Sunset, in the time of Corona

Have been inside all day, working hard, whilst keeping an eye on the lush sunlight bathing the outside world with its glorious prescience of Spring.

To my surprise I was actually looking forward to my planned run, later…

As usual, I worked till late and watched the sun sinking rapidly out of sight.

But still there was daylight, so off I went, heading into the sunset, following its slow arc as I ran across fields, down streets and along lanes.

If I don’t recognise the world right now, even more of a surprise is that for this time out there in the air, I don’t even recognise myself… That me, that she, running on and on.

The running was fine, even though my asthmatic chest wasn’t impressed and my feet felt like 2 ton bricks.

But the endorphins and sense of smug achievement propelled me on.
And I returned, in one solid piece, to my door.

Oh – and did I mention that I went for a run today..? 😬

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