Poem / Pondering: The Universe has got my back

Do you know what? The Universe has got my back.

So yes, it’s been a tough time in the life…

But I’m choosing… To see the good, to count my blessings, to celebrate and appreciate.

Yet still my damned ‘terrier’ brain wants to fret and snap, to gripe and growl…

But that’s not who I am. That’s not what I was put on the planet to be. And I declare now that it’s not my truth.

Life, if I let it be, is good. So I choose and there it is.

I shall sit with and accept the darkness – holding it in my heart with compassion, so to illuminate it and ponder what it is teaching me.

I also accept the thousands of miracles, sparks of friendship, hugs, gifts, love and listening I receive; with an immense, sustaining, heart lifting gratitude.

And above all, in the face of fear, anger and pain (whether yours or mine)…

I shall love fiercely, laugh endlessly and know always, that the Universe has got my back ❤

~ Sandra – lover, laugher & illuminator x

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