Blog Challenge 2016: A Poem to Martha’s Dancing Heart

February 2016 Blog Challenge: Blog 1 of 29

It’s the 1st of February 2016 and the first day of my latest blog challenge.  I like to exercise my writing muscle, so will be posting one blog, every day, for the Valentine Month of February.

There will be an eclectic mix of my coach-ly observations on life, some lifestyle posts (under my new guise as the Peachey Goddess)  and maybe even some fiction.

My first post is a poem to a little lady called Martha.  She is the daughter of a friend and business associate of mine – Michelle Graham and was born with a heart condition that means her heart beats twice as fast as normal.  The condition has been dubbed ‘Martha’s Dancing Heart’. A year on and she is a gorgeous, wriggly treasure.  A few days ago we were playing on the floor together and she was fascinated by my camera, so I took the picture of her you see below.  And the very next day she was the star of the Martha’s Dancing Heart Charity Ball – raising funds for the hospital ward that cared for her and mother so marvellously. 

I wrote the poem to celebrate Martha on the eve of the Ball and the gift of joy that she gives, to her family and so many people beyond…

Martha and Me having fun on the floor


In the serene stillness of a warm woman’s womb; – beat… beat, beat, a dancing, happy heart.

A dancing heart: softly drumming its’ extraordinary rhythm; From the beginning and within, this was a true Bossa Nova baby.

She danced a new melodic tread, weaving her own musical magic; In her way, of her way, always her way. A seismic Cha Cha girl.

She took her dance from womb to air. She breathed, she laughed; And she seized on life – to Tango, to wriggle and to love, much. Her naming, her noun-ing, her marque, is Martha, meaning Lady; Our own little lady, whirling and waltzing with, partnering our hearts.

Martha is the gift of a girl, the treasure of a lifetime of love; And with her, it’s time to Charleston, with syncopated divine delight.

Martha’s presence is precious and so it is time to Salsa and celebrate; To dance the way with her and to pave the way for other sweet hearts too.

It is time to thank, to Samba and to give, for all that we have received; Feeling Martha’s distinct and timely tempo – all her own heart – beating.

With Martha’s heart, it was, is and always will be – time to Boogie. To trust, to thrive and to thank. Time now to Quick Step along:
With Martha’s dancing heart.

~ Sandra Peachey (Auntie Sandie xx)

Martha & her marvellous Mum – Michelle, at their Charity bash

PS: Martha’s mother pledged a year of fund raising and you can continue her wonderful work by donating on their Just Giving page here…

PPS: Sign up for daily blog posts and a free chapter of my book Peachey Letters, by dropping your details in here…

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