Letter to Visibility

Dear Visibility

I am an author, coach and blogger, to name but few of my life labels.  I have recently been shortlisted for a coaching award; and a year ago I published my first book Peachey Letters – Love Letters to Life, which has been defining, amazing and absolutely life changing…

A year on and I’m pondering about being ‘out there’… There was a time, when I lived in a structured world of work, rest and play.  I was defined by my routine, by doing my work – getting a sense of significance from it, sometimes satisfied by it, sometimes stressed.  And after work I would fill my time and my head with friends and social situations and other distracting stuff.

And now here I am… Strange times… Strange times..?  Strange times!!! 

I work, still, in the corporate world from time to time, I coach my own clients to achieve their dreams and goals, I run my own women’s group, as part of the sisterhood of Damsels in Success.  And more than that, my first book is all about my inner and outer life, my own iselfish sharing stories of my journey from day, to thought, to year, to who knows where.

My book started as a blog and in it I analyse, I love, I let go and coach myself through the ups and downs, ins and outs, ebbs and flows of my life.  The first time I published the first post online I really had second thoughts.  Surely if I pressed the button and put it out there, I’d be judged, laughed at and possibly worse.  Cringe time…

Knowing me as I do, I know these thoughts, these patterns, these cyclical chidings that circle in my head.  So I published any way… The lid was off the box, the cat out of the bag and my stuff was well and truly out there…  Peachey Letters was, is and will be…

It still feels vulnerable to share my stories sometimes and at other times I forget that people know so much about me, and pass by in the world in forgotten innocence that I dared to share… But can I tell you too, from so much fabulous feedback, from so many, that this sharing has touched people, has healed, has changed, has entertained and has turned things around.  So peeling off the plaster of vulnerability is not something I am ever going to regret in this lifetime…

I am passionate about giving support, of giving my gifts to the world and so too I ask for recompense in return, as a fair exchange of energy, yet still, I can feel uncomfortable, pushy and ugly and so I have had to learn to put myself out there, to dare to show up and shine, no matter what.  To seek attention, to say ‘here is me, here is what I do, it is unique, it is gorgeous and it makes a difference…’

And one thing I have learned about life, is that I have to learn my lessons again and maybe again.  So, right now I have been shortlisted for a Coaching Award, as Women’s Coach with the Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants (APCTC).  I have already been nominated a times in the past few years for these awards, so really was gratified, but not attached when I received my 3rd nomination this year.  Then, to my surprise – nomination changed to shortlist and shortlist is decided by a public (online) vote. 

So I am out there again – asking, sharing, daring to say this is who I am – please recognise and support me.  It has frequently been uncomfortable, getting out of my comfort zone – waving and pointing and requesting.  Then again discomfort is more than recompensed by the good wishes, and happy acquiescence.  I have had so so much to be thankful for, to so many people.

And I have gorgeous coaching clients, in all the spheres I work in, who know they have so much to give, have a craving to share and yet, something holds them back.

Actually for something, read many things.  There can be our cultural expectations of not publically praising yourself; of wondering if you are nothing special; of thinking that lots of people are already doing what you want to do.  And how about that dark, dangerous voice in your head – ‘who DO you think you are?’

So we have to learn to shine our light out into the world.  If we don’t shine, who will see, who will know, who will be touched or changed and who will stay in the darkness???

Let’s take this a step further – where is your sense of significance? Is it in waiting for someone else to say, ‘yes you can?’ or is it time to listen instead to a deeper calling to make a difference?  Really – only YOU know the answer to this, but to know, you have to go out there, to do, to speak, to act – to trade your gifts with the world.

The voting for the award ends on Friday 28 February 2014. If you haven’t voted yet, I would really appreciate you taking the short time to cast your vote, here online…

So here is the thing – if I win, that will be truly amazing.  If not, then I won’t be crushed.  I put myself out there, I pushed through the discomfort, I asked and I have been rewarded over and over in positive responses.  I have learnt and I have grown and I have shown the way to any one else who wants to see the possibilities. 

Hey, it’s a cliché, but that already makes me a winner… And THAT thought is delicious and I am so enjoying the experience, what ever the outcome…

Here I am world!

ImageHere’s to shining and sparkling then…

  Sandie xxx


2 thoughts on “Letter to Visibility

  1. Love these letters! I really feel them from your heart and am inspired by your vulnerability. I try my best to be the same xx

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