A Summer Sense of Spring

Spring has a beautiful summer coat on in my little bit of Blighty today…

Suddenly people are shedding their winter clothes and stay indoors inhibitions.

Driving through the countryside I weave softly round cyclists – not the whippet like, Lycra clad brigades I normally Sunday steer around; but families and day trippers.

Shorts and rucksacks are being aired, with steps taken in every which direction.

It’s as if the sun has made all these people bud and unfurl their garish petals -revealing their not so secret summer selves to the air and the soil.

Every day of sunshine these last few days I’ve walked alone. It’s been a balm in an intensely emotional time.  Yet suddenly – this shining Sunday, the world has come out to play, and I’m just glad to share.

Postscript… later, as a regular, all weather rambler, I’ll also be donning my outdoor clothes and joining a doughty group to stride across the sunny fields.

Please wave and say hello if we meet along the way 👋

~ By: Sandra Peachey – Sun Worshipper

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* Being nominated for a Networking Mummies National Recognition Award in 2015.

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