New Years Eve / Twixmas Musings


“Christmas time, mistletoe and wine…” ~ Cliff Richard
Well Sir Cliff, I must admit… I DO like a bit of Christmas songery and sentamentality…

But how about:
‘Christmas time, misery and whine..’? ~ Sandra Peachey

I’ve been having some great times with friends and family, and as is (my) life, also some very low times this season; when left alone with my thoughts…

I’m a single, childless woman, so there are many times (in life and at Christmas) when I’m on my own, which, like all situations in life – has its’ pros and cons. It gives me many freedoms on one hand and limits my options on the other. I know too that having a partner and family brings its’ own burden and rewards in different measure and either way, that Christmas can be both wonderful and awful what ever your situation in life.

What ever my situation, I have the traits of both thinking and feeling deeply. Analysis can be wonderful or it can be exhausting and at times like this, when there is more space to think and less need to do, I have to be mindful of how I use this gift of space / change of pace in my life.

A favourite daily exercise I mete out to myself and my coaching clients is to list out all the good things in my life and the things – tiny and huge – that I have to be thankful for. With the New Year fast approaching and the ups and downs of the Christmas season, I crank this up to a longer, loving list for the past year.

So I’m starting my 2015 list and I would love to know some of the items that are at the top of yours???

So here is MY list in progress…. A manifesto of celebration…


* Special simple moments shared with friends
* Lots of laughter
* Time with children and seeing the world through their eyes
* Being a little sister
* Giving and receiving support
* Delicious meals, created or bought, and all devoured
* Taking long, cobweb busting walks in this beautiful country I live in
* Cat companionship, with purrs and furry fun
* All those who have loved, inspired, nourished, supported and nurtured me
* Doing what I was born to do – coach… Supporting, enabling, witnessing miracles
* Doing what I was born to do – write…
* Surrendering to the things that could not be changed, instead of being tortured by them… after being tortured by them…
* Being fabulous! I decided long ago that I would improve with age and safe to say, I have wink emoticon, this has come with more confidence and acceptance. It is always balanced out with doubt and fear, yet the positivity and the fabulousness always win through in the end…
* A bounty of hugs
* Catching up with old friends
* Making new friends and connections, with the promise of who knows what to come???
* Conversations – short and long. Exchanges, updates, gossip, triviality and the serious – etc and so on…
* Selling stuff and services that make a difference
* Dancing – when I was really in the groove baby!
* Social media and ego addiction – thank you for all the positive comments, praise, pictures and vastly shared wisdom and connection xx
* Learning to let go with love those who don’t want to share the journey any more, giving me time and space to let in the new…
* Being OK with not being OK. I ‘support’ because it’s my true vocation and also because I want it in MY life. I find life hard, but I find it good too… That is my roller coaster and I don’t think it will ever change, so I always thank God for the good.
* Celebrating friends good news and good times
* Being an author / writer / creative
* Being: Sandra Peachey – Author, Coach and Consultant
* Gorgeous holidays
* Nitty gritty conversations
* Client break throughs
* New income streams
* Good health
* Having a full purse
* Love, love, love!

And I will keep adding to this…

Thank you and farewell to an amazing year xx

With warmest wishes to all my family, friends and connections for a joyous, loving, considered, bountiful year ahead.

Sandra Peachey


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