Peachey Speeches

Dear Everyone

As more and more people get to hear about my book, I am starting to be asked to talk about it – at networking meetings, conferences, etc.  Even as a seasoned speaker, this has felt like a real vulnerability, so it seems that to get over the fear I just have to do more of it!!

So, when I reached that special moment in any book’s life – seeing proposed designs, I thought I would do some market research – as that very same week I got to speak, in front of nearly 200 women…

I had 2 designs to chose from and decided to share them with the IGNITE! 2012 conference, where I was speaking about the book.  So – the cover has been chosen and now the designers are working on the interior designs – these are very exciting times and I can’t wait to see the book, in the flesh for the very first time!

The book is now taking on a life of its’ own and has its’ very own social media prescence!  You can follow it on Twitter @PeacheyLetters or Facebook at Peachey Letters Book Circle.

As a book of Love Letters, publication is set for 14 February 2013, yet if you buy your copies in advance, you will get them postage free, at a reduced price and signed by the author – check out the pre-publication offer here…

I’m getting lots of ideas for more letters too, and would love to know if YOU have any ideas – just pop on a comment below.

With warm regards


Sandra Peachey – Author: Peachey Letters (:-))

That’s me on stage at IGNITE! 2012

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