowly, relishing the joy of Christmas transformation, dining and dancing, of presents wrapped to be deliciously unwrapped.  To choose the present that will delight the gifted one, that will make them pause and smile.  There are Christmas decisions to be made – whether to take the time trodden path of tradition or to spice it up with modernity; then again to take and shake all the elements together to make it MY chosen Christmas, a blend of me and of history?

My December is flavoured with gluttony and gastronomy.  Spices tingle and warm through mulled wine, mince pies and other wintery delicacies.  Chocolates rustle, jostle and abound.  Spirits chink in glasses and some seem reserved solely for Chringle tide – port and advocaat stay firmly at the back of my drunken cupboard for 11 months of the year, and then in December are opened, poured and appreciated in their own spiritual season.

December is winter through and through.  The distinct and distant possibility of snow can transform our outdoor world and seize up the systems of transport and safety – slipping us up, or blanketing our dull world with white ethereal beauty.

December is light and shade.  A tingled anticipation or a mangled realisation of misplaced expectation.  Expectation or negative association can be heavy and brutal, so consciously choose delicious anticipation and feel and fly through your own December.

So December is a choice, a feeling, a flux of emotions.  Choose wisely and craft your Christmas to you.  For all that your December is, I wish you joy of it, to love and revel in the now of it.

So dream your December, deem your December; live it and love it.

And so Dear December, another end here begins…

Yours, again and again.

  Sandra x

PS: As Christmas comes round and you are thinking of a gorgeous gift, a collection of my ‘Peachey Letters’ have been gathered together in book form.  It makes the perfect present, for you, family and friends… You can buy it on my website here or from Amazon (in Paperback and Kindle)

ImageTaken by me, on a wonderful winter walk by the River Avon…

Money and Abundance Igniting your November

How are you on this fine autumn day? I had thought it was a sign of my age that I was staggered that November has come around yet again, so soon, but am comforted by the fact that people I meet every where, be they young or old, are all saying the same thing!

So, as time has passed, how I wonder are things different for you from this time last year..?  Here are some questions for you to ponder – since this time last year:

  • What things have stayed the same for you?
  • What things have changed for you?
  • And What would you like to be different by the end of this year???

You now have questions and answers, and of course that means that the next thing to do is think, plan and take some kind of positive action.  And action does not always feel easy at this time of year when the days are shorter and we’d rather stay cosyed up in doors, winding gradually down to Christmas (there, I dared to say the ‘C’ word!).

So I have two amazing happenings this month to support you in achieving your dreams and goals with more grace and ease…  First of all we are exploring Abundance and Money at Damsels in Success – Burton on the evening of Wednesday the 20th.  So… are you a magnet to money? Do you attract the money you want in your life, and does it hang around… or is it out of the door again before you can even acknowledge that it arrived?

Lucie Bradbury, CEO of Damsels, kicks off our first Money & Abundance event

The good news is this month’s is designed to help you let go of fear around money, value your gifts and allow more abundance into your life…  So many of us are held back by financial constraints, often starting out as money patterns and stories that we’ve carried with us since we were young. This event is all about rebuilding those financial foundations and making a plan going forward that can help you create more wealth, and keep it in your life – working for you, not against you…

The benefits of attending this session include:

  1. How to get clear on your money story
  2. Understand habits around spending
  3. Learn to value YOU and ask for what you’re worth
  4. Create a money magnet vision for the next 12 months
  5. Receive SUPPORT & RESOURCES & ACCOUNTABILITY to ensure your Success with Ease.

Quite simply you will leave the meeting feeling financially fired up!  So are you ready to step up and let go of fear around money, value your gifts and allow abundance into your life? Well Damsels in Success is here to help you at this fab, FREE event – follow this link to find out more and to book your place…

Well that is my local event, and at Damsels in Success we are getting well and truly fired up for our next national event, IGNITE! 2013 too, on the weekend of 23rd/24th November.  This is the third Damsels in Success conference and so it shouldn’t come as a surprise when I tell you that last years event was energising, life changing and gave everyone there the chance to connect with inspirational and like hearted women.  And we can expect more of the same, this year, in bucket loads, too, including world class speakers.  In fact here is an unsolicited testimonial from one of my very own Damsels in Success Burton members:

“I just wanted to say, even at the full price, the Ignite Weekend is the event of the year. If you want to be in a room full of exciting, successful, caring, challenging, confident, inspiring women and want to learn more than you ever dreamed possible in 2 days … this is THE best gift to give yourself! My life has changed immeasurably since Ignite 2012 and I wouldn’t miss Ignite 2013 for the world! xx” ~ Caroline Ashby.

Caroline Ashby

If you are intrigued, check out more testimonials, the full list of stellar speakers and more…  So buy yours NOW and Ignite your life – here’s all the info here…

I can’t wait to see you at both events!!!

With love and abundance 🙂
Sandra Peachey
Coach, Author and Director at Damsels in Success
Check out my book – Peachey Letters – Love Letters to Life as featured in Psychologies, The Lady & Best Magazine
Winner at the 2013 ‘Women Inspiring Women’ Awards
Nominee in two categories in the ‘Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers & Consultants’ Awards, 2012 & 2013

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WOMEN: Time to IGNITE Your Life!

It’s me again, here to give you a very special heads up for the 3rd Damsels in Success conference: IGNITE! 2013. 

As I think about IGNITE! next month, I’m also loving this beautiful mild autumn, and working for myself means that I can take full advantage of it.  Today that meant making the most of the sunshine and going out for a long walk with a cherished old friend – well and truly blowing the cobwebs away.  What I wonder would YOU choose to do with a gorgeous day like today???

At Damsels in Success we are now getting well and truly geared up for our next national event, IGNITE! 2013.  Now you KNOW I will say that last years event was energising, life changing and gave everyone the chance to connect with inspirational and like hearted women.  And we can expect more of the same, in bucket loads, THIS year too!  Yet rather than me waxing lyrical, let me share what some of my Burton group members had to say about it:

“GOSH And WOW! what a weekend at Ignite… I feel very proud to be part of a very special community of amazing women……I almost feel lost for words!!! Thank you Lucie, the Damsel Directors and the behind the scenes team for a truly immense event.  A special mention to all the Directors that shared their stories………..and to the Beautiful Becky Lee, Joyous Jennie Horchover and Super Sue Maggott you ROCKED IT!!!! I cannot go without mentioning Lucie’s stunning frocks!! Sandra Peachey you are a natural at speaking…….you MUST do more!! As for the New LAWs For Women….thank you Lucie for creating these…..if all us Damsels can implement these through 2013 WOW! where will we all be this time next year….?I look forward to seeing you all grow and seeing the results…”
~ Hayley Lloyd Wilkins

“What a fantastic 2 days at Ignite. There was so much power and energy in that room over the two days that I was so pleased to have been part of it this year. Thank you to you Lucie for sourcing such great speakers who really did create magic … and some fantastic tips for success were passed on. Thank you to all the other speakers who shared their stories and passions … you told your stories beautifully and you really did follow the ‘new law’ of being the real you. I have to just say though that those of you who I know (and know your stories) you were absolutely fantastic on that stage and whilst you may have been a little wobbly on the inside .. you certainly shone on the outside and were so inspirational. And the lovely Sandie … well you really did speak from your heart and moved me to tears. Fantastic!!  Thank you to all the lovely ladies I had the pleasure to connect with and spend time with over the weekend.”
~ Vicky Stanton

“Just wanted to say, “thank you, thank you, thank you” for an amazing weekend at Ignite. I had an fabulous time and was inspired by all the speakers, the excitement, the singing and dancing and just being with such a wonderful group of like-minded women. I didn’t truly realise the positive effect everything had had on me, until I sat down at my laptop this morning, to create my vision of my future. Everything seemed so much easier than last week and flowed! I have already used some of the teaching to create my Elegant Business Model!!!!!”
~ Caroline Ashby

The audience showing their appreciation at IGNITE! 2012

Well THAT was last year and this year holds more fabulouslessness in store too in the form of our stellar line up of speakers and what they will be sharing with you:

  • Loral Langemeier – Put More Cash in Your Pocket: The 5 steps to making money now
  • Christina Morassi – The Secret to Ecstatic Wealth. (Blend ALL Your Gifts into 1 Business & Get Paid for Being You)
  • Bernadette Doyle – Grow Your Systematic Business (and get the leverage to get paid over and over again)
  • Katharine Dever – Get Your Gift Out On The Global Stage. (How to get your message out there, make money whilst you sleep and live your highest purpose)
  • Abi Griffiths – Shine Authentically on Screen. (How to show up and shine as your authentic self, and let the camera fall in love with you)
  • Laura Doyle – Author of The Surrendered Wife. (Learn to give up control to create the most magical intimate relationship)


Lucie Bradbury – CEO and Founder, and the Directors of Damsels in Success will also be speaking on How to Live the New Law for Women – a mission that will give you the life, the love and the bank balance you crave.  The Venue is the Birmingham Metropole Hotel at the NEC and the dates are Saturday/Sunday 23 and 24 November.

Now the HEADS UP that I promised you is that the tickets are currently selling at the brilliant EARLY BIRD price of just £97.00 for the whole 2 days.  This price goes UP on MONDAY (21 October) and will keep on increasing the closer to the event we get, so grab your tickets NOW and in the words of Katy Perry “Ignite your life and let it shine” (lyrics borrowed from her hit ‘Firework’ – a definite Damsels’ anthem)!  To get the FULL low down and to buy your EARLY BIRD tickets, please click through here...

As for my next LOCAL event, I know that many people wanted to, but were unable to come to the London F-Factor Master Class, based on the Damsels in Success book of the same name, so I am delighted to tell you that my own local event is being held in Ashby de la Zouch – Leicestershire on 23 October, with ‘Activate Your F-Factor’ being the theme for this months Damsels in Success Burton event.

Activating your F-Factor is all about using the special ingredients that you, as a woman, bring to the party of life, to make it the life that you want it to be…  

Join us at Damsels in Success Burton on Trent on the evening of the 23rd – just click on this link to find out more and book your seat.  It is FREE for all first timers and I’ll throw in some cake along with the laughter, learning and inspiration!

If you can’t get to an event this time, but would still love to activate your own F-Factor, then you can buy your own copy of our fabulous book, postage free – here… 

And here’s a final thought for you… Have you always secretly or not so secretly wanted to become a published author???  Then I have created my ‘Blog to Book Programme’ just for you… I will get you writing, show you how to build a following for your work and then give you the opportunity to get published… Curious to know more??? Then please book a FREE explorachat with me by clicking on this link…

Here’s to living and loving the life you choose – with ease, clarity and grace.

With warmest regards
Sandra Peachey
Coach, Author and Director at Damsels in Success
Check out my book – Peachey Letters – Love Letters to Life as featured in Psychologies, The Lady & Best Magazine
Winner at the 2013 ‘Women Inspiring Women’ Awards
Nominee in two categories in the ‘Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers & Consultants’ Awards, 2012 & 2013

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Letter to a Thunder Bolt

ImageDear Thunder Bolt

I often wish life was more about thunderbolts – those sudden sensory moments of illumination and clarity that zap through your consciousness – so viscerally, that you are caught completely off-guard and jangled instantly with the delicious realisation of new paths, creations and insights.

Yet life has its’ own pace, sometimes a snail crawl (an anathema to a creature like me with so little patience) and sometimes a sprint, and notched at every speed set in between, too.

Life is a balance and needs must be measured and slowed at times, and then quickened through at others.

As for me, I love speed, pzazz and illumination, and you my dearest friend, certainly provide all that – with added razzle dazzle, at no extra charge, but with full on and free electrical charge!

And what I love about Thunder Bolts too is that they change and chase away the status quo… A thunder storm is a time of transition and clearance and brightening… What ever form it may take…  And I know that some people are fearful of them, but for me they are both thrilling and exhilarating.

There is often a slow build up to a storm – that closeness of compressed air, the lowering clouds, rain falling, dripping or lashing.  You know with all your senses – logical and intestinal, that something big is coming.

And so it is with me too – there was I in the ‘Big Smoke’… near the end of 3 intense days which have all been about my journey as a woman and a writer.  They began with the Damsels in Success book launch, which – fabulously, amazingly, gob smackingly means that I have now been a published authoress twice in 7 months!  And for 2 days more I was furthering my writing craft and exploring the opportunities of being an author with a bigger publishing house… Exciting, lightening times indeed.

On the morning of day 3 I had the fortune to be in a room with Psychologist and self help author Robert Holden, and he had set the room an exercise – ‘I write because’ repeated over and over, so we extracted every longing out of our lists.  And as a result I came out with a long fistful of reasons… But then my negative self kicked in – my list it said, was not only long, but seemingly selfish, and so I judged and criticised myself, and reflected on the ONE person, from amongst the many, who had told me that my writing was indeed “selfish”…

So still, through time and tide and personal development, I go through all this negative self talk… My journey as a coach and a writer has been about overcoming these negative blatherings and indeed my first book was a personal triumph of ‘publish and be damned’ – since I just dared to share and then waited… And what came back to me was near universal recognition, support and praise… And yet still, this wrestling with my dark half, my hooded, shadowed self came into my mind and out of my mouth…

I received the soft soothing, ‘don’t doubt yourself’ responses you would expect, from a kindred spirit in the room with me.  And still it sat there, that doubt, like a spectre in my soul.

And the self critic was hard at work in that roomful of egos, as a woman stood up and shared with Mr Holden that she wanted to write a book about love and yet she had read his book ‘Loveability’ and there was nothing more to say on that subject, he’d said it all…

Mr Holden of course acknowledged and advised and spoke on, charming and laughing and sharing his structured wisdoms with a captivated audience.  And so he came on to subject of preparation.  He told us that he believes in creating and incanting affirmations before he sits down to write every day, and he shared the samples that he wrote for his book ‘Loveability’…

And there it was – my thunderbolt, otherwise known as affirmation number 3:
“I’m here to write a love letter from God, to everyone in the world”…

My first book is a collection of ‘Love Letters to Life’
POW! ZAP! BLAST! A clean, clear thunderbolt straight to my heart!  It hit my head and emotions simultaneously – my heart beating out of my chest in a tattoo tune, my senses on fire.  God and Robert had spoken!!!

“So ya boo sucks to you, villainous doubter.  I get to keep on doing this selfish stuff!”

Well I had been struck and little old unbolted me normally sits quietly and takes it all in, in a crowd.  But as soon as break time came I leapt up and grabbed a handful of my ‘Love Letter Books’… The first recipient was the lady who had stood up and shared that she could not write the book of love that has already been written.  I found her and put my book in her hands and told her – “this is MY book of love, only I could have written it.  Only YOU can write your book – so write it and take this as my gift to know that you can…”

Next I queued to speak to Mr Holden – the on-stage guru, again behaviour most unlike me, and the fact that it was a long queue, could, believe you me, normally be a good enough reason not to wait, as I would always rather eat than wait.  And why wait – only to gush and ask and share with the famous person on the stage..?  I knew it would be a long wait, so to occupy my pre-bored self I struck up a conversation with the lady in front of me.  She was a fascinating, beautiful creature with an exotic accent taken and combined from South America and Scotland.  We clicked and shared and quickly elicited fascinating facts and life stories.  There were promises to keep in touch.  Another book of mine was given away to my newest friend…

Then I finally reached the man himself and told him that the affirmation was for me too and thanked him and pressed my book into his hands.  He politely turned it over and saw the connection and acknowledged it, his thank you gift.

And now he has it, or had it – who knows?  Maybe it has been read, or maybe not and who knows its’ fate?  Yet isn’t that the deliciousness of writing?  It is a solitary act, as we sit alone in our head scribing our thoughts into words; and then we dare to share them with the world.   We can never know the impact they will fully have – who loves or loathes them, and then like a thunder bolt it flashes back at us in lightening storms and on quiet sunlit days – the acknowledgement, the feedback, the illumination…

So that is what we writers do, we give our wisdoms to the world and we require an exchange, some where along the universal path…

And I had my thunderbolt jolt so I know I’m on the right and perfect path, and on that day created my storm story.

WOW to the KAPOW I say!

Yours in thunder struck awe.


Proud author of ‘Peachey Letters – Love Letters to Life’ and co-author of ‘The F-Factor’, which you can find on my website or on Amazon, in both paperback and Kindle.

Autumn is Time to Activate Your F-Factor!

Well, October is here and already the leaves are turning golden and starting to float down from the trees…

Summer turning into autumn has just been the most incredible time of transition and celebration for me.  One of the highlights was that I had the joy of sharing the message of ‘The F-Factor’ – the book I co-created with my Damsels in Success sister directors, at our Master Class and Book Launch in London last month.

                                                           That’s me, speaking on stage at the F-Factor Master Class in London

And I am delighted that interest in my first book ‘Peachey Letters ~ Love Letters to Life‘ is still keen and that I have been invited to host the first ever author event at a new book shop in Kenilworth, this coming Friday – 11 October.  It is all happening at the Tree House – Second Hand book shop and Community Hub and tickets are just £3.00, you can find out more here…

I know that many people wanted to, but were unable to come to the London F-Factor Master Class, so I am delighted to tell you that local F-Factor events are currently being held across the UK; and my own is being held in Leicestershire on 23 October, with ‘Activate Your F-Factor’ being the theme for this months Damsels in Success Burton event.

Activating your F-Factor is all about using the special ingredients that you, as a woman, bring to the party of life, to make it the life that you want it to be…  Have you ever found yourself thinking:

* I really don’t feel I am in the best environment to thrive…

* How could I really connect more and have a better relationship with myself, my purpose and those around me?

* I just want to be more me and have people love me for it but I’m scared…

* I need the confidence, time, money etc to do what I need to do…

* I’m stuck…

* I want to do things for me without feeling selfish…

* I want to create the perfect conditions for me to thrive and truly live the dream…

* I want to come / find home…

* How is it possible that I can have success without the sacrifice?

If you have thought any of these things, then please come along and join us at Damsels in Success Burton on Trent on the evening of Wednesday 23 October – just click on this link to find out more and book your spot.

If you can’t get to an event this time, but would still love to activate your own F-Factor, then you can buy your own copy of our fabulous book, postage free – here..

I would love to help you to activate your F-Factor and to truly start living the life you deserve, with ease, clarity and grace.

I wish you an awesome autumn and look forward to seeing you at one of my gorgeous events.

With warm regards
Sandra Peachey
Coach, Author and Director at Damsels in Success
Check out my book – Peachey Letters – Love Letters to Life as featured in Psychologies, The Lady & Best Magazine
Winner at the 2013 ‘Women Inspiring Women’ Awards
Nominee in two categories in the ‘Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers & Consultants’ Awards, 2012 & 2013

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Swaying, Sashaying and Swinging into September!

So summer, is still here and segwaying into September… a time to start again, a time to create dreams and fire works (and we’re not talking about Bonfire Night here!).

Let’s keep on enjoying the summer ambience – isn’t it great to make the most of weather, enjoy time outside and know that it is the perfect time to relight the fire in your belly..?

You know – that entrepreneurial spirit bursting to get out – once the summer is over it will be time to take action!

As Autumn gently reaches out to me, I am contemplating the absolutely amazing year I’ve had already – one where I have published TWO books, won a ‘Women Inspiring Women’ Award and seen my business continue to grow and thrive… It is has been real pinch my self stuff!  In all honesty it hasn’t all been plain sailing, but then life never is in my experience! I love how (Women’s Personal Development Community) Damsels in Success Founder Lucie Bradbury says it can be about not having a good day, but a good moment!

Me at the F-Factor Video shoot… living the dream

And being a Damsel in Success myself has meant that I do two very specific things to ensure both my sanity and success:  Firstly to reach out and ask when I want support (my natural tendency is to hide under a stone and cry!), being specific about what I want; and secondly if something is a STRUGGLE, then I stop!  I don’t push on regardless, resentful and hurtful.  I pause, I rest and I recalibrate… Sometimes this takes seconds and sometimes weeks, yet the world keeps turning and when I focus on what is important, the wheel will turn my way, when it’s time to catch up!  Two really simple things, yet they make a world of difference…

So that was MY world.  To support YOU in getting back to business with a bang, I’ve got some amazing September events planned for you:

Firstly – Join Networking Mummies Founder Laura and myself as we get you ‘Blogging for Business’ – for just £15.00, at our workshop in Leamington Spa, Warks, on 10 September.  Want to know more?  Follow this link for the low down.

Next, on 13 September it is time to ‘Find Your F-Factor’ at our Master Class and Book Launch in London.  Damsels in Success has created a blueprint for women to live the lives they want and get inspiration and support along the way… We are sharing our strategies on how to do this in a series of master classes, with the authors of the Damsels in Success book The F-Factor; and then we will celebrate with champagne, networking and an all around fabulous live event, which will change your thinking and make your life as a woman easier and more satisfying.  I still have a limited number of tickets left at £59.00 – read the reviews and check out the details here...

Pssst – by the way: if you purchase these tickets from the Damsels in Success central office, you will be charged £59.00 plus VAT.  Buy them from ME and they will be VAT free, saving you £11.80!

The Wyndham Hotel, Chelsea Harbour, in London – our Master Class venue

And then, on 18 September, it is time to ‘Get Back to Business’ – at the Damsels in Success local live event for women in Ashby de la Zouch, designed so that 2013 ends the way you want it to…

At Damsels in Success we know that the best way to take action is to focus on your ‘business agenda’ and then produce a realistic plan for the rest of the year.

We also know it doesn’t have to be scary, and your local Damsels in Success group is here to help you every step of the way.  You see, at the next meeting (Book your seat by clicking here)

  • You’ll gain absolute clarity & confidence
  • So you will have all the tools
  • And the vision to create YOUR business plan

September’s local Damsels in Success meeting is all about taking ACTION:

  • It’s time to put it into practice
  • To turn your ideas into results, with
  • No more sitting on the fence
  • No more procrastinating
  • No more waiting for the perfect moment

It’s time to get your tailored ‘business plan’ ready

  • It must get you excited
  • It must get you motivated

BECAUSE you’ll have more chance of taking action

And Action = RESULTS!

Here are more benefits waiting for you when you book your seat for your local Damsels in Success meeting!

You’ll discover:

  • How to make the rest of this year count and end it with a bang
  • Why you MUST Get clear on your plan so you can take massive action
  • How to put pen to paper and produce a Business Plan that any bank manager would be proud of!
  • Why you should ‘Publically’ commit to a specific project – to complete by the end of year, and what will happen if you don’t and
  • How to Receive SUPPORT & RESOURCES & ACCOUNTABILITY to ensure you have ‘Success with Ease’.

Attend this meeting and you’ll be glad you did



Click here to reserve your free place and I look forward to seeing you, at a national or local Damsels’ event very soon!

With warm regards
Sandra Peachey
Coach, Author and Director at Damsels in Success

PS: If you are interested in becoming a Damsels in Success Director, with a business that grows both you AND your clients, whilst being supported by a friendly and professional team, here are all the details…

Check out my book – Peachey Letters – Love Letters to Life as featured in Local Press, the BBC, Psychologies & The Lady
Winner at the 2013 ‘Women Inspiring Women’ Awards
Nominee in two categories in the ‘Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers & Consultants’ Awards, 2012 & 2013

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What is the F-Factor?

I am delighted to say that first of all – the F-Factor is my second published book, within seven months!

I really have to pinch myself that I am now a published author – full stop!  It has been my dream since childhood and when I saw my first book ‘Peachey Letters – Love Letters to Life’ in print, for the very first time – I cried happy tears solidly for 5 minutes, as it was literally the culmination of so many desires, dreams and wishes for me.

Quite simply I was born to be a writer, but for long years and decades, it was ‘just’ a dream, floating in and out of my consciousness, never to be realised.  I knew I could write, but I never took any action, until one day when I absolutely knew, with complete certainty that the time was right.  Within 2 minutes I had a concept and a title and so I set myself a challenge to write a ‘love letter to life’, every day for the Valentine month of February.  Within a year it was published, and life has never been the same…

Now I know that I have always had the desire and talent to be a writer, yet I wonder without Damsels in Success if this ever would have actually happened?  Life has many possibilities, yet I know that my book ‘Peachey Letters’ is most definitely the result of my being a Damsel in Success member and Director!

Why? When I had the idea to write, as a ‘Damsel in Success’ I recognised all the signs that said, ‘this is right, this is your time’ and I also knew what the obstacles would be – mainly that I would not take action and follow this through.  So I set myself a public challenge and started posting my daily ‘love letters to life’ on a blog.

And I have had hundreds of ideas for books, films, poems, songs, etc, etc run through my brain in my long life time… But never had I dreamed of writing about such personal issues in such a public domain.  Yet the time was right, the subjects were right and still… Still I feared being judged, still I feared being seen as some mad middle-aged woman spilling her emotional guts to a world that wouldn’t be interested.

So the first people I shared my letters with were the Damsels in Success community – we have a private online Forum, and on midnight of the day I wrote my first letter, I gingerly posted the link and went to bed cringing about airing my ‘stuff’, yet knowing that I was compelled to do it.

The next morning I woke up to a whole plethora of comments… I had written my first letter to my dear dad, who left this life 30 years ago, and here are just some of the responses I received that day on the Damsels Forum…

“Wow, that letter to your father is so touching. Brave writing Sandie. 

Sandie this letter to your Dad is so beautiful I cried … I thank you for your wonderful open hearted letter

I shouldn’t have read that, I now have a wet face… My dad … I love him dearly and this beautiful letter is a reminder of all of the good stuff to be treasured. Thank you – blubbering of South Wales.

Wow, what a wonderful letter to your Dad, Sandie. I last wrote to my Dad a couple of years before he died … I’ve had a bit of a blubbery morning of it so far (good stuff!) so thank you! Blubbering of Cambridge (wonder if that means I’m related to Blubbering of South Wales!)

That is such a beautiful letter to your Dad, Sandie – made me shed a few tears …

Wow, Sandie, that is fabulous, and I love that picture of the two of you together, such a picture of a strong man, giving you the support to be you!

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous – thank you for sharing Sandie, such a beautiful idea, these letters will make an amazing book.”

And there it was on day one, after only one letter – people were telling me that I should publish a book!

A year later ‘Peachey Letters’ was published and featured widely in national and local press.  Then, a  month or so later, along with my sister Directors, I started work on the Damsels in Success Book…

This was a very different experience… The first one was written on my own – now 9 authors were sitting down to write one book!  I was excited and curious to see how it would all unfurl, and unfurl it did… This time I had one chapter and some other bits and pieces to write, and it was all effortless and completely joyful.  At Damsels in Success one of our mantras is having ‘success with ease’ and it was all that and more.

I chose which theme to write my chapter about and that was ‘choice’!  I am passionate about women having the realisation that they really can live the lives they choose to and to give them the tools and support to make their dreams come true.  I realised my own dreams of becoming a writer and a coach, and I demonstrate how I did this in my part of the book.

Times this formula by 9 and it creates magic!  And it is not just about the writing – nine women and our supporting team have collaborated on every aspect of the book – we all had a say in the cover, we all proof read each other’s chapters, to mention but a few of the processes that go on behind the pages.  It has been a gorgeous exercise in creating within a co-operative – with ease, with joy and with shared momentum and excitement.  And it is our gift to the world of women…

What IS the ‘F-Factor’ then???

The F-Factor provides the blueprint for you, as a woman, to live your life to the full.  It will reveal your truly feminine heart – allowing you the permission and freedom to live as you choose, while giving the best possible love and support to those around you, too.

Nine extraordinary women have come together to share one special message – how to have ‘success with ease’ – as a female entrepreneur, and in all other areas of your life.

“If you are about to or have taken that amazing leap of faith into an ocean of possibilities and potential, then this book is your navigator… be prepared for an exciting adventure”.
~ Abi Griffiths: TV Presenter for BBC 2, Channel 4, etc

Part wisdom, part philosophy and part support, The F-Factor is also packed full of learning and practical exercises.  At the very core of the book too, are the life stories that shaped the women behind the fabulous female phenomenon of Damsels in Success – showing us that with the right strategies and support, women every where can live the deeply satisfying lives they choose.

“The F-Factor is a delightful book filled with heartfelt stories from ordinary women who decided to choose extraordinary. It’s filled with inspiration and it is packed with food for thought, which will get you thinking and will be a perfect ‘anywhere and anytime’ read for women who know that there is so much more to their lives.
~ Sarupa Shah, The Soul Agent. No. 1 best selling Author, intuitive Business Coach and Spiritual Teacher. www.sarupashah.com

The F-Factor combines the wisdom of not just the authors, but a whole national community of Damsels in Success members – women who come together to share learning, love and support.  Now for the very first time, this wisdom has been distilled into print – to reach out and touch a whole new audience.

“Reading this book is just like being in a Damsels in Success meeting. These vivacious women share their own experience and their wisdom to help us to live fulfilling, authentic and successful lives. From the deepest connection with ourselves, to the job we do and what we wear, we are shown how we can make liberating choices. If you are a woman who thinks there could be more to life, this book is for you.”
~ Harriet Stack: Writer, Lawyer and Damsels in Success Member. www.harrietstack.com


On 13 September Damsels in Success are hosting a series of F-Factor Master Classes and will be celebrating the launch of the book with networking and champagne (of course) in London.

Attend ‘Find Your F-Factor’ and discover how to attract in those things you have always wanted – what are they for you??? Clients, Relationships, Money, or Opportunities???

This book launch is NOT like any seminar or event you’ve attended before.

During this live event, we will share:

  • What makes the difference between success and failure
  • How to tap into your dreams and take the right steps to achieve them
  • How to position your gifts and get your message out to the world
  • How to transform your life in a very positive way
  • How to make your work or business work – even if everything you’ve tried before has failed

You’ll also take away something that can change your life forever…


The 9 authors, including Damsels in Success CEO Lucie Bradbury, and myself, will be presenting your Master Classes:

Lucie Bradbury

CEO and Founder of Damsels in Success

Lucie Bradbury is my mentor, friend and the UK’s Feminine Potential Expert, and last but not least, Founder of Damsels in Success (DIS). Damsels in Success don’t do business like anyone else and our mantra is ‘Success with Ease’. With the help of her team of DIS Directors, Lucie supports the female entrepreneurs to live their dream lives – as thought leaders and change makers in the world.

Lucie also founded the ‘Women Inspiring Women Awards’ to recognise the achievements of women who are fabulous role models, and brings together the UK’s most inspirational & aspiring women at the annual summit IGNITE! Lucie is wife to Dan (together they are making a big impact in the world of personal & business development), mum to Summer (4) and Jenson (2), and has mentored many women to create & grow feminine lifestyle businesses… All this, & she only works 1 day a week!

In her ‘Find Your F-Factor’ Masterclass, Lucie will be showing you how you can create the first class cultural conditions to give you The F-Factor to attract everything that you want in your life (clients, men, money, opportunities)

Sandra Peachey (me!)

Damsels in Success Director – Burton on Trent

I am a writer, Business coach, and Director of Damsels in Success Burton on Trent. The F-Factor is my second book following the publication of ‘Peachey Letters – Love Letters to Life’ in February 2013’. I work with Corporates, Womanpreneurs and small businesses, ensuring that they reach their goals, targets and live out their dreams. I also write for magazines and regularly appear on BBC Radio. ‘Peachey Letters’ received rave reviews in local and national press, including Psychologies Magazine, The Lady and Best Magazine.

During my ‘Find Your F-Factor’ Masterclass, I will be giving my insights into what freedom of choice really means for the way we live our lives and what magic can happen when we choose to fly!

And that is just for starters, there will be MORE master classes, networking and celebration within a fabulous high vibration group and environment.

To find YOUR F-Factor – you can sign up for a copy of the book, celebration, champagne and master classes for just £59.00 or you can choose the VIP Upgrade – all of the above, plus loads of extras AND an additional workshop with Lucie Bradbury, revealing how we created the phenomenon of the F-Factor…

The F-Factor Launch will be a day where you will learn, celebrate and connect, and it could just change your life…

To find out more and to buy your tickets – check out this link…

With warm regards, laughter and excitement.

Sandra Peachey
Coach, Author and Director at Damsels in Success

Check out my book – Peachey Letters – Love Letters to Life as featured in Psychologies, The Lady & Best Magazine
Winner at the 2013 ‘Women Inspiring Women’ Awards
Nominee in two categories in the ‘Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers & Consultants’ Awards, 2012 & 2013

Tel. 07921 494363