Whisky in The Time of Corona

I’m a whisky wimp… I just find it a hard task to drink the stuff naked and neat…

And there goes all my Scottish ancestors turning in their respective graves…

However, after my most recent visit to the land of my forebears, several years ago, I  discovered MY whisky. It’s Auchentoshan, made in the west of Scotland and not in the traditional Scottish way, so it’s more sweet and delicate on my soft sassanach palate than the usual decoction.

And then there are the whisky liquers… There’s a whole, glorious array of them.  My favourite whisky cream of choice is Arran Gold – your basic, creamy nectar, with an alchemic whisky bite to the back of it… Then there’s Drambuie – for years simply rolled out at Christmas and rolled around the mouth to wash down a fattening slice of dark and unctious Christmas cake.

But on my Scottish odyssey I discovered Glayva – again, whisky for wimps, being sweeter and fruitier and just, so… well.. lush…  I quickly realised that we were a match made in heaven, though I’ve never seen it on a supermarket shelf, so sometimes, at a push I go back to my former lover, the easier to obtain Drambuie.


In this time of Corona, only several days ago, I made a forey into Tescos Supermarket.

There were some gaps on the shelves, but I found all the things I was looking for and resisted the urge to bulk buy or purchase anything I didn’t actually need.

Before I left I thought I’d check to see if there was any Drambuie – the next best thing to my favourite whisky liquor Glavva, which I usually buy online.

I found the shelves of whisky, then I scoured and I craned, I peered and I pried. But alas – no Drambuie nestled next to them… #Sigh

Then suddenly the lights dimmed, and lo! There before me glowing golden on the shelf, was a single bottle of… GLAYVA!

A heavenly choir chorused glorious, joyful alleluias!

I knelt in reverence and gently lifted my prize, caressing it with a kiss of gratitude on the cap…

My prize claimed, I took it to the till.

We lived happily ever after…



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