Could A Letter Change Your Life?

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Could A Letter Change Your Life?

Ever wondered what life is all about? Are you holding onto issues that hold you back in your life? If the answer is ‘yes’ to these questions, then writing letters to the significant people, phenomena and happenings in your life (even if you never send them) can help you get more of the life you want.

The book ‘Peachey Letters  Love Letters to Life’, is written by ‘LifeWork’ Coach Sandra Peachey, who is on a mission to encourage  us to understand and accept who we are, and learn to celebrate the life we have, by just following the simple, cathartic process of letter writing.

You can buy the paperback on Amazon for £11.99 or as a Valentine’s treat you can get it on my website – here for just £7.99 including P&P… Happy designated Day of Love!

In the fast-pasted technological world of today, writing letters has become something of a distant memory for many, yet it could hold the secrets to happiness, health and well-being.

Featured in Psychologies Magazine and The Lady, the book was also honoured as a Finalist in the International Book Awards 2015.

‘Peachey Letters’ is intensely personal and is made up of the various  components of Sandra’s life. It contains her simple philosophies and learnt wisdoms, with the aim of helping people resolve the issues in their own lives, with writing at the core.

It all started in 2012, after Sandra saw people signing up for a challenge to record a video blog every day for a month. For her own challenge, she then started posting a love letter a day for the Valentine month of February on her blog; and very quickly got an overwhelmingly positive response, especially to her first letter to her father. Since then, her blog has had thousands of hits from over 80 countries around the world.

Sandra explains:
“The book is really an extension of this initial writing process, after I saw how it not only transformed my life, but that of the people who read my letters too. I want to encourage people to resolve issues in their own lives, live beyond their past and embrace their future. I want to show people that they can follow the same simple process as I have, to heal, reconcile and celebrate their lives”.

About Sandra Peachey – Author of ‘Peachey Letters’

Although she has spent much of her working life in the Corporate world, Sandra has always considered herself to be a writer and her first degree was in English Literature. She then pursued a career in Human Resources, working mainly in car manufacture and engineering for over two decades.

After what Sandra describes as a ‘happy mid-life crisis’, she then went on a ‘self-development journey’ trained as a coach and subsequently, set up a business as a Human Resources Consultant and Coach – LifeWork which works with small to medium sized companies to achieve their Life and Work goals and to live more of the life they choose.

Sandra’s coaching and consultancy work takes her all over Britain, and, she lives in Warwickshire in the United Kingdom, where she was raised and has lived most of her life.  

Interview with the Author

What were your motivations for writing the book?

Since childhood, I always scribbling poems and stories – so felt like a writer, however, this got lost during my corporate career. In January of last year, I saw lots of people I knew signing up for a challenge to either record or write a blog every day for a month. I thought that was very worthy, but I wanted to challenge myself differently, so I decided to start writing again and created my own challenge instead.

As the Valentine month of February was on the horizon, I decided that I would write a ‘love letter to life’ every day for that month, to the significant people, phenomena and happenings in my life. As a coach and writer, this combined coaching my self and finding my creative voice. The writing part was easy, though fitting a letter in every day for 29 days around my busy life was more of a challenge. I started posting them on my blog and very quickly got an overwhelming response, especially to the first letter to my father. My blog has had over 3,000 hits from over 24 countries around the world.

What do you feel the message of your book is and why is it different from other books on the market?

The process of my book is something that anyone can do. Write letters, to release demons, work out who you are and celebrate what you have in life. Writing letters is a form which allows you to be intensely personal and to really speak in your own voice.

I am a coach by profession and many people may not understand what that entails, yet by going through this process I worked on myself and became my own best coach. I also found a poetic voice and was delighted that I really am the writer that I always knew I was.

My book is different because it is immediate, it is simple in concept, broad in scope, yet it is also entertaining and provokes a whole range of emotions in the reader.  It contains my simple philosophies and learnt wisdoms, in a gentle way. The great thing too, is that it is a process that most people can easily follow and people have told me that they have been inspired to write letters too and resolved many issues in their lives.

A year after my challenge, as Valentine’s Day approaches again, anyone and I mean anyone, can bring love into their life. Love is all around them, it formed them and if you are single, in a relationship or separated, love is a huge force which is always there, even when it doesn’t seem patently obvious.

How do You get Copies of the Book?

I currently have a Valentine special offer… You can buy the paperback on Amazon for £11.99 or as a Valentine’s treat you can get it on my website – here for just £7.99 including P&P… Happy designated Day of Love!
~ Sandra Peachey

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