Love Letter to 2014

Letter to the Old Year

Before we start on the business of the New Year, let’s celebrate the outgoing one by listing and exploring all the good things about 2014 and our reasons to be grateful for this year in a life. Whether you feel there is a lot or a little to shout about, simply trust the process and let go to the flow. Write the good out onto the page and let all the good in your life snowball as more and more things come to your mind and heart. This loving list is your celebration of 2014 and all it has bought you…

And here is MY list in progress…. A manifesto of celebration…


  • Special simple moments shared with friends
  • Lots of laughter
  • Time with children and seeing the world through their eyes
  • New opportunities
  • Realising my dream of publishing a book, one I still can’t quite believe actually came out of me, and for which I will always be so proud…
  • Being a Damsels in Success Director, having the privilege of supporting gorgeous women to shine their light in the world and ending this wonderful time on such a high
  • Sharing Vickie’s & Rob’s first wedding Anniversary and Isaac’s Christening with so many friends, and so proud / happy to do a reading
  • Delicious meals, created or bought, and all devoured
  • Such a lot of sunshine
  • Taking long lovely walks in this beautiful country I live in
  • Cat companionship, with purrs and furry fun
  • Spending a month in Spain, writing, navel gazing and resting my body and soul
  • Doing what I was born to do – coach… Supporting, enabling, witnessing miracles
  • Doing what I was born to do – write… It has always been in me and now it is quite literally, unleashed!
  • Doing what I was born to do – speak and share, bear witness and make a difference.
  • Being changed for ever, stepping up and out
  • Surrendering to the things that could not be changed, instead of being tortured by them… after being tortured by them…
  • Being fabulous! I decided long ago that I would improve with age and safe to say, I have , this has come with more confidence and acceptance. It is always balanced out with doubt and fear, yet the positivity and the fabulousness always win through in the end…
  • A bounty of hugs
  • Me, Sue and Pinda in our special, happy bubbles of time together
  • A big birthday, such a big deal and yet not a big deal…
  • Catching up with old friends
  • Making new friends and connections, with the promise of who knows what to come???
  • Conversations – short and long. Exchanges, updates, gossip, triviality and the serious – etc and so on…
  • Selling stuff and services that make a difference
  • Yummy wine and cocktails. Champagne cheers!
  • Dancing – when I was really in the groove baby!
  • Social media and ego addiction – thank you for all the positive comments, praise, pictures and vastly shared wisdom and connection xx
  • Cupcakes… nom…
  • Feeling proud when friends have been delighted with my success
  • Learning to let go with love those who don’t want to share the journey any more, giving me time and space to let in the new…
  • Being OK with not being OK. I ‘support’ because it’s my true vocation and also because I want it in MY life. I find life hard, but I find it good too… That is my roller coaster and I don’t think it will ever change, so I always thank God for the good.
  • Texts that made my heart soar
  • Celebrating friends good news and good times
  • Being an author – speaking, signing books and being showcased.
  • Being: Sandra Peachey – Author, Coach and Director at Damsels in Success
  • Being at home and away. My sofa, sailing and chateaus…
  • My fricking amazing life!!!

And I will keep adding to this…

Thank you and farewell to an amazing year…

From S xx

PS: As Christmas comes round and you are thinking of a gorgeous gift, a collection of the ‘Peachey Letters’ from this blog have been gathered together, along with new material, in book form.  It makes the perfect present, for you, family and friends… You can buy Peachey Letters – Love Letters to Life on my website here or from Amazon (in Paperback and Kindle), and from all good book websites around the world…

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