How Author Sue Maggott Got Clever with Kindle

Sue Maggott

Sue Maggott – poetess and authoress, tells me how she has recently published two fabulous books on Kindle and shares her publishing tips and techiques: 

Sandra asked for 3 words that describe me and I came up with ‘peaceful, poetic, and true’…  Next she asked for a little known fact about me… Well – I also believe in the healing power of laughter and so MY little known fact  is that I am trained as a Laughter Yoga Leader!

In terms of writing, I have recently produced two books – the first one – The Gift of Inspiration for Female Entrepreneurs I co-authored with a number of inspirational female entrepreneurs; the other, Believe in You. Believe in Your Story, which complements the first book, relates in poetry and prose some of my experiences since taking early retirement from work.

I wrote the first book because I was inspired by a poem I wrote called “Believe!” This poem carried a powerful message to stand up, be bold and to express myself. It also carries an inspirational message to others to do the same. My first book ‘Believe!’ therefore, is a compilation of inspirational stories inspired by the poem.

Personally, the book has demonstrated how easily a project can come together when you collaborate with like-minded, committed people, and when you follow your own inspirational downloads..!

Professionally, I am now looking to develop the ‘Believe!’ project further. Both books are currently in Kindle format, and I am now developing the paperback version ready for launch. For me, the book provides a platform from which I will be able to develop further services around the theme of “Believe!”.

Here are my three top success tips:

1) If you have a great idea, believe in it, and go for it!

2) Get the right support – when writing my second book, I entered a Kindle book challenge operated by the ‘I Am Woman’ business network. This provided me with a deadline, a purpose and great support from a book and a business coach.

3) Be aware that your book may change as you go along, so it is great to have a framework, start writing, and review later.

My advice on getting published is that self publishing is a great option – it is very straightforward to get a book published on Kindle, and also there are lots of options for self publishing in paperback. I would urge people to consider this option, and if it suits your reason for writing a book (e.g. to get your story out to as many people as possible, to become an authority in your field etc), then go for it!

I’m delighted to say, that having mastered Kindle, I am now putting together the paper back version of The Gift of Inspiration for Female Entrepreneurs, which is being launched on the 10th of May and will include four additional uplifting stories.

For her second book Sue worked with a Book Coach from Presland Quirk who are are running their next Book Boot Camp on 10 – 12 May at Newport in Wales.  In fact if you act quickly, you can take advantage of their special Easter offer – by taking a friend along, as they’ve got a ’2 for 1′ deal if you sign up by 3rd AprilFollow this link for all the information and to book your place…

You can connect with Sue on Facebook and buy her inspirational books on Kindle