George – The Reiki Cat – Part 1

George BloggerMeet George, Reiki Cat –
offering his opinion on my daily blog today…

As I write this post, my cat George is lying at my feet – a faithful companion, sometimes a critic and almost inevitably a happy distraction…

I run a Consultancy called LifeWork, built around supporting my clients to have the life and business that works best for them… I consult on Human Resources projects and I coach clients on a one to one basis too.

And another facet of my life is that I have a pride of three cats who share my home with me, who surround and influence me and who are an endless source of affection, entertainment and inspiration…

Sometimes, joyously, cats and coaching combine in my life…

So it was that I opened the door one evening to my newest coaching client, Linda – who was (at the time) running a beauty business. She had come to my home for her first appointment and wanted to work with me because she felt that beauty wasn’t really her ‘thing’ any more; she was now at a stage in her life where she actually wanted to do more holistic work with her clients. She was, she explained a qualified Reiki* practitioner and had a desire to increase her confidence and business acumen in this new direction of her life / business, so had booked a programme of coaching sessions with me.

As part of my own LifeWork model I don’t work exclusively from home, but do like to conduct a lot of my practice there for a number of reasons… I love an easy life and having my clients come to me, is as easy as it gets; I can create the right relaxed environment for coaching, where both myself and my clients are at ease in comfortable surroundings. All the tools of my trade are close to hand too – those awkward to carry, bothersome to hire items – like white boards and projectors, oh – and did I forget to mention that there are endless supplies of tea and coffee on tap..?

I actually do a lot of my one to one work by telephone or Skype, but always seek to engineer the first meeting face to face, so as to start building the best foundation for a productive coaching relationship.

Since I share my home with three cats, I always check with first time visitors that they are OK with having my feline family around. I will also offer to keep the cats out of the room while we are working. Linda though, assured me that all was fine and was introduced to George, the first feline to come along and inspect the newcomer who had just arrived at our cave that day.

I offered Linda a seat and a drink, and noticed how delighted George was to meet her and how he fussed over her in a way that he usually reserves for old friends. Off I went to the kitchen to make us both a cup of tea, and then popped back to ask the ‘milk and sugar’ question. As I did so, the thought floated through my mind – ‘she’s reiki-ing my cat’… Unperturbed, I returned a few minutes later with our drinks.

‘I’ve been reiki-ing your cat’ Linda said. ‘So I gather’ I replied, ‘tell me more…’

George, she explained, had shown her his bald patch and asked her to heal it. ‘What bald patch’? Was my response. George was lying at her feet and only too happy to be rolled over onto his back, by an almost total stranger. She then moved a front paw to one side and I saw no evidence of any fur missing amongst the long silken fronds that form his magnificent coat… And then I saw it, a patch of bare skin, right in the joint between body and limb, looking for all the world like a shaved arm pit.

‘Well, who knew?’ I said, ‘and we both thank you for the gift of healing…’

I thought it was a gorgeous, extraordinarily ordinary display from both Linda and George, and demonstrated how naturally she gave her gift of expertise; and how he knew intrinsically that she could help him…

Before we had even started coaching, Linda was showing me where her greatest gift to the world lay and George had been one of the very first recipients of that gift, in this strangely familiar and yet new phase of her life and business.

It was one of those glorious moments of recognition for all of us – one where you know you are witnessing a gift. You are observing someone working in their gift – doing that very thing they are compelled to do; where other souls benefit from the gift; and where it could the most natural thing in the world to hit that sweet spot of earning an exchange of money for what you have to give to the globe.

I hadn’t even realised what I was seeing at the time, for then we got into the practicalities, the ins and outs of our coaching time together. But the memory stayed with me and lingered languidly in my mind, and that perfect incident turned into an impressive influence for both George and myself, as I reflected on this beautiful little vignette of a recollection.

At the time of writing Linda now lives a life that is quite recognisable and different to the one she lived back then (several years ago), inside and out. As with all my clients, I couldn’t possibly take any credit for that. She had started a new journey and George and myself were on a very small part of that with her, and were catalysts (pun intended) that got to share our time and gifts with her.

And here is why I find coaching such a superbly selfish thing to do, in unknowing return, Linda gave George and myself such a gift that day and beyond that day, as all my clients do. She in turn became a catalyst for change in our lives and to my amazement, the next ‘catalytic’ chapter was very soon to be opened wide, bringing together so many connections in my life that showed me, that all of us – Linda, George and me – were all on the right LifeWork path…

PS: Did you know that a collection of my ‘Peachey Letters’ have been gathered together in to a beautiful book, cats and all?  I’m completely biased of course, but it makes a purrfect present, for you or the cat lover in your life… You can buy it from book websites any where in the world, including Amazon (in both Paperback and Kindle)

* Reiki, Google tells us, is “a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.”

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