The Moon Man Poem

The moon man first saw me in his filtered light.
That strange opposite glow that illuminated some of my nights.
He glimpsed me, dancing in the long shadows;
And then we waned and I walked – letting the darkness have its’ domain.

Yet the moon moves in cycles, winding round the calendar.
It has feminine curves and urges; it marks and makes
whole oceans ebb and flow and it moves man too;
not just the flow of woman with her circle of loss and life.

In time the man and the moon will wax, in the way of our worlds.
And I don’t know where his dappled light will next be beamed.
Sometimes you see, that silvery light is craved and sometimes shunned.
It may be shrouded by my cloud or is free to shine on another astral island.

The lunacy of life can take over, pushed and coursed,
whilst we soul sweat and curse in artificial bodily toil.
This is when the moon boils in our blood as it reaches its’ most fully visible;
drowning our sanity and obscuring our simple, powerful truths.

For now the moon man has retreated to his lion cave to escape its pull;
alternately emitting lightening bolts and soft illumination from within.
And suddenly, as a moon maiden myself, I realise the trickle of time,
then look up – to see the moon scratching its’ close full course across the sky.

The moon is of its time – repeating the cycles of countless centuries;
whilst moon men and waxy women may or may not look skywards.
They often look down – shuffling their feet and scuffing the earth instead;
shadow boxing and side stepping in and out of moonbeams – not linear, but lunar.

But there is light at night, which is chased away by the brashness of the day.
All times cast their shadows and can be covered in cloud, with the light behind them.
And still we can choose what we see and alter our charted course –
so ultimately let’s steer it to united serenity, what ever or who ever we shine upon.

And maybe the moon man will morph to a moth and leave his lair,
to be drawn to a maiden again, who ever she may be.
May he and she do this without blunted expectations, and for us all
wherever we shine, may it be with moon brightened love, and sweet, silvered clarity.

~ By: Sandra Peachey – Moon Maiden

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