Your Valentine – Sorted

Love is in the air! Cupid is hiding around the corner, arrow poised and ready for Valentine‘s Day, which is now fast approaching…
Have you got the perfect gift for your partner yet? I can help…
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And if you haven’t met the Mr or Ms Right in your life yet… Where do you find love?
Read my book Peachey Letters and find out…
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I currently have a Valentine special offer… You can buy the paperback on Amazon for £11.99 or as a Valentine’s treat you can get it on my website – here for just £7.99 including P&P… Happy designated Day of Love!
Featured in Psychologies Magazine and The Lady, it is also honoured as a Finalist in the International Book Awards 2015.

Here is just a small sample of the feedback that ‘Peachey Letters’ has received so far:

Wow! Beyond words, your writing is wonderful, your insights an inspiration, the gift of a Goddess & an honesty that is humbling … Your bravery is bold & simply brilliant. Thank you. ~ Lucie Bradbury

It’s fabulous the way you are able to express your feelings with sensitivity and humour, a real talent … your writing is so wonderfully poetic whilst at the same time being merrily mischievous, …  ~ Liz Ivory

What vivid pictures your words paint. It is never easy to put your feelings into words. Your deep feelings and gut reactions bubble up naturally seemingly beyond translation. Your words have become the sparkle in my eyes and the sun that shines through the window every morning beckoning me to wake, I love your writing. I always have, and I always will. ~ Vaibhav –India:

Rarely have I read such exquisite passion, such positivity, such zest for life has I have in your love letters. You express yourself so well, as you find just the right words for thoughts, feelings and experiences that so many of us find impossible to capture, or even know exist. You have THE GIFT … And you have imagination too. A mind able to fly and to dream. To truly know, to see in your mind’s eye, how beautiful things could be… if only… Yet, even in this imperfect world… a world fall of faults, pain, failings, evil and just plain indifference, you still see and appreciate the beauty. ~ David W

What a gift that is – coming through all your life and coming to this point of deep peace and love. And you’ve had the honesty to share it. I just feel so touched and humbled.  Thank you with all my heart. ~ Lyria Normington

Your letters are touching and inspirational – and so amazingly well written, they made my spine tingle …~ Lis Protherough

Making a perfect Valentine gift, the book takes the best posts from this blog, adds new content in and wraps it all together in a satisfying structure – that will make you feel the love, entertain and enlighten you.

It’s an easy yet satisfying read, which sees love in everything we do, crossing the boundries of the huge themes of life, and the tiny, trivial minutiae of it too.

Buy the paperback on my website – here for just £7.99 including P&P…

Or get it from Amazon for £11.99 and from all great book websites around the world.

You can also buy it in Kindle

Any which way, you and who ever you give it to, will LOVE it!

With love from
Author of Peachey Letters – Love Letters to Life
~ Finalist in the International Book Awards 2015
~ Featured in Psychologies Magazine and The Lady


Would you like your own Peachey Letter?

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When I started writing my Peachey Letters blog, it was just for me… to exercise my writing muscles, exorcise my demons and to celebrate my blonde, complicated, amazing, up and down kind of a life.

It all kicked off when I decided to set my self a blog challenge to write a ‘love letter to life’ every day of the month of February 2012; and to ensure that I completed my own task, I decided to go public and tell the world what I was going to do on social media…

After only the 2nd post I thought I had done a completely crazy thing and would be judged for being a mad woman, having a mid life crisis… Then I started to get the most AMAZING feedback (some of which you can see elsewhere on this blog) – so many people were touched by my letters, and so it came to pass that a year later in February 2013 my gorgeous book ‘Peachey Letters – Love Letters to Life was published’.

Some of my letters sprang from my psyche and I simply helped them onto the page, where as others still were created at the request of friends, colleagues and mentors.  One such was the letter to Gill Potter, based on the speech I gave at her book launch…

Since starting my blog I have been asked to write ‘bespoke’ letters – for birthdays, weddings (vows and gifts), the opening of a business, Mother’s and Father’s Day, etc.   So, since I have been quietly beavering away at this in the background, I have now decided to offer this opportunity out to the world at large…

It’s all detailed here on my website – where you can purchase your Bespoke Peachey Letter which comes with a hard copy of the book too.

My Peachey Letters are my gift to you and if you would like the gift of your own letter, then I’d love to hear from you.

With warm writerly regards


Sandra Peachey: Author of ‘Peachey Letters – Love Letters to Life