Love Letter to Summer

IMG_0315A slice of summer: a window view from Corsica

The Latest from the Peachey Letter Series of ‘Love Letters to Life’

Written on the first day of Autumn: 22 September 2014 

Dear Summer,

Farewell my gorgeous and fair weathered friend… for now…

It is officially the first day of Autumn and today the sun is shining, yet too there is hint of sharp coldness in the air…

But before I Fall into Autumn, I want to thank you and celebrate YOU, my bountiful, shimmering friend.

This has been such a special summer year – so lovely, long and light, and so constantly giving, so much so, that I wanted to commemorate your season and your sense.

You have been so, so generous in your gifts this year – so giving of your light, of sweet abundance, of out door possibilities, of countless, coatless days…

And you gave and then you gave… Long light days, bright mornings, endless radiant afternoons, mellow yellow lingering evenings.

I’ve walked in the bright dawn light and danced out my mornings with the joy of life. I have too, walked off my woes, racing out to meet you in the day, stepping smartly past my thoughts and being coddled by your wonderful warmth instead. There have been languorous evenings wandering along river and canal banks, watching the light transform into the warmth of dusk. A new tincture of light and shade and silence, sloping down gently to the short darkness of warm, loving nights…

And then there have been those crystal clear nights with marvellous moons, hanging in clear view above our heads. Waxing and waning. Round and full, pulling the earth to bed, curved crescents and silver slivers, counter poised against the sparkling stars.

I have a habit of wandering around water. Sun and water are a marriage made in the heaven that you come from… As well as the rivers and canals, I have pranced and paced round and round ponds, lakes and reservoirs, seeing you shine your summer light in them and over them.

I have caressed the ocean, striding and splashing through it and then plunging and immersing myself in, feeling your fortuitous force, still on my face. Letting your sharp sun kiss me dry – misting away the water from my skin. So I protected that same skin from your burning fierceness – still respecting your perfect power.

Zooming through the sky, I arrived in Corsica, and you welcomed me from the window of the plane, where your sun glittered like a million diamonds, reflecting off the sea, simply, to me.

And in my long sojourn in Spain, you were a constant feeling, an expanded view, a slowing down of body, and a quickening of heart and heat and creativity. A gorgeously generous and constant gift…

Summer loving has made even more of a woman of me: dressing less, to soak you up, to feel you feed me and free me… Bare arms, free wiggling / painted toes, long blonde hair reflecting the shine back to you in your glorious gift of a beautiful blue sky.

And for my bronzing body to be nurtured and altered, I would happily reach out for salads and barbeques, Pâté and Tapas; then fruit, and favourite summer drinks swimming with fruit and with fizz…

Your time changes taste, and shapes perspective. I feel your solar energy, opening me out, guiding my creativity and pulling me sweetly out of the house and into your cuddling arms. And I feel your freedom and have slowed the steam train of a hectic journey through life, to take the slow, sweet time to love you and appreciate you.

So this is my song to summer, only just a day behind me on the calendar, shining within me joyously and ready to sweep away with the dropping, dripping foliage that hails a new season coming.

I am loathe to leave you, yet that is the way of life, in all its’ own temporal perfection. It is time to transpire into autumn and I have started to see her too – with yellowing leaves, and a bumper harvest of fruit transmuting into puddings and sauces and future sweetness in my loving life.

And the gorgeous, glorious thing is that you will be back, and I am enjoying that thought as I seek out warmer clothes and simmering soup recipes. I choose to move easily from Autumnal Equinox through to Winter Solstice… Those ancient pagan words smelling of time and tide and the circle of seasons, once gone and soon to be again.

So this is my gratitude to you, my Summer, my gorgeous and fair weathered friend.

Au Revoir…

S xxx

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