Letter 4: To The Rocket Man and The Bonny Wee Lass

4 February 2012

Dear Richard and Liz

Well perhaps it’s not quite the done thing to write a letter to someone on the very day that you see them, but then these are MY love letters and I get to make the rules!

Thing is that I’ll be seeing you today along with at least a hundred or so other people and having said that I know that I will get a hug from each of you and some words and some love, so I’m more than good with that and those things alone would make my day worthwhile, but then there will be so much more being given and shared too.

Mr Rocket Man it has to be said that you have created something that is so fundamentally simple and yet so profound, that it has changed the lives and hearts of hundreds of people.  Your ‘Broadband Consciousness’ is the most all inclusive school of thought that I have known in the world of self development … in your company I have met people from every walk of life, every social strata and people who wouldn’t know what the phrase ‘self development’ meant, only that they are living, freer and happier lives.

So how do I love thee?  You are an uncle, a sage, a brilliant orator; there is a child like glint of glee in those eyes, an amazing energy, a genuine desire to make a difference.  Then there is the brilliant non conformist conformity of the hair and the outfits … the Sergeant Pepper Jacket is my personal favourite : – ) You also happen to be the life and business partner of My Bonny Wee Lass, the gorgeous Glasgow scrap, my lovely Liz.

When I met you Liz I realised that I could very happily earn a living making Liz-a-Like dolls – I reckon I know at least 200 people who would buy them and want to carry your image around and keep it with them too …

It all starts with the hugs, bone crushing, loving and reviving.  I have compared notes with others in the field and it has been universally agreed – you give of the very best there is!

You are beautiful in every sense of the word.  You give of your love and your wisdom and your tears freely.  And when I found out that you were going to teach people how to coach (and there were no boundaries – life coach / business coach / mentor), I pounced on the opportunity – it was so the right thing at the right time for me, as I started my own business and my journey as a coach in turn.

I’ve had the pleasure and privilege to call you my own life coach AND my coaching mentor and to shine a light on the way forward and trusting me too to do it my way.  And I’ve sat on your coach-ey sofa with the tissues, working through my stuff.  And you have gone beyond what any one else I know in that situation would have … in many ways, ways which are ours to know, behind our confidential client closed doors, because you give a special kind of unconditional love, one that I recognise and respond to, because I now realise I am capable of that too, and you put your trust in me and so it was.

You are an amazing judge of character and can see into someone’s head and heart so easily and speak their thoughts.  I’ve seen you meet someone new, many times and ‘get’ them – just like that, it’s a gift.

And the love comes too from a shared loved of coaching.  You know how much I love it and I LOVE working with my clients – it is the most gloriously selfish, selfless thing I could ever do in my life and with my life.  It just feels like I was born to it.  It is energy, contentment, wisdom, electrical sparks, love and magic.  In that room, with that person, all the things learned and unlearned come to me …‘cosmic faxes’ as Richard so wonderfully describes them …

Now to me, what you have both created is magical and I have translated it to my own philosophy of ‘know yourself, love yourself, be yourself’ and I will continue to sing that from the rafters … or from the stage of your Christmas Party (again) … or where ever some one will listen, for that matter.

And that’s my love for now.  There’ll be more. Can’t wait for my hugs,

S xxx

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The Rocket Man and My Bonny Wee Lassie