Technology in the Time of Corona

Spent the day time getting to grips with Microsoft Teams…

In the evening had my usual weekly French lesson on Skype instead of at college…

In between, downloaded the Zoom App to play with….

Then I got a WhatsApp call from Pinda Gillett, then Susan Tarney and THEN Samantha Metcalfe… Each person was added to the group…

Cajoled them all into switching to video mode… There followed blank screens, mutes, cut offs and general techno-numpty mayhem, but eventually we all mastered it!!!

Next follows over 2.5 hours of catching up, banter, and SO much laughter! The sort of laughter where you can’t breath and have to hold your sides, cos it hurts…

Pets, children and husbands wondered in and out of view and joined in the chatter.

In the after glow of our inadvertent calling circle, I’m still smiling, and not least feeling proud that we mastered the technology.

Our time together was fun, warm and silly.

And let’s face it, if four old birds like US can manage it – ANYBODY can!!!!

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