Birthday Girl Blog: Life Lessons & Blessings

Birthday GirlIt’s my birthday today.

It’s another year since I emerged from the womb to the outside world.

As a life so far it has been both ordinary and extraordinary.
Happy and sad.
Full of laughter and sadness.
There have been triumphs and there have been tears.

I’ve lived alone and in crowds.
I’ve read, loved and sweated.
I’ve laboured and slept.
My heart has beat and I have breathed many, many times over.

I have inhabited the maelstrom of thought and feeling – keeping me blocked and shocked. Then I have flown above it too – arching and changing its direction to rainbow roundness. I did this for me, selfishly, then as it turns out selflessly.
For I realised it would be the greatest gift I could give.

I have shared my words and harboured my secrets.
I have been sweet and I have been evil.
I have helpful and I have been obstructive.
Yes, I have been both friend and foe.

Sometimes I have learnt and sometimes forgotten who I am and what the world is. But today I remember that what I have learnt are these few things and I want to share them with you:
* Celebrate what you have and give gratitude.
* Spend time with people who really know and love you. And I mean really
* Ask for, receive and give support. Keep asking and keep giving.
* Have a sense of love and purpose, not a sense of duty.
* Moan, if you must – let it out, and then move on. Don’t harbour the moths of hate, anger or regret.
* Sometimes you have to wait for the answer, and sometimes it hits you like a thunderbolt.  But there will be an answer.
* Have trust and faith, but don’t invoke them lazily and in isolation – use them to spur you on to inspired action to move you deliciously forward.
* If it’s not working – mend it or change it.
When life seems unfair, or you are physically and mentally unwell, take stock and then good care of yourself.
* Take and give responsibility from a universal perspective, not your own – do not blame.
* Always forgive – starting with yourself first and then radiate it outwards. Forgiveness is your divine gift and super power.
* Remember that your ego is not you, therefore don’t involve it in your life.
* You can choose – even when you feel you can’t.  Instead choose what you would choose and then, magically, you have chosen…
* Trust your intuition – it is up made of components of pragmatism and magic that you could never really conceive or get to the bottom of; yet in its purest, clearest personification, it will always show you the way, if not the how.

I’m climbing down from the pulpit now to indulge my senses, rest, celebrate and spend time with people I love.

Happy Birthday.  Happy Day.  Happy Life – today and tomorrow and on every non-birthday day…

With love, laughter and learning.

S xx

From: Sandra – Transient Goddess, Coach and Author

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