My Hobnob Hero

It was an odd, emotional day – I had some scary news about someone I love and I wanted to be with them, but my car had developed not 1 but 2 faults…

I live in a village and it was a busy shopping Saturday close to Christmas. I ponder my options and feel that I can’t do nothing, but neither can I take a risk… I need my car to be in full working order.

Everyone is busy, the roads are crowded, but I decide to be accepting and, well, nice to anyone I speak to today. I have to go to 3 garages before I can get sorted and saved…

At garage number 3, at the back of a lonely industrial estate, a man in oily overalls comes to my rescue. It can all be fixed – cheaply and quickly. I sink gratefully onto a plastic chair in their cold waiting room.

My knight in oily overalls finds me there and asks if I’d like a cup of tea while I’m waiting. I answer with ferocious gratitude that I would LOVE that!!! He sees my stress and brings me 3 chocolate hobnobs too – “because you look like you REALLY need them”, laughing at me and caring for me all at once. I smile, inside and out. I thank him sweetly. He tells me that no one is looking – so I can dunk them too…

He is my Hobnob hero and has made my day… Out of all this, I’m just happy to know in this crazy world that laughter, customer service and biscuits are all out there too.

Once saved and sorted I then got to where I wanted to be, safely…

And you know what? ‘Nice’ rules and so do Hobnobs!!!

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