Love Letter to being Selfish! Selfish? Self-ish…

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It’s been nearly 3 years since my first book Peachey Letters was published and so I can forget that whilst writing it I was engaged, energised and managed to exorcise many personal demons. At the end of that, a huge weight had lifted off my shoulders. And then, the feedback started to come in…

“A M A Z I N G… this is such a wonderful, moving, heartfelt read, it is absolutely compelling. What I love about it most is your raw honesty and how I was able to relate to so much of what you describe… Your ability to communicate what you feel and who you really are is wonderful… You convey so much about the artist you are – beautifully creative, sensitive, a deep thinker and a beautiful soul that cares so much about life and the people in it. AWESOME, truly AWESOME.” ~ Sarah Christie

Have you bought the book yet? You can get hold if it so easily – whether you are into Kindle or paperback, from me direct, from shopping online or in a good old-fashioned book shop.

Whether you’ve read the book or have yet to, let me tell you that for me, becoming a published writer is, in unashamed cliché speak, a dream come true. Yet, as with most experiences, being an author is a mixed one… Not least because my inner egoist has been at constant war with its’ evil twin, my inner critic.

What my cerebral twins war about, is this book of mine, i.e. ‘Peachey Letters – Love Letters to Life’; a glorious collection of missives sent to the blend of people, past and phenomena that have shaped my psyche. Peachey Letters looks at the darkness and levity of life and how, woven through out it, when I look for it, I will always find the positive force of love, lighting my way.

It all sounds so purple when I write it like that and I always giggle when I think about being the actual author of a personal development / self-help book. But don’t let those definitions put you off! To me it is a memoir mixed out of memory and laughter that will entertain the reader as much as anything – even if, that reader is only me…

But I’m NOT the book’s only reader, so I know that the book has both its’ lovers and also its’ detractors – not least my (only) brother, who really cannot understand its’ appeal.

As there are some very personal stories shared about our family, I wanted him to read it before it was published. So he did and he found it ‘selfish’. This comment made me smile. I love how a family member can just cut to the chase and anchor your floating ego solidly to the earth. And I agree, it really IS a selfish book; yet by sharing my stories, I found I was touching a chord with other people’s experiences and as a result am able to entertain, educate and enervate so many others, as well as myself.

I still get feedback, from all sorts of sources – near and far, from around the globe, from complete strangers, from people I knew at school and lost touch with long ago, including this from one of my old teachers…

“Sandra’s subjects … are addressed in writing that is warm, heartfelt, full of emotion and deep feeling. One gets the impression of a deep thinking woman who wrestles with the whole business of life, the past, the present, the future and feels things intensely… The author bares her thoughts and feelings in a writing style that is lucid, touching and inspiring.” ~ The Rev David Boulton

And, after all this time of writing, I forget that my words sit still out in the ether, while I move on to pastures new, and yet people are still reading and responding to them…

“What a book – I can’t put it down! Thank you for writing it!” ~ Shellie Curtis-Wood

The tone of the book is intensely honest and personal, so it was a huge vulnerability putting my ‘stuff’ out there. My stuff being the education in emotion of a woman grappling with a life of loss and love, in all its’ trivial, dark, comical and constant complications and incarnations…

I’ll admit it – my inner egoist loves the praise and the limelight and so I have to remind my inner critic that great feedback is, in fact a good thing, to be received gracefully, and not batted away like an annoying fly (which is my natural tendency).

“Sandra has the unique gift of being able to turn emotional personal experiences into positive missives, which bring hope and happiness to all who read them. I loved this book; it is as funny, intelligent, warm and engaging as its author!” ~ Tanya Bullock

Before I put all this out there, I cringed and was scared that I would be judged for being egotistical, narcissistic and seen to be suffering from mid-life crisis triviality. Yet as a coach I know that such thoughts stem from an archaic self-protection mechanism of negative thought patterns, that ironically are in place to keep me small and therefore ‘safe’.

“I can’t begin to tell you how amazed I am with your book. Just a few pages in and I love it… I thought nobody else felt that way!!” ~ Hayley Singlehurst

And my inner critic, that small, shy bastion of loneliness and self-loathing is still shocked every single time my longing prose receives praise…

“A very thought-provoking read. I love the way that Sandra has woven stories into this book that will encourage you, motivate you, and touch you at the deepest level. It will tug on your heartstrings, bring you to tears, but most of all, it will inspire you to live your best life. Highly recommended.” ~ Karen Williams.

I am a life coach so will imbue all I do with a navel gazing, life improving spin.  And all of this is presented in my own lyrical and poetical prose, combined with my daft sense of humour, too. You can read it straight through or you can dip in to it daily, as there will be a Love Letter to suit just about every mood.

So if you don’t have your own copy yet – you can buy one from just about anywhere in the world…

My Peachey Letters book has featured in national journals, including Psychologies magazine and The Lady. I’ve chatted about it on the BBC and it has been featured in the local press, with me, as a local lass (in several locations) ‘done good’ many times over.

Needless to say, my happy egoist will tell you that it is an ideal Christmas present – either as a gift or for yourself.  The nuts of bolts of buying it, are that you can order it from your local bookshop or buy it online from any global website that sells books.

“Like a box of deluxe chocolates, this is a book you can dip into and find something different to delight you every time. Sandra’s letters are open, original, inspiring and beautifully written. Peachey Letters is a pleasure to treasure.” ~ Helen Blenkinsop

If you buy it directly from me, I can sign it for you, if that is your bag – here are all the details. You can buy it too from independent sites / stores such as Hive and from Amazon (Prime) – both in electronic (Kindle) form and paperback. And if you buy from The Book Depository site, you can get it delivered, anywhere in the world, free of postage.

Once you’ve ingested all that, there’s more to come. Having been well and truly bitten by the writing bug, I’m currently working on 5 new book projects – (both fiction and non-fiction), one of which will become my latest published work, next year. And what is THAT one about, I can’t tell you just yet – as my publisher has sworn me to secrecy… just watch this space…

So, plug over, and I would just like to finish off by wishing you a ‘Peachey’ Christmas, in ALL senses… 😉

From me and The Twins.

S xx

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