Ten Top Tips for Writing a Book!

Paul Ribbons

As part of my ‘Get Your Book Out’ Easter series of blogs, I have been talking to published authors about their strategies for writing and publishing.

Here, author of ‘Hustle Your Way To Property Success’ – Paul Ribbons, tells us more about his book and then gives his top ten tips for writing a book of your own. Like me, Paul worked with ‘Book Midwife’ Mindy Gibbins Klein to get himself published and his word out into the world.  Here is his story:

My book is an account of how I became successful in property and has some useful tips for buying great property deals and a system you can use if you so wish.  Other than that, as a friends mother who is not into property said “I wish he was my minister at church – very inspirational”.

There are 2 reasons why I wrote the book. The first is because I have always struggled with education (I have no qualifications from school) so part of me wanted to prove I was not thick. Secondly I knew it would be good for business.

Personally, for me, the book has meant more than I thought it would. I feel very proud and now realize that people like what I write. Since then I have written 100’s of blogs, I write for trade magazines and generally write on a regular basis including 2 industry white papers. As my old friend James Lavers said, he loves my writing style.

And business it has helped in attracting JV business partners and positioned me where I wanted to be within the property industry.

Here are my top ten tips for writing a book:

  1. Have an idea. Have a clear and concise idea of what will be in the book.
  2. Map it out. Pick 10 main things you want to include and call these chapters.
  3. Break it down. Then write ten points to be included in each of these chapters.
  4. Start to write. Then write at least 400 words on each of those points.
  5. There you have a book with 10 chapters with 4000 words per chapter, = a 40,000 word book.
  6. A self imposed deadline is essential. I wrote mine over a 2-week period and set myself up with a deadline. I said to my publisher I would get it to her by a certain date.
  7. I did not edit each page, but edited each chapter, this is crucial other wise you won’t even finish the page you’re if you not careful.
  8. It does not have to be perfect. I know mine was not perfect (although my readers tell me otherwise). I could have rewritten it many times and being a perfectionist well!…. but just get it out and don’t worry.
  9. People will read it if it’s authentic!!! . My fear as a sufferer of dyslexia and having no education was, will people read it? Why would they take notice of me?
  10. Then cry your eyes out when the book arrives and you realized a dream.

Want to get started on your own book?  My top tip is to get professional support.  I can personally recommend Mindy Gibbins Klein – AKA the Book Midwife, whose next course starts in April – check out the details here and Presland Quirk’s Book Bootcamp weekend – both where you will get the time, structure and professional support – to start writing and get published.  Heads Up: there is a two for one offer if you book the Book Bootcamp’ by 3rd April!  Follow this link for all the information…

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